Thursday, January 2, 2014


Checklist / New Year Resolution (NYR) again~ haha~

Been neglecting my blog ever since I was busy with my final exam and followed by a one month attachment+the starting of 9 months of chambering (aka hell) ! YUP! Glad to say that I have started the pathway to the lawyer-ish job! XD

2013 has been a great year! Can’t believe (ya~ again n again at the end of every year) it is ending again! There are some few important events, for instance I am officially graduated from my 4 years of LLB studies (out of the comfort zone!), I went to Taiwan n Cambodia-self planned trip with the help of some lovely friends!!! Went to US n realize the branded goods there are damn CHEAP~I WISH I CAN GO AGAIN-=P Anyway, I am back to KL forever!!! Said bye to the FOREST-ish life! It will be a great memory to be cherished n yeap, I do miss the life back there a lot! Well, life moves on! I have to concentrate more on my career since I am no longer a student (oh, I might consider furthering my studies~hmmm…let’s see how 2014 goes kay?!)

2013 NYR- checking….. yay~ not bad~ achieved most of them!
So here goes for 2014

1. Try my best in my chambering life~ 6 months left! It’s a one and only lifetime experience to be a pupil! Lucky to be able to join a reputable firm as a pupil… not sure whether it is good or bad but I will try to survive! If I am lucky enough, I might be able to be confirmed~~~ I will try my best! No matter which firm I am ended up in, I shall find which area I want to practice in in the (near) future. It is going to be much more challenging after 9 months, it is going to be tougher! New things to learn every day! There are some goals in my mind which I wish to achieve! Stop complaining! I shall take it, be grateful and live it! (being “utilize” at the moment, but yeah! This is life! You will be better one day and this will be part of the experience on how to survive!)

2. facial care~ I really need this! Working environment, air-conditioning environment, zzz~ bad skin condition….got to spend more money in becoming pretty~XD need to learn how to be pretty! I should do something to my brow too(this is actually on how to spend my money, isn’t it!?~Nah~ I personally do think that this is important!) thinking of brow tattoo n my “tattoo dream”~ again, setting these two aside, let’s see how it goes.

3. Confidence! Still lacking it! Especially when I went to attend a few interviews for my pupilage. This have to be increased~ must not be the little girl anymore, come one! You are a soon-to-be-lawyer d! have a better attitude! Be Confident! N stay strong! Beginning of the chambering life has been tough~ thanks to those who have supported me n gave me sweet lovely advices. I am kind of used to this life d!
4. I talked about Muay Thai last year~ went for a try out class and it was damn violent~ but I do feel like signing up a few months course~ well~ most probably this will happen! Hope I am able to go through it as ever since I have started the working life- I didn’t exercise at all!!!! O.O  time to keep fit n do some work outs! Slimmer me! Oh ya, I better sign up for at least one marathon too! Missed the previous one even though I have paid for it.

5. STOP CHOPPING OFF(cutting) my hair!!! Time to be more feminine! Haha~ yeah~ I think it is time for me to go back to the super long hair and be very girly~~~

6. As usual, do more readings~ working life sucks, I haven’t been for a movie for a few months d! missed Hobbit 2 and Hunger Games 2 T.T yet, I need to find some time to read my novels, they are stacking up! (Oh ya! I went to BIG BAD WOLF book fair at last!)Those books will be covered up with dust soon! =(

7. Savings! Keep some of your little-bitzy allowance for the after chambering trip~haha~ Ok~ IT’S REALLY NOT AN EASY TASK! Need to save them up! No matter what! Or else you wouldn’t have the budget to go anywhere! (In my mind-it’s either Korea/Japan) stop dining out so often, got to start saving n same goes to my bee, we should reduce the expenditure on food n shoppings!

8. Social skills! Improve it~ I realize I sucks in it ever since I have started working life n especially working in this field~ the awkward moments, silent moments-hah! These should not happen again!

9. Relationship, family and friends, this is on my every year list coz I must always keep them in my heart! Loving them all the time, cherish them, appreciate them, more happiness less fighting or unhappiness!

10. Shop wisely!- need some better clothes and better fashion sense, well, use the money wisely on how to dress properly! Learning it every day~ gals, can never live without doing some shopping! Don’t ended up being a spendrift!!! Remember NYR number 7~ XD say no to new purse! You ad got one 2 nice one!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~ I wonder when is my next post!!!  

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