Friday, December 31, 2010


my very 1st time to make milk pudding
thanks to YhAnn for the recipe =)

I made around 20 cups of it lerhz.... some are in super big mug~
family and dear dear tried it n they said not bad...
just that they r not sweet enough^^

=D wanna try???? hahaz~

welcoming 2011

B4 I continue with my Vietnam trip~
let's go for the welcoming of year 2011
indeed 2010 is another great year ! ^^

my 2009 new year resolution for year 2010=)
sort of manage to do all of them except the driving part...aikz....

well, gonna set another list of new year resolution^^
1. Take care of my face
pimple attacked me during exam period...kinda serious... recovering... n I must seriously take gd care of my face...huhu... studies
it's the same... a must in my every year new year resolution.... gotta study hard and smart...try my best...appreciate my uni life...another 2 tough semester coming up~ to drive
aha...this again...XD I really hope I can do it this time since I ll be having a 3 months semester break....then, I can go dating with my dear friends without worrying transport problem^^

yea... gotta continue this good lifestyle^^ seldom exercise when I am home=(

5.take away the stupid side
well...been losing things quite phones, camera...etc...aikz.... I must be extra careful!!! and care those who loves me
yea yea...gotta appreciate this^^ been arguing and neglected some ppl... gotta control myself and behave myself...

I wanna learn baking... at least a few cupcakes=)

8.a DSLR?
haha..this is just a random one... hope I ll get a way to earn for it^^ I wanna own an album of myself too at the same time..keke...

9.manage my time well
things have been going kinda messy due to the busy uni life... really gotta learn to manage my time well^^ oh ya...gotta spend more time with roommate too^^

10. improve my speaking skill
1st step for it, I went for the internal moot competition this year...hope I can train myself more in the coming year^^

Happy New Year everyone=)
this holiday passed on so soon~ wondering if there ll be a celebration on 31st...there's a family gathering that I ll attend but I thought of wanna hang out with friends or dear for fireworks after tat... lets see how it goes

not ready for the new year as 2010 has lots of memories to be cherished^^
yet, have to accept the fact....
2011 is gonna fill with lots of suprises !
hope everyone is blessed^^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

vietnamese culture^^

it's my very 1st time to Vietnam~
it's a very last minute trip~
nothing is planned and the next day we are on the plane~

Ho Chi Minh city~
the southern part of Vietnam...

a different culture compared to Malaysia
a very poor country since they got their independence 35 years ago and have a population of 80,000,000 , which is 3 times more than Msia's population

they were under a few wars before their independence, France, America, and between Southern n Northern of Vietnam
their country has lots of history and I learnt a lot during this trip
War is indeed scary and cruel~
I got the opportunity to visit the War museum and Chu Chi tunnels where they used to have war there~

well, gonna start the blog post about Vietnam with some of their culture which is much more different from my country~
most of the roadside in HCMC is fulled with hawker stalls
a scene of a lady with her shoulder hanging 2 buckets from a stick is very common in Vietnam...

colourful balloons on the street....
getting kids attention and my attention too!
I wonder why she ll not fly away with those balloons^^

super pretty eh!!!
some carrying it with a bicycle~

lots n lots of hawker stalls~
n most of the people there have their meals at the road side as it is cheaper compared to be in restaurant....

super cute small chairs n tables...
this is where they have their meals~

movable hawker~~~

cooking fishballs on the movable hawker stall~

selling fruits at the roadside~

colourful rice~

n even this can earn money!!!!
movable weighing machine~
pay for it and it ll show ur weight n height~

men playing chinese chess at the roadside~

saloon anyone???
this is really rare~
it's like the 60's~
people cutting hair and grooming at the roadside~~~~

a country where motorbikes are more than cars~
in Ho Chi Minh city, I saw motorbikes everywhere anytime~

that's why they are selling helmet everywhere
their helmets are very COLOURFUL n cute !

I guess non of them don't know how to ride a bike~
even pretty hot gals with high heels ride bike!

market with stalls that sells a variety of nuts~
n I love their Lotus seeds a lot^^
very crunchy~
but it's not very cheap, a KG will cost about RM80

fruits stall~
huge and pretty fruits~
seems to be juicy and yummy but they aren't cheap either~
a mango cost around RM6 but it's indeed very big!

u must try Vietnamese coffee when u visit this country~
super nice ! I am a non coffee lover yet I love their coffee^^
especially the iced milk coffee

pho is very famous in Vietnam~
it means Vietnamese noodle soup
n it's often served with bean sprouts, basil, lime to be added to the bowl of noodles~
this pic is taken during my 1st meal~
my family and I were wondering why were they serving us a plate of fresh basil and bean sprouts... we have no idea how to eat them and we even asked the waiter to take it away~
later on, the supervisor taught us how to eat them
---> put them in ur bowl of noodles... EASY??^^
indeed their noodle dishes are very healthy as they served with lots of vege=)

my family and I have our meals in restaurant which cost about RM7-10 per meal not included drinks~ as it is cleaner and hygiene
as one of my dad's friend were admitted to hospital because of the roadside food~
having meal at roadside hawker will cost u around RM3-4 but u can imagine how dirty it is since u ll be surrounded with bikes and cars smoke...

till here~^^

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad
Buy all of the things I never had....

well, at least I am a millionaire for a few days=)
in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City~
a place which is very different n I get to expose to their culture
nothing much to shop here=(
anyway, I am still enjoying this trip!!!=)

oh ya, Merry Christmas =D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

winter soltice

a special celebration for the chinese~~~~
my familee don't really celebrate it but we do have those cute "tang yuan" every year
parents are busy as usual, especially dad for these few days
thus, we had those kind of instant "tang yuan" that u can get from hypermarket
tasted nt bad duh~
I do hope I can make the tang yuan by myself ....
next year perhaps???
WIsh I can DRIVE~~~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

75th birthday

back to hometown a week ago for grandpa's birthday^^
everyone gathered for a lovely dinner
had a great time with them =D

picture taking time^^
big family~~~
with lots of kids~~~~

the birthday cake !!!

birthday song~ lalala~~~
I can see the smile on everyone's faces=)

btw, my cute niece n nephews^^

Monday, December 20, 2010

our promises

1st-pic taken during de Narnia show -I have mentioned this be4

a BBQ session on the 17th night


Friday, December 17, 2010


this is definitely my favourite disney movie in 2010
=) I love her hair!!! =p
she is a different Rapunzel from the fairy tale storybook I read when I was a kid^^
blonde hair with magic powers~

n this cute guy is not a prince but a thief~

her hair turns from blonde into brunette when it is cut...^^
love it^^

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my hair is LONG =)

didn't do this for quite some time d due to super stress exam~~~
caused me bad skin condition
recovering now^^ GBM
btw... my hair is LONG...after months from not cutting it^^~~~~love it but it also means it's time to go for a haircut as I have split ends now=.=
colouring my hair twice in this year has indeed hurt it a lot!
so, I m thinking ... should I dye it again......for de coming soon new year....hhmmm.....
what should I do???
I wanna keep healthy hair but two tone hair colour is weird lerhz!!!!

btw.... did manicure today^^
my nails have been left naked for a few months d~
time to colour them to cheer them up XD
wat do u think about it?
french manicure for my fingers

leopard print...XD well.... it is not really a failure rite???

Monday, December 13, 2010


woke up super early on the fri n sat morning
just to head to UM and support my dear Bel n others in the IHL Moot competition in UM^^
our uni won for the champion once again =)
congratz !!!! they are heading to Hong Kong next year~~

btw....not much updates about my lovely blog...keke...
coz no outing life yet =.=
well... holiday just started...
Thursday nite--->
went for a movie with the old scout gang at GSC MV^^
super sweet photo session with em....
pic by Daphne^^
aren't we cute????
miss those old times where we were still damn innocent, hike, explore together etc~

p/s:love this year Xmas deco at CUTE ! =)
till here~ CIaoZ.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

last year end holiday

yeAH !!!!
I am back to the TOWN =D
say bye to the stressful exam n boring forest
it's gonna be my last year end holiday
almost all the local UNI in Msia is going to change their schedule....
so, no more year end holiday T.T
it's sort of like we are gonna have a 3 months+ holiday from June till Sept starting from 2011
=summer break ~~~
I thought msia is having summer all year long??? =.=

well~I gotta say : ENJOY THIS HOLIDAY TO THE MAX =)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ian somerhalder

he is the reason of why am I so crazy of VD^^

look at his hip bones
well, I love sexy hip bones..XD

a sexy vampire^^
with grey killing eyes~~~~~

Sunday, November 28, 2010


dAmn it....
my land law can't get A d....
why am I so damn stupid?????
I knew what is the correct answer yet I wrote the wrong one!!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

vampy. love

my new love-Vampire Diaries ^^
that's why I do when I am tired of looking at books n cases...=)

Damon Salvatore is so damn CHARMING !!!
(the one on the right^^)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


why is a marriage so complicated????
so many requirements, procedures, formalities????

gd luck to my family paper =S

Sunday, November 21, 2010

the mood

I need to get back my studying mood!!!

rested a day + yesterday (nite till 4am) by chatting with my gals like there's no tomorrow....
I need to the mood~~~~
6 papers coming up by having gap of a day in each of the exam only....

24,26,28,2,4,6~ GBM

*I managed to made 4 birthday cards for the nov n dec babies during study week...
Bel's birthday celebration on tmr nite and after that all of us ll turn into zombieS !!!
crack our brains~
force ourself to memorize the 100 of cases n principles and acts !!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

the changings

from the quiet and lonely state
changing back to the normal one^^
most of my neighbours are back to hostel
yeah~ feel much more better!
same goes to my coursemates...everyone is coming back=)
oh ya...
nt to forget to give a big thanks to MJ n Nana senior as they cooked a few lovely dinners for me since the pass few days....幸福!
or else, I ll have to eat the Indian stall food again =.=(the only stall opening in my hostel)

the war is approaching~~~~
try ur best!!!!
I hope this semester's result ll have improvement......
ga yao!

btw, a short clip by my uni students, hostel in campus area^^creative!



another song by Anthony~

Friday, November 19, 2010

Anthony Neely

For all of the time that I tried for your smile
For making you think I was worth the while
So your love love love love love would be mine
For sending you flowers and holding your hand
that no one was there to take a stand
but the love love love made us blind
and I'm so sorry that I hurt you

sorry that I fell through
sorry I was falling in love with you
I'm sorry that I came true
but sorry doesn't turn back time
For all that I have done to you
I wish that I could make it alright
so sorry that I loved you
Sorry that I needed you
sorry that I loved you
sorry that I held you tight
and I'm sorry for making you love me and saying goodbye
for being the one that taught you how to cry
It was love love love and it passed us by
for giving you every thing that you dreamed
for taking it back when i fled the scene
sorry love for wasting your time
and I'm so sorry that I hurt you

sorry that I fell through
sorry I was falling in love with you
I'm sorry that I came true
but sorry doesn't turn back time
For all that I have done to you
I wish that I could make it right
so sorry that I loved you
Sorry that I needed you
sorry that I loved you
sorry that I held you tight

an apology now after all of this time
won't make any difference tonight
but I'm hoping I'm sorry will open your mind
to love love love in your life
sorry that i hurt you
sorry that I fell through
sorry I was falling in love with you
I'm sorry that I came true
but sorry doesn't turn back time
For all that I have done to you
I wish that I could make it right
sorry that i hurt you
sorry that I fell through
sorry I was falling in love with you

I'm sorry that I came true
but sorry doesn't turn back time
I'm sorry that I loved you
Sorry that I hurt you
I'm so sorry that I loved you
i'm so sorry that I hurt you
Sorry that I loved you

love this song ^^ n the singer is cute !!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

de opposite

damn stress every since I am back to forest
1. endless revisions and notes....
2. smthg happen to my lovely hair
3. looks damn ugly~~~

I hope these days will end soon.....


Monday, November 15, 2010

room alone

yeah, as I have mentioned in the previous post
I am back to forest, my "favorite" place in the world...=p thanks a lot to HS and friends who got me at the airport yesterday at 10pm
gonna mumble a bit before I date with my books^^
btw, it's my very first time to be on business class in a flight=) weee~~~ damn cool~~~
thanks to my precious dad for giving me a chance to experience of being a rich gal for an hour n 10 minutes XD wealthy ppl indeed gets different treatment...
took me an hour to cleaned my room and unpacked my stuffs ~super duper dirty since I left it 2 weeks ago!!! *sneezing*here comes my sensitive nose
I am the only one back to hostel in Ground floor...sounds creepy rite??? dirty toilet as I guess those cleaner didn't work since they are only a few students left.... (but luckily they cleaned it this morning !=D) gonna be alone for a few more days since Haji is coming soon, n my neighbours are Malays....guess they are not coming back so
oh ya, brought lots of food back^^ chocolates, RT Pastry bread(ll only last me for 2 days), fruits!!!,eggs, KIMCH=), n of course a variety range of biscuits......
time to locked up the naughty and playful heart in the locker~
n here, I present you the NERDY and hardworking heart~LOL
hope u will work well =)
gambateh !!!!!


Sunday, November 14, 2010


went for a 3 hours session pool last week with a bunch of friends
it's my very first time and thanks to babe teacher=D
had fun with em^^

babe who looks very pro^^

n of course the clumsy me >.=

it's kinda cheap... RM4 per pax=)

leaving tonite~~
it's time to go back to forest~
time to date with my books...
looking forward to the dec holiday=)

Friday, November 12, 2010


I bet everyone in KL heard of Uniqlo before
it is a concept store from Japan....wee =)
opened in Msia since last Thursday and the store is crowded with ppl !

gt myself a chance to visit this store b4 heading for dinner with relatives in Jogoya^^
and also a quick walk at Farenheit^^
promotions on their jeans, T n Fleece ~ I think these items r worth for the price^^
gt myself a white fleece =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

OucH !

fell when I was at the laundry place due to the slippery floor~
damn PAIN !!!!

jOgoya agaIn

Jogoya is making a promotion till 15 of December =)
50% offer!!!

went there with Popo, Mami n uncLe^^
thanks a lot for the treat~
had a great meal... my stomach gonna BURST!XD

pic taken before dining~weee~~~~

my favourite-SASHIMI~~~kekekeke

next, sushi~hehez....


not much to explain about Jogoya's food
it's ad well known^^
lots of choices~ eat till the max !
yummy !

done~ my attire for the day

super sleepy now...ZZzzZzzzz.....
P/s: met up with one of my junior in UUM-Andrew n gf =)