Saturday, January 22, 2011

my bloggie

just gt the news that 2 of my morning classes is cancelled^^

get into my bloggie at last....
dunno why the uni wifi is a bit weird...
can't get into my bloggie!!!!!! isssh isssh~~~~~

so, life is pretty peaceful in the first week of being back to uni
I am recovering from the cough n sneeze~
I went to Dannok, Hatyai n Penang so far...XD
been having fun since this is the only time where I ll be free
assignments n stressful class + lots of activities coming up soon !
so, I m enjoying my life before facing the stress~ hehez...

btw~ I am back to town for CNY in 5 days time~
it ll also be the only holiday till end of May~
yeah...dammit....the new timetable causes me have to celebrate my 21st birthday with final exam.... =.=

well~ till here and I ll try to blog for wat I have left out^^

Saturday, January 15, 2011

with him

1 day trip with him to Malacca after an argument =D
pictures in upcoming post~


yeah~ I am back to this forest uni again
first time to be back without parents....
thus I spent 4 hours to clean and unpack !!!!!!
damn exhausted and my nose is sensitive with the dust....
having a bit of fever and sore throat and coughing...
gonna visit doctor later
meanwhile, I still need to clean my room's super dirty fan...=.=

well~ been neglecting my blog as I was busy with SG trip n Bel stay over at my house for a few days...updates soon when I have settle down!=)

Friday, January 7, 2011

I change a lot...didn't I ?

I look very different in these few years... aren't I?
from rabbit to braces to off braces and from straight black hair to curly black hair to golden highlights and to red highlights and to light brown hair and now... still thinking wat colour to dye^^
from bangs that I comb aside, fringe n bangs and fringe and now back to bangs again...I think this is the best bangs I have ever cut... but, hot arhz!!!! I guess I prefer fringe....

from spec to lenses and sometimes I am still kinda lazy to put on lenses especially going for classes where I do not have enough sleep...hehe

from skinny to thin to normal to normal and normal.... I hope I can be thinner^^

a picture within 4 years....
I looked so funny with the bunny teeth~~ the left upper corner...

here comes~~~~~ the latest !
2011 Jan

go through those old pictures and found everyone has indeed change=D
we used to be so cute n innocent...


it's about food again~

recommend u guys to have a visit if u r a bread lover^^
other than RT House...
this is my another favourite bakery house
Levain Boulangerie Patisserie at Jalan Delima... near to Bkt Bintang^^

went there with YX n Jen
spent some lovely time with them in the house^^

pretty right?
with a big stone oven on the left~

breads !!!!!!! =)
lots of variety till I felt like I wanna have a bite on each of em!

chocolate bread~ they r cute and yummy~ slurrrp~~~

pizza~ super cheezy~awww.....

cheese cheese and cheeeeeeseeeeeee.....

enjoying~~~ woah~~~~
this is sort of like our 1 year once little gathering
I saw this bakery on a blogger's blog and suggested to try this~
thanks to YX for the trouble~keke

the interior design

very comfortable~

you can order for dishes too other than breads, tarts, cakes~
pretty place to enjoy lovely breads

cakes~~~~ n macaroons~

a super cute and expensive French dessert~~~
I am attracted to em since I saw them at Paris but they r way too sweet for me..hehe
gt them for sweet tooth babe^^

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

nom nom... food at Viet Viet

1st meal at Pho24
or rice?

xmas eve dinner at I love Bun~

chicky rice

beef steamboat~~~

tea break at chinatown=)

green bean dessert

red bean + lotus seed

2nd day dinner=)

lunch at a village
fish being served in a special way=D

preparing vietnam spring roll for us^^

pretty n nice^^
I did try to make one myself it ended up very ugly...hehez..

last day of dining in HCMC
Pho 200
Pho for the president XD

guess who had meal at here b4?
Bill Clinton~ wootzz... kinda unbelievable...
pictures around in the restaurant~

big portion orhz...

sweet curry... cooked with sweet potatoes~ very different from Msia's curry....

pho~~~ = noodles^^

looks yummy, aren't they...
but I do prefer Msia's food ! it's still the best!

oh ya... I have to mention this
normal chillies rite?
but they r damn spicy...I really mean it...
just put 4 pieces of it in ur bowl of pho and u ll feel ur lips burning....
damn hot ! even my mummy who loves spicy food feels it~

cute menu^^
n their dishes are quite expensive~

lotus seed, coconut

nice decorations~
full with vege underneath the noodles

healthy diet^^

last but not least,
bloody marry n screwdriver on plane

dinner on plane~~~~


Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year, new look

went for a haircut with dear dear
dear dyed his hair too^^
in de process of dyeing

n me?
I went for a hair treatment and simple haircut
hair shorter for an inch
n I cut my fringe again as the hairstylist suggested to do so....
ended up with BANGS again
looks abit like kiddo...
I like it when my hair is straight as I look neat...XD
should go for rebonding...keke

happy new year anyway~
spent my new year eve with relatives yesterday nite^^