Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Middle of the night

Being awake at this time is so not me. I m tired physically and mentally, sleeping late is so bad for my health especially when It makes my mens very unstable. I need to be stronger ! Minimize the tears! Be tough ! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


something serious and a post full with wordings~ I guess most of the Malaysians had a black Monday due to GE13~
Went home for the 13th General Election~ this election is the most happening election in the history of Malaysia. A lot of people are returning home just for the sake of voting~ especially when they are so many artists/bloggers came back to Msia too! The only target that we aim---ubah!!! Ini kalilah!!! Normally, I m not so into politics, but this time, for the sake of a better future, a better Malaysia, n it is also my first time to vote, I became aware of all the issues regarding to politics! Even my brother who is not qualified yet is so into the elections~ I went to the Kelana Jaya PR campaign with family and we had a great time there even though it was crowded and drizzling when the campaign almost came to an end! I am sure this is a very important election for all Malaysians! An election where I can fee and see how unite we are as a big family disregard our races! On the day of polling, I am really touch to see those old people and handicap came all the way just to cast their vote=] super in love with Msia! So damn patriotic! Hehez~
During the night, result was out~ and this is where the bad news happened! I guess all the people who support PR are dissatisfy with the results~ as many have claimed, this is the darkest election ever~~~in my opinion, I don't hate the BN as much as other PR supporters, but it doesn't mean I support what they have did~ I am not an aggressive supporter of PR. There are a lot of nasty comments all over FB on that night, where some I agree and some I disagree. Some comments are too ridiculous, for instance asking help from Obama, hate the country so much till he rather UK take over our country! I do understand that a lot of people are mad. however, we should always have a clear mind, arent we? isnt it stupid to speak out whatever is in your mind before thinking properly?! those comments are so embarrassing! Such suggestions will only become a joke for others.... If you truly love your country, you will not give up easily, you will not lose hope easily~ even though we are sad and pissed off, we should not give up! I do believe that it is not a 100% free and clean election. some of the news on FB are fake but I believe not all of them~ some are what have really happened, I am sad to admit that a lot of news are being covered up =( but for thoseVideos on fb I guess they can't be fake.
This is a country that practices democratic, I am sure we will be able to change the government one day, not this time but there is surely a next time! It is never an easy task to change the country in just one try~ reformation is never an easy task! good things do not come easily~we must be tougher and more unite! There is always a winner and a loser, we need to accept it even though we are not satisfy with it~ accept it  as we are different from those who played tricks and dishonest. Do not do something stupid and brainless just because of the hate-tress. the result of the election already came out, I guess there is nothing much that we can do. let's see if the leaders of PR is able to do anything. So I guess there will be a Bersih 4.0, for people who support free and clean elections, for those who is not satisfy with this 13th GE, this is the place, this is the time, this is the proper way for us to express our feelings=D
No matter what, I think We are the True winner !!! we must unite!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Back to uni

I m back to uni again, after the one week plus of semester break! Sad n happy at the same time~ homesick but got to enjoy the unilife! Polling day is on 5th of May and most probably I m going home for it! It is gonna be my first time! =D excited n take this chance to be in my home sweet home! April is going to be a busy month! Tons of assignments! Talksssss to attend! Extra classes to attend! N not to forget the moot n presentations! Gayao babe!
My room^^

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A random post as my blog is dying...sigh... Life has been so damn busy in my final semester n now I m enjoying the mid semester break! Annual law dinner has became a history n a memory to be cherished as one of the best event in my uni life! Lots of things happened! N one of the best thing is I m an iPhone user at last! Say bye to the BB moment!=D btw, I have been busy doing a miniature coffee house, this is part of it~ blog again next time!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

last semester

Opps~neglected my blog again~
anyway, I am back to the forest again! for the Final SEMESTER! =)
Happy n Sad at the same time! lots of things to update here!
will try to blog about my life and update everything that I have left out ASAP^^
anyway, I am taking an extra subject this semester, which is Intellectual Property, hope that I will be able to learn a lot and do well in it!
it is ad the 2nd week back in uni without counting in the add-drop week
this semester, I am staying without a roommie! Yay or Nay?
went to Penang last weekend with my lovely gang
n the week before that I was at USA, having a sweet holiday with my dearest holiday!
yea, I got a lot to catch up here! till here for now, ll update once I have edited all those picturesssssssssss!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013


going back to Muar soon!
and I can imagine the bad traffic =(

anyway, just to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and also to my little blog^^
didn't really shop for CNY... I wonder why I am not really in a mood for shopping~
got a pair of pink Jelly Bunny as my new pumps~
while for the clothes, they are not really suitable with the CNY theme
so, I grabbed some of the clothes I have bought months ago and I will bring them back to Muar as CNY clothes since I haven't gt the chance to wear them=they are still consider as new clothes! ^^

not going to bring my laptop along with me to kampung
so, not going to update anything here~
will be back on Chu San, which is Tuesday and me and my family will fly on Wednesday morning for a family vacation~ the last vacation of me as a student! ^^ and back to uni after that, for my last semester!
let's see~ I will try to update whenever I have the time to do so!
Happy CNY!

p/s: result is out and I am damn sad and disappointed~ all I can say is I have tried my best and I should try harder in my final semester!

my burgerlab

My Burgerlab~located at Seapark PJ
heard about this little burger shop since last year and I have been craving for their burgers as I have heard a lot of good comments about it^^
thanks to Ivy sis~
went there with my great buddies for a dinner

went there on a Tuesday nite~ was there at about 730pm and DAMN~ long queue! 
most of the customers are in their working outfit... so it can be assumed that most of the customers come here to grab their dinner as My Burgerlab opens from 5pm-11pm (after working hour)

most of the staffs working there are university students~
here we go~the long long queue! 

there is a menu written on the chalkboard, very fast food, western style
n their burgers are selling fast!
I wanted to order Chicken and Egg Dillema but too bad right before it is out turn to place our order, it is sold out =____________=" SO SAD! 
so, I order A+ chicken instead since I am not really fond of beef
Ivy ordered Spicy Haiwaiian, Gary ordered A+Beef and Bee ordered Beautiful Mess, which he claimed it is super duper nice!
the happy pilot with his A+Beef

 Bee and his Beautiful Mess

mine~ A+Chicken
ohya, not to forget, I love their bun so much! 
the colour of the bread is in black~

the happy me! munch munch munch!

we ordered a set for each of us, which comes with a burger, fries and a bottomless drink^^
n we regretted! such a big portion! 

anyway, it is not easy to get a place to sit down and enjoy ur dinner
the place is too small and crowded with people
once u have done with ur dinner, it is better to leave or else u will feel very uncomfortable as there are many eyes on u, waiting for ur table(n this is what we have done! XD)

a great dinner, nice burger, especially the charcoal bun! 
I love it but I doubt if I will ever return for another try...cause it is indeed too crowded lahhh~=p

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a broken heart

me=being so irresponsible towards my blog~ been having a holiday for almost a month d~ it is a great holiday, I get to have fun to the max, laughed like a crazy woman, enjoyed my Cambodia trip(I will try to blog about this trip when I am free=D), ate good food, enjoyed homecook, had fun with friends and family. Basically, the best life is being a student!

everything went so well but I guess I am not well deep down in my heart. Disappointments again and again really breaks my heart. I am not tough, I am not a tough girl, I may be a Happy Go Lucky type, but in this matter, I don't think I can handle it well. Yet, I need to try my best to be tough~ indeed it is not easy and I have no idea and unable to imagine how much pain and suffer do I need to go through.

I have tried my best.

Life is not about it only, I have many people who love me =) I must be tough!
Let fate decides, but I must be strong.
06.02.2013 is a beginning...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

US visa application

I am back to KL for almost a week d^^
holiday mood ON!
life is so far so good~
had a terrible ending in 2012 and I really hope that 2013 is gonna be a great year!
I must stay positive and happy all the time
love myself more!
n enjoy this holiday to the max!

anyway, was busy for the past few days due to the US visa application form on the internet
before this, I have no idea that applying the visa can be so damn troublesome! o.O
something to share here
a brief summary here of how to apply a US visa^^
hope this is useful for those who need help cause I was busy calling friends and surfing the net to get information of how to apply US visa since the past few days~

firstly, fill up the details in DS160 form... 
u can get this form from the US embassy website
u need to fill up a lot of details such as where u plan to visit and the hotel u ll stay when u r in US
oh ya, there is also a need to take a picture and upload it on the net in this form
the picture is with white background n bring 1 photo along with u on the day of interview

after submitting the application form online, u will get a confirmation number, it is a must to print out this confirmation page and bring it with u on the day of interview

following, schedule for appointment of interview
u will need to pay RM512 per person at Standard Chartered bank in order to proceed with this step^^
(u are able to schedule appointment 4 hours later of payment)
I have chosen the 7.40am session, which is the next day after I had submit the application form

then, the next day, departed at 630am due to the KL heavy traffic~
reach the embassy and there is a long queue to get the visitor pass
it is a must to bring either ur IC or Driving license in order to get the visitor pass (clumsy me left my IC at home  but luckily the  driving license is with me=D)
no handphones, headphones or camera are allowed in the embassy

documents to bring:
1. confirmation letter
2. appointment letter
3. 1 photo
4. passport
5. receipt of the payment

took a number once we entered the building and waited for the interview session
since I am applying the visa with my family, thus we need one number only for the whole family^^
Hence, it is much more easier comparing to those applying the visa by himself!
everything is settled by 10am~
the interview session was kind of simple, the interviewer is a very friendly lady
~perhaps it is bcoz we are applying together as a family or perhaps it is due to my dad's job~ 
the interviewer asked me 1 question only and same goes to my brother
while for my dad, about 5 questions and mum 2 questions~
4 of us in the tiny room for not more than 5 minutes n there we go, visa is approved!
we can collect our passport from the Wisma MCA the next day after 3pm~
the visa is valid for 10 years~

so there goes the summary of how to apply a US visa=)
everything is settled and I can't wait for the trip!
proud of myself since I helped my family in this application thingy^^n nothing goes wrong~heee~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

7th semester

first post in 2013
but it is about what happened in 2012
some of the activities we did in our 7th semester^^
just a simple blog post^^

homecook Pan Mee^^
thanks to Hann Hann, she is our little "mommy" who can cook well!
we gurls had this as our lunch~

during winter solstice^^
a little celebration with unimates~ 
eat till I wanna puke little tang yuan d~ XD

first time to have breakfast with the gang! haha
cause we are not the breakfast type~
the swollen and sleepy faces XD

super nice Nasi Lemak as breakfast!
a must try! indeed very nice^^

till here!
Happy New Year!