Thursday, October 27, 2011

a bouquet of roses from him
first time to receive so many roses from him ^^
as he used to said,
indeed buying roses is wasting money....
they are dying now =(
1 time is enough^^
love it!!!

10 days = 10 roses =D


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

back to town

home sweet home right now!!!
after 2 mid sem papers....
while I was studying^^
black out on the nite before hospitality mid sem test! =.=
luckily it is not law paper... or else I ll die!!!

packing.... to go HOME!!!!
it's a sudden plan by our PM for the 1 Malaysia Diwali 1 week holiday=D

RM6.50 unhealthy n expensive dinner at Kubang Pasu Airport, Kedah
the airport is damn crowded today...
must be due to the Diwali holiday^^

I love KL <3
got to appreciate this short holiday~~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


been swimming for 4 days at the sports centre pool...
I am becoming a muscular woman...XD
seriously, my arms have a bit muscle d....

wish I can slim down but ended up the more I exercise eg squash, jog, swimming
the more I gained weight or remain the same weight!!!!
isssh.... during holiday... when I didn't do any exercises, but just eat n eat n eat.... I didn't gain weight =.=

Monday, October 17, 2011

my purple tupperware^^

here comes my 1st tupperware in my life
a limited edition 900ml bottle....weee....
love it! the size suits me well as it is not too big and I love the design n colour
besides, I got it with a really cheap price as there is a promotion for it=D
happy siao!!!

p.s: reason for buying it... coz I just lost my old bottle =.=
I must take care of this one !!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

new banner=)

NEW LOOK for my blog^^
the official banner... thanks to Daphy...muackss=D
love it^^

border town

it's another night where I spent my nite at the border town-Dannok
1st time to be there in this semester^^
thanks to Daniel... he promised to bring me there...XD
had a great night with them and a nice steamboat dinner
I spent a lot at 7-11 for soya milk and chocolate biscuits... it !!!!!
especially the bottle of milk by meiji... LOVE MILKY^^

Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 convocation

my very first time to attend a convocation
the 8th batch seniors....
falls on the first day of the week of convocation
I miss them a lot !!!!!

wish them luck in their chambering life and become a successful lawyer after long call^^

it was a super hot and sunny day
n yeah... I became darker again =.=
convocation is all about people...
you can see people every where... cameras every where
damn crowded !!!
n I have spent so much on flowers and bears!!!
anyway, we had a great time
our batch made some handmade 3D cards for 20 seniors
hope they will love it^^
the process of making....we spent 2 nites for these cards!
I looked like an aunty in this pic (><)

nice anot????=D

congrats miss Ivy, my dear~~~~ miss her!!!!

Ron senior~

and of course there are many more pictures but I am kinda lazy to upload them~~~
not to forget a pic with Rekhraj... the charming senior...XD he is so damn tall!!!!

btw, we are on one of the Chinese newspaper !!! =D
lucky us~~~

attended another seniors convocation 4 days later...
I skipped a class for this =p
a senior from hometown^^
he has given me lots of advices and guidance before I came into this forest university~~~

congrats to all of you!
convocation is all about smiley faces=)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

cheerleading- back to high school

cheerleading!!! GO YELLOW!!!

Law Sports Carnival 2011 falls on the 7th of October
I didn't plan to participate in any sports regarding to it
ended up, I were in the cheerleading team for my batch mates due to Joyce
she was once the coach of her convent school cheerleading
so, we gals decided to take this chance to have some fun^^

well, I have never been in a cheerleading team before...
I mean those which need to dance and do some stunts...
there is never such cheerleading team in my high school era...
thus, it is quite a nice experience for me^^

we practised a song in Glee for 4 nights^^
and we dressed up nicely in the day since 6.45am
indeed we looked very cheerful
our batch colour is yellow
the "pom pom" is handmade by us
the skirt is only RM1 from some warehouse sales
the T is from another event by Law Society

4 chinese gurls in the cheerleading
another 2 malays gurls and 2 guys
we are in a team of 8 people

we got the attention of the day due to our super nice "pom pom" and kind of kiddo attire (><)

volleyball match in action~

with Desarine

part of my gang^^


Marrybrown mascot by the seniors

Joyce... our coach^^

Red team... the seniors, 7th semester....

our efforts were paid as we got the best supporting team=D
happy and proud of my batchmates=)
a great yet tiring morning
n I became darker due to the constant exposure to the sun=(

Monday, October 10, 2011


roses are nice
love the smell
sweet and lovely
yet they are full with thorns
which makes me love and hate them at the same time=D

RM0.80 red rose on my table^^

Saturday, October 8, 2011

meiji panda

my favourite biscuits...
they are inside my stomach d...
I am yearning for more !!!!!!

anyway, upcoming~
sneak a peak~
Law Sports Carnival 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

half day @ Penang

5 of us decided to head to Penang for a sing-k session and some shopping moments
departed at 1pm after lunch and reached Queensbay Mall at 3pm
then, we did some shoppings...
I got myself the rabbit bb casing, a lovely sunnies @ forever 21 and a cleanser at face shop
well, I didn't buy any clothes or unnecessary stuffs=D wee... manage to control myself
found Chatime at there too but too bad I am not allowed to take any cold drinks that day...
reason? gals' problem larhz... (><) so SAD! I am yearning for it ever since I am back to forest
sob sob......

after that, we headed to Neway...
RM51 per pax with a buffet dinner...
OMG... expensive rite? tsk tsk... will not pay so much for sing-k session anymore !

we had a great time together!
the only guy-Allen

back to hostel by 1am~

rabbit + bb

wee... got it at last at Queensbay Mall, Penang
this rabbit dun have the furry tail =(
have to wait till I am back to KL again to get the furry one^^