Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sem 8 seniors


had a farewell party at Changloon homestay on last weekend
we, as the 4th semester students, are the organiser as we are closer to em comparing to those 6th semester seniors...
rented a house for RM150 per nite, with 3 rooms-fully air conditioned
decorated the living room and made some souvenirs for the lovely seniors
I drew them=)
catering from the nearby restaurant
n some fried nuggets or hotdogs by those workers where KH works partime^^
it's a great night with them and great memory to be cherished
4 years of studies is going to end for them
wish them luck in the working life=)
I will surely miss them a lot
they are indeed the most amazing seniors !!! <3
we are as crazy as them, that's why we are close with em^^
the party ended at 1am and the seniors went back to hostel to continue doing their homework while my gang stay at the house and continue chit chatting =)

erm.. this is not the group pic~
group pic not in my camera...aikz

we screamed like there's nobody else at that area during the game time
the neighbour came and scolded us =.=
it was actually only 10pm+
then, all of us started to chat about whether the neighbours has the right to call the police or does the police has the right to sue us....XD

Sunday, April 24, 2011

clay workshop

been busy with the senior's farewell party last weekend
full with activities on every weekends !!!

so, here comes the post about the clay workshop I went with Hann
ingredients n my sleepy look....

my first time to attend such workshop and realise that clay is so amazing!
it can be made into so many kinds of cutie stuffs !
spent 6 hours at the hall~ lunch is included
paid RM 35 for this workshop and I guess it is worth for first timer....
you got to have the patience to create these cute thingys as they are tiny!

learnt some techniques and continued the unfinished job when I am back to room^^

breads~ donnuts~ strawberry or chocolate flavour???

the cutie man I made~

does these cakes look tempting? =)

made a cute sushi plate with the extra clay~
for meggie^^

angry bird for Ivy^^
added a phone strap to each of them

and well~
lastly, my biggest project~
my bakery house~
this is what I have learnt from the workshop
love it even though it is not perfect^^

Saturday, April 16, 2011

angry bIrds fever

cute or NOT ???
angry birds made from clay =)
Love em so much~
I want angry birds plush toys~ keke

anyway, went for a clay workshop on Friday morning
regarding to details, ll post it up later^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wEsterN fooD in tOwn

right after noon class
back to hostel
rest a while and headed to TOWN with Ivy, Bel n Da
just a random hang out with Ivy as she is graduating very SOON
the town is located 10km away from uni

bowling session~
it's a newly renovated little mall~
that's why there is a bowling centre, snooker session and K-Box in it =)
the town is bringing some entertainment to uni students at last !

anyway, I am damn poor in bowling~
played for a round only and watched em playing~

a new cafe in the mall
and it is a western cafe
WOW.. n it's kinda KL style~ yeapppie !!!!
n the price-very REASONABLE!
look at these cute mini parfait~~~
tempting rite? they tasted better than TGIF =)
can't believe I am able to taste such food in this little town~~~
RM9 for 4 of em

n here comes my super HEAVY dinner
RM8 Dorry fish burger
big portion!!!! EAT TILL almost puke.....

let's have a look at other's dinner~~~~ Bel's chicken burger is even bigger, in 6inch~ for only RM10(left lower corner)
these food are damn tempting but INDEED we cannot finish it
have to share with a friend if I visit this cafe again
the food being served indeed has good quality and I think it is worth for the price^^

camwhore session
being crazee in the little cafe^^

we ended up with a super big stomach~
had a great time
cheers to the friendship^^

BTW, it's HUSKI cafe in Changloon~

Saturday, April 9, 2011



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

how i met ur mother

a series that I have been watching since I am back to uni =)
love it !
haven't heard of it?
then u should watch it... it's awwwwweeesomeeee..........




Monday, April 4, 2011

6am Nasi Lemak

this post is going to present u the earliest breakfast of my uni life !

heard about how tasty is it for timesssss....
especially the comments from seniors~
n at last, I got to taste you this morning ! =)
when I said morning, it means super super early in the morning!
departed at 6am
thanks to Lily for driving us there
went there with Meg n her roommie, Louis~
we had a great time

this is actually a stall located in Kg. Darat, which is a place very near to my university
yet, if u have no self-transport, there's no hope of visiting there
this stall is famous for it's nasi lemak
starts selling at 5 smthg in the morning~
n the nasi lemak will be sold out by 6.30am !!!!
the nasi lemak I mean is the rice.... the rice have such a nice scent !!!!
well.... if u don't mind having the normal plain white rice, then u can be there after 6.30am but make sure it's not too late as again, they are going to be sold out at anytime~

a glass of Milo-O

n here comes my super duper heavy breakfast =)
the price is quite pricey as it cost me RM5
the price can be compared to KL but I guess it worths it...
well... I am not going to eat it often anyway...
it's very unhealthy to have such heavy breakfast =p

a morning with 100 percent satisfaction !
I love it =D

bad day

".....cause you had a bad day, you're taking one down
you sing a sad song just to turn it around....."

a bad day due to Tort mid-sem test and the due date for passing up Tort and Criminal assignments.
conflicts between coursemates
kills the eyes
hurt the ears
words coming out from mouth without considerations
feelings being hurt like there're thousands of needles in ur heart

do hope this will never ever happen again
let the day pass
welcoming the new day and forget about these unhappiness

Saturday, April 2, 2011

late cny event

1st of April is indeed a date which is TOO late for the celebration of CNY
but then, this happened in my uni
perhaps it's because of proposal problem and caused the event to be held so late
anyway, a great dinner with my bunch of buddies

nice backdrop with a rabbit made from pieces of flowers
n the ticket is very classic too^^

10 of us~
the other 2 cannot make it..

another picture before the event starts
we are not prepared yet...kekez
well~ there is also time where we need some imperfect pictures~~~

the event ended with an amazing harmonica performance~
super love it !
especially the song of- nothing gonna change my love for you
impressed !!!

p-p-p-party all night long~

it's the first time our gang decided to go for a drink
was having dinner and the idea popped up in a sudden
departed at 10.30pm
headed to alor setar n there goes the night =D

a way to release stress after 2 mid sem test......
crazee us~

basically, there is no pub or club in the state of Kedah =(
this is a cafe and it has a bit of "pub" feeling
we had a great time although super tired !

hot n spicy....keke

posing with Heineken

love my "red mermaid hair"
this is what meg told me when she was tipsy~

da turned out to be super noisy tat nite~

it ended at 1.30am as the cafe is closed...=.=
kinda sweat right?
well~ it's Kedah and we are lucky enough there's such cafe =)

anyway, drank a little of beer only and was busy taking care of those who r tipsy...
it's funny to see em being "abnormal"....