Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Baili @ Subang Jaya

a short blog post about my sem break
when I were still having my holiday in KL =)
went to a nice cozy little cafe with babe n Ivy at Subang Jaya
had a great chat there and the cafe is crowded on a Saturday night

there is also a live band singing some songs dedicated by the customers^^

not much pictures being taken since we were busy talking~
the food not bad and the prices are affortable
this is definitely a nice place for yam cha session =D

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

6th semester

So, end of my sem break~

Back to uni~
skipped 3 days classes- most of the classes are cancelled...
I should have skipped a week!!!! =(

anyway, took flight back to forest and Joyce picked me up~^^
look at how full her car is XD
I brought 5 bags along... well~ gals always have lots of stuffs~~~~

had dinner with family at McD KLIA b4 saying goodbyes...=D

done unpacking by 1am~ was damn tiring!
super clean and tidy room now!!!!
it is Thurs tmr and it's weekend again!
without koke this semester = I can sleep like a piggy on Sat^^

Sunday, February 19, 2012

ear cap

in case u have never heard before what is a ear cap...
I ll explain it in this blog post^^

bought a new thingy for my BB
it is for Iphone I guess but then it has become a trend recently...
thanks to Bel for the info... didn't realise this little thingy has became a trend^^
I got it at a very cheap price at F Block^^
cute ice-cream rite?
ear cap as a decoration and to prevent dust~
it comes in a variety of designs... eg, flowers, angry birds, mashimaro, hello kitty, etc=D
the origin of this cute little thingy is from Korea =D

my last outing at Sunway Pyramid with sis before going back to forest...

Friday, February 17, 2012

MoVida wiTh meG n lIly

mini gathering~

met up with 2 babes @ Sunway Giza~
Lily from Penang Island and Meg from Kepong
it was Meg's birthday yesterday^^
thanks babe dear for being my bodyguard n sorry for making u bored~teehee

some camwhore pictures @ Movida~
I ordered a pint of Erdinger~

happy 23rd sexy Meg! n since our clubbing session is being cancelled, decided to hang out at Movida... after 11pm, the pub became a mini club =)

had a great time with them~ see u gals in uni soon~~~~
n for Meg, hope u ll get ur perfect him soon^^


Thursday, February 16, 2012

1st Valentine's Day

warning: this is gonna be a loovey-doovey post XD

we were in a LDR ever since this r/s started 2 years ago~
thus, for the previous 2 V-day, we didn't get the chance to celebrate tgt
this year, we are lucky to be able to celebrate it at last!
a little gift for him^^
something very useful for him =)
our V-day is not specially planned since I think that it's not worth to spend so much money on a fancy dinner just because it is a V-day~ as long as we love each other, every day is a V-day right?^^
besides, we r still students, better to celebrate the day with a simpler way^^

our matching birkens

had dinner at his house after his classes have ended
home-cooked dinner by his mum and we headed to Bangsar Village

spot his cheek!


hanged out in The Borders for a while as he wanted to browse through some mags~

see! he ignored me~~~ managed to captured a pic of him reading the mag....

when he realised I am too bored XD

n there goes our V-day celebration at Haagen Dazs =)
a chocolate fondue
desserts= my favourite!!!!! cannot resist!
especially when the ice-creams are in love shape for the V-day celebration^^
so cute rite?

drooling!!!~ can't wait for a bite^^
he is not really fond of this fondue... basically, 70% of the fondue was eaten by me!

random camwhore

muacks! XD yeah...kill me plz...wth....LOL

a V-day without roses or chocolates...doesn't mean it is not romantic
a V-day with him by my side for a few hours and a lovely fondue =)
thanks babe!
I love you~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

camwhore @ Sooka

2 of my dearies I have known ever since I started my studies in the forest uni XD
3 of us are the KLrians in our gang^^
met up at Sooka Central, nearby KL Central for a short yamcha session~
n we kept on camwhore =)

see u gals in uni soon! ^^

btw, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all !!!
p/s: It's my 1st V-day with him(physically)~~~~=D

Monday, February 13, 2012

playing what Barney Stinson loves

a game which i wanted to try ever since i watched how i met your mother-lazer tag...=) went for it last friday with a bunch of guys n jacq(we r the only gals)... had fun! but then it is quite pricey... 3 missions costs us rm45...n surprisingly, i scored in the game... hehez... gonna go for it again if there is anor chance! this place is located in midvalley, top floor, next to the fitness centre.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SG trip

it's been a year since my last visit to SG
ever since I went to UUM, I often visit SG since there's a JB friend who welcomes me all the time XD
but then, this time, Ivy sis n I went there without her. We had a stayed in SG... which is damn expensive!
a tiring midnight bus journey, as I can't sleep on the bus!!!
breakfast at Geylang after we left our bags in the hotel~

then, took the MRT to Orchard road to meet up with Ivy's friend(2 of them)~
got an ezylink card at last=D
one of Ivy's friend^^

my main purpose of visiting orchard road= A&F + H&M
mission accomplished!^^
wish these two outlets ll open in Msia ASAP!
Managed to get a sweet dress from H&M~
while for A&F, the clothings are way too expensive! wait till I start working then I ll shop smthg from there XD
btw, the promoters r hot! n I got to take a pic with the half naked 6 packs model...XD

lunch at Ding Tai Fung~ damn long queue!
wonder why SG has so many tourists!

then, we headed to sentosa island^^
pay 1 SG Dollar if u walk to the island, 3 SG Dollar if u take the train.... so, we chose to walk! XD

somewhere near the casino... with the CNY decorations^^

my first time to visit the casino^^
I am qualified at last!!! which means I m old d=(
a pic with M&M mascot~

then, took a cab to Night Safari!
taking cab in SG isn't cheap! (><)

night safari^^
Ivy's friends didn't join us so we are back to two of us again after dinner

dined at Bongo's Burger~

look at the queue!
we queued for an hour to go on the tram!
anyway, it was a nice experience... I can't take any nice pic since it was kind of dark and my camera is kind of stupid...XD wish I have a DSLR at that moment^^
entrance fee=32 SG Dollar~ worth it !

we missed the last MRT back to our hotel after the night safari=(
ended up we have to take a cab that charged us double the normal price since it is after 12am.....wuwuwuwuwuwuwu.......
back to hotel, took a bath n hit to the sack!

next day, we headed to Bugis~
had a walk at Bugis Junction~

we had our lunch there too!
SG's food are not nice at all compared to Msia...kekez
I love Msia's food a lot!!!! teeheee
visited a temple at Bugis~
it was damn crowded... look at the crowd behind me!
perhaps it is because of CNY^^

we headed to Lavender street to take bus and there goes the journey back to Msia!
end of SG trip!
indeed it is a short trip n having holiday in SG isn't cheap!
a great trip with sis even though my legs r killing me!
till here~ ciaozzz~~~~~

Friday, February 3, 2012


went for a dinner at Umaiya, IOI Boulevard on last sunday night with the gals n babe^^
it was very crowded n thus made their service not so good
anyway, the food are quite nice
by comparing to Zanmai, the price is abit higher~

some of the sushi we ordered~

baby being the only guy^^

my dinner set
saba shioyaki n sashimi~RM38


n of course beverage- green tea
came in a cute teapot n cute teacups

it's a tiring day as we spent the whole day "bai nian"^^
we went to 7 houses in a day!
btw, CNY celebration is coming to an end soon... this coming monday is going to be the last day!

CNY summary

CNY last for 15 days
I am busy ever since I am back to KL =D

a short summary since my blog is not being updated for quite some time~~~

as usual, celebration in kampung... daily routine- wake up, breakfast, chit chat or poker or mahjong, lunch, chit chat or poker or mahjong or watching tv programmes, dinner, watch tv programmes n sometimes playing some firecrackers
back to KL by thursday evening...
kind of miss my grandparents NOW!
they are being lonely again after CNY.... a huge house with a very quiet n peace atmosphere...
sometimes, I wish I can visit then more often... they are old, grandma hurt her back and unable to walk well, grandpa broke his feet and can't walk yet without a "tongkat"
wish them healthy always !

ok, back to KL...
went to "tian hou gong" chinese temple with parents
camwhoring in car
I didn't visit this place for like more than 6 years d!
it is quite pretty during CNY season^^

red lanterns ^^

weather was too hot and we grabbed an ice-cream... fav ice-cream in my childhood=D

had a family(dad's side) CNY gathering n birthday celebration of my cousin bro^^
had fun that nite! it's nice to have a big family^^

cousin sis who is super slim n fair =)
spent part of my childhood with her^^

p/s: I will be in SG this coming weekend~ teehee~