Sunday, June 26, 2011

shopping n craze

outfit for the day~
a colourful jumpsuit n a simple make up^^

btw... regarding to my customized necklace
u can check it out at here

it has been a long time since I last hang out with the gals n do shopping with em~~~~
had a great sunday with them =)

our plan of the day...
breakfast at Levain
yummy yummy slurrrpy breads~~~~~~
they r my lovers~ kekez~
visit the newly opened Sephora at Starhill !!!
basically, I can't really afford for the stuffs there..
as they are mostly imported... so, kinda pricey!
but it's really nice in there^^
gt a hand cream n lipbalm...

and oh ya, I got 3 hairbands today !!!!
wee~ craze towards hairbands recently~~~~~
look at my collection(n_n)
I love them!

an edited and combination pic for the day
p/s: the strawberry tart in levain is super NICE!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

autograph session

it is my very 1st time to attend an autograph session
not really into such events as it ll be crowded and in my mind :" he ll not remember me since he gt thousands of fans.... "

well, this is my 1st time
and the artist is = Anthony Neely
I mentioned him it here...
one of his songs....
gt his album for RM35 and his autograph
a super charming n handsome artist
venue at MMU
went there with bro and met up with vicky n ling
he performed 3 songs... n I love his voice^^

he is indeed very handsome!
a second of glance towards him and an unforgettable smile from him =)
gt to touched his super big n firm hand...
okay...enough.. I sounded like a little gurl...

busy days

my blog is being abandoned....
being very irresponsible towards my blog nowadays
practical for a month makes me feeling tiring every day even though I am not really busy in court
learnt a lot from a civil magistrate judge these 2 days...
he made us did some homework n taught u a lot!
he is a super handsome young judge ! =)

a week+ left for my practical !!!!!!!

btw, last Sunday was Daddy's day~
dad brought us to Genting...
dad's day...daddy plan...daddy spend... guys r pity rite? hahaz
had a great weekend with family ^^

wore poncho for the 1st time in my life

some stuffed toys I got from the Genting Indoor theme park...
kinda lame rite?

I love u dad !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


got it... checked it at last..
after XXX times of trying it...
what a gd "management" university...."proud" of it!

satisfy with the result...
=) my tears are not wasted....
gayao in next semester!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

buenos aires- florida street

pronounced as " bruno sires" in Spanish
a super nice country in the Southern America
took a 23 hours flight to reach that country-Argentina !!!!
indeed I love this place a lot ! wish I have the opportunity to be there explore other parts of the country^^

rest stop at south africa-cape town for 40minutes

florida street
tourist steet~ for those who watch football... u must be familiar with this^^

a very high class shopping mall on the street
just like the pavillion in msia..but it is much more prettier!
look at the ceiling~
seriously, it is pretty rite?????

stuffs selling inside is way too expensive for me... cannot afford anything...
anyway, if u visit buenos aires, u must pay a visit to this mall !!

florida street is designed for pedestrian... no cars are allowed to come in
there are lots of shops along the two sides of the street n it is a very long street..
there are also ppl selling some cheaper stuffs along the road...
if u r gd at bargaining, u might get some nice stuff with gd price!!!!
but then, if u shop in those shops, goods are certainly pricey =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


working life=lifeless
wake at 6am sleep at 12pm
spent the day in Jln Duta HC of KL on weekdays for a month
ll update my blog when I am free^^

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

gumiho drumstick

he said he ll never get me a stuffed toy as it is a waste of money....
I received this once I am back to Msia~~~
huge drumstick~~~~
I must have made him lost his mind....muahahahaha.....
this is the cutest stuffed toy ever!
in case u nvr watch the drama before, it is a Korean Drama named as Gumiho~
this stuffed toy appeared in one of the scene
cute MAX !