Sunday, December 27, 2009

few mOre dAys to gO....

sigh~ have been really busy recently till I don't have the time to update my dear blog...sob sob... moving~~~ that's why these few days are kinda busy of tidying my stuffs.... moving em to the new house...N...I really hate moving laaa... so troublesome...I got so much stuffs !!!! new room is going to burst !!!! =.= well...still on the way moving now....I moved all my important stuffs to the new house d....left some rubbish here... got to settle everything by this week cause I am going back to FOREST on this coming Friday...huhu...=(

actually, I got lots to update....lots of nice post to share here... too bad I can't do them now since uploading photos+editing+choosing them ll take me, I ll do em later...promise ! ^^ anyway, I had a great Xmas eve with my dear^^ n I also went to a onE day malAcca trip=) watched Avatar with my besties... etc.....

ok~ so here comes a new post...
my New Year Resolutions..... ^^

1. Study hard and smart
this is the most important larhz... since I am still a student...don't wanna fail my papers...again, 7 subjects for the 2nd sem + loads of activities will be going on ! cut + dye it~ wuahaha....
er...I hope I can do this before I am going back to uni or before CNY lorhz... wondering should I make it short...what kind of colour is suitable... ><

3.DRIVing skill !!!
I need this !!! =p I am sure everyone thinks so...haha~ I really need to make sure I can drive laaa...or else, I am going to be stucked at my new house...can't go anywhere T.T

4.adding moRe stuffs to my cLoset...
><>.< I hope I can get more clothes, more shoes..more nail polish...more trousers...more tops......more...more...more.... hahaz..... everything a gal need !

5.get a nEw phOne
I guess this ll come true??...^^ I managed to trick my dear daddy to get me a new cellphone... hehe...just the matter of time...guess I ll get it very soon if things go well... =p =p =p

6.keep fit
haha~ can't believe this is one of my new year resolutions...hehe~ gaining weight larhz...cause I seldom exercise nowadays...especially in uni...not saying that I am going on diet...just wanna make myself healthy + not suffering from gastric.... so, I hope I can do this well~~~ =) more...take away those tears...
hmmm...yea~ lots of things happened this's way too dramatic.. >< erm...not going in details... just in this coming brand new year... always b happy ^^ I am trying my best to make my life more colourful... XD

8.appreciate family+friends+dear....
yea~ lucky to have them by my side all the, no matter how much time we spend together...appreciate them all the time~ being more caring towards them^^ especially those close ones....u guys are so so SWEET =)

9.sleep well in uni is really making my life kinda upside down.. so, hope that I can sleep at a normal time....I know it's very bad to sleep at 5am and wake at 12pm...I swear I will try my best to make my sleeping time more normal...

10. drink more water
I know this sounded stupid la...BUT it is very important for me... I am a "cactus"... seldom drink water...this is very bad for my health and skin...have to force myself to have a habit of drinking H2O.... SO, I must do this !

11.go vacatIons=)
with my coursemates, with my besties, with my dear, with my family...keke~ ..... do hope I can try being a bagpacker^^

I guess thats all for now~~~~


Thursday, December 24, 2009

xMas trees~

xMas eve~
xmAs is always the most romantic festival to me coz I love xmas trees a lot... who hates xmAs trees???'s a festival for people to love...XD
surely lots of ppl are having parties or outings tonite^^
hope that everyone have a great eve^^

went to 1 U with dear on Tues in the noon~ suppose to catch a movie, Avatar(dear watched d) I promised Ling to watch with her...haha~ Ling, see...I keep my promise !!! XD *clap handsss*
went to a few shops to have a look....I saw a nice short at Kitchen....wanna get it! result of the day --->got the pair of jeans I wanted on last Friday at Forever 21 =)
basically, the day ended very soon as I promised mum to dine at home. so, just had a short dating with dear...hahaz~

our tea time at sUbway....
the 1st time I felt like I can't finish the six inches bread....this is my stupid looking while eating.... ><

he is the one who camwhore this time=p

Merry xMas everyone^^
xmas deco from 1 U~

from TS~~~~~

p/s: I haven't visit MV since my holiday has started o.O weirdo me...I used to b crazee of MV...... wanna see the xMas deco at there =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DonG zHi

hey hey~
guess everyone of u had tang yuan yesterday rite? =)
always my favourite festival since I get to play with the dough ^^

this year,
did it with my dear cause he came by to give me a hand~

well~ as u can see~ the super huge one....made by him larhzzz....
but then he didn't get the chance to try em since he got to attend family dinner~
so, had those tang yuan with my family x)

I put some hershey kisses chocz inside the tang yuan... keke~
but then, the chocz amount is too little, can't really taste it...

*Jenny left me a bowl of chocz tang yuan coz she know I am a chocz addict~ so sweet of her^^
I ate them this morning~~~~~

lalala~ xmas eve coming =)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

lOnely ><

back to Johor, Muar on Friday, which is a Public Holiday....
had lunch at the Muar Town~ *munch munch*
super yummy~ too bad that I didn't bring my camera along...wasn't in a mood on that day~
well~ Muar is famous for it's Char Siew rice, Pork Satay, Otak-otak(BRain!!!O.o) etc....
n I realise that....even my hometown is better than the town near to my uni XD
at least it is not that kampung even thought it is kampung...does that make sense? or AM i confusing u ? I am confusing myself...=.=
well, who wanna eat Otak-otak please visit me these few days.. XD well then, KL is selling Otak-otak too... hmmm...I saw a shop selling otak-otak food only, in oNe U ^^

okay, basically, the purpose of going back to grandparents house is to celebrate grandpa's birthday, mum's side = wai gong... just to make it clear with chinese^^ stayed at grandparent's house, father's side for a night~ renovation going on... grandpa hired ppl to changed the 30years old Iron roof...gosh...damn noisy !!! the workers came to knock here n there early in the morning...not even 9am !!! why kampung people wakes so eraly? XD ok ok....I know I am being kinda unhealthy for waking up at noon.... ok...gonna shut off my mouth... zip up!

see the new roof? it's super long...cause my grandpa's house is super BIG... in village are like this...I will die of cleaning the house...admire my grandma =)

asked mummy to do me a favour with the old and traditional sewing machine at grandma's house... cutting off part of my shirt and used the extra cloth to sew into 2 cellphone covers...^^
the colours of the cloth is nice right? ^^

ok~ back to the main purpose~ the birthday celebration of my wai gong....hmm...I don't really know how old is my wai gong since my aunt only put one candle for him ><...anyway, more than70...^^ it was just a small and simple celebration at a small restaurant in the town~

my untidy hair bun + a green ribbon... the picture is not that clear but I guess it looks quite nice^^ haha~

oh ya, before the dinner, I was too BORED !!! my cousin sis didn't come back, she went to Thai d... another cousin sis went to KL... >.<> praise me~~~~ thanks to me when u gals love manicure next time... ><

the dishes for the dinner are just ok...not that nice~ normal...nothing special...this is the 1st dish...hmmm...looks pretty~ but not really nice...

something which I can't find in KL~ sort of like pudding in these coconut~ it's a dessert

here comes the ice-cream birthday cake.... erm.. don't expect to get SR at, it's consider as quite a nice cake d^^

a picture with one of the little cousin bro~ he was so notty~ can't stay still to take a pic with me =(

one of the closer little cousin since our age is nearer comapared to the others....felt myself so OLD at there ><

cousin bro~ 2 of them and my uncle behind >.< that'a all for the pictures....there are a lot as I have a biG family~ lazy to post them^^ teehee~ so, that all about the few days I spent in Johor~~~~

*dOne ! *


yea~ another birthday cake = another birthday celebration going on
it's Ice's birthday on the 17th of December~ well, it's also the same day as the previous postXD
I rushed to this party right after I am back to Serdang~ bravo ! =p
get to meet up with some of the F5 and F6 friends which I didn't meet for quite a long time... but then I was kinda quiet that night since I were really exhausted...
left the party early as parents came to pick me up to MBJ house~heading to Johor the next day !
we got her a MP4, thanks to Phui Yee, the organiser of this celebration~
well~ Happy Birthday Gurl~~^^

a photo with her~ Really sorry that I just appeared for a while ><


snowIng at 8pm every nite =)

at Pavillion^^ get to know about this from the gals~
went to Sg.Wang + Pavillion on Thursday~
Spent almost the whole day doing shopping..... tired !!!!
anyway, we had a great time and it's been a long time we didn't walk so much !

had lunch at a Korean Restaurant...not to say very nice but then just ok
starts with Ling's spicy Chicken ramen, my vege soup ramen and the last one is Kimchi ramen~

then, we walked to Pavillion and hang in Forever 21 for quite some timeXD
Pavillion's Forever 21 is the largest and yea, I love all their accessories there =)

it's time for "munch munch" !
hang out at MOF for some dessert time in Pavillion~ it's a Japanese dessert shop~just have a look at their menu, so tempting...don't ya agree?

the pinkie red ice-cream is mine, follow by Jacq's and Ling's.... sorry for the picture...I did tried to rotate it... >< well, the texture of the ice-cream is very smooth and it's really nice.... it tasted like milk ice-cream^^

next, follow by Vicky's imo and PY's drink, yea~ both are made from green tea~

the moment we have waited came at last !

lots of people gathered at the main door just to see the "fake" snow...which is made from bubbles ???
hmmm~ so, we took some pictures and went home~~~~~~
I like the lights, but then too bad some of it is spoilt...ended up it ruined the atmosphere...

gals outing =)

there's a little story for this pretty fountain~ check it in my FbOok~ available in my video^^ uploaded by Vicky, voice by Vicky and Ling..... XD it's cute~~~~

lastly, get to decorate my hair with the blue rose at last~ hehe~

*have a great day=)*

L4D 2

experienced it at last....
early in the MORNING..
went to CC in the morning to wait for dear for his subjects registration...
at the mean time, played it with Jacq's guidance....
easy mode + help from Jacq + dear = I survived XD

nice but stress.... >< *end*

Saturday, December 19, 2009

from JoHor

yea~ guess what?
I am at Johor now... at grandparents house
it's been 6 months ago since my last visit ><
kinda boring here since it's well...hurrrmmm... kampung...
but then not as kampung as my uni ^^
lots of cousins very noisy....
going to have a big family gathering soon~
gonna dress up myself =)
happy holiday~~~~

Thursday, December 17, 2009


a blast of emotions flowed to her mind very sudden...perhaps life have been too smooth, hmmm...well, just on the surface. Deep down in your heart, it lies another secret. Hope that these things can be simplified.....

when a person's 1st drop of tears come out from the right eye, it is happiness
when a person's 1st drop of tears come out from the left eye, it is pain.......

do you believe that?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

simPle yet mEaningfUl

event happened at the same day as the Genting trip~ rushed to this after taken was a sudden plan... a simple one yet meaningful~ n so, I guess base on the picture below, you will know where is the venue~


only 3 of us with the Birthday gurl~ didn't meet them for quite a long time d.. it's my 1st time of meeting them ever since my holiday has started... life have been busy.. nowadays, seldom keep in touch with this gang of friends... wondering how is the life of others... anyway, excited to be with them again XD

there goes Chee Wei and Elaine~

I was playing with Chee Wei's PSP~ trying to log in to my uni website to check my 1st sem result... AND.... WTH... I got a C for my MLS paper...shit laaaa...... it ruined my result.... hate that lecture... she doesn't know how to teach, but so stingy in giving marks... my assignment marks are damn low.... T.T nah nah nah.... forget about it... I gotta be more hardworking next year...........

that's Daphne~ with her "long" hair...which makes her look more feminine~ which makes me feel weird~ haha~ gurl.. I still prefer u having those weird weird cool cool hairstyle~ XD

when the clock strikes 12am... here comes the birthday cake and the birthday song~ happy 21st Elaine~ she is actually in her examination period now...

tiramisu~ 4 of us ate half of it...made me felt so sorry towards my tummy~ haha~ ended up I slept very late that night ><

making wish and blew the candles~ you are old d~ hahaz~ =p

even though there are only 3 of us with you on ur birthday, I hope you had a great time too~hmmm..... too bad that the others can't make it~ may you always be happy n cheerful !!!!
and here comes the part where they force her to take candles with her mouth-->and become a dirty cat ><


Monday, December 14, 2009

wiii~ theme park =.=

well~ based on the title of this post, it's kinda obvious of where I went. yea~Genting lorhz.... Been planned to visit that place long time ago.... didn't visit the theme park for like~>5 years !!!! >< =.= 4 of us~ dear, Ling. Vicky n me~ I was late~ again~~~~~ SORRY!!! really didn't mean it... slept very late the night before it~ =( stopped by at Wangsa to have breakfast.... n the food's very cheap~most probably it's bcoz got lots of students... (TARC n UTAR) look at my breakfast... I thought hor fun=a bowl of mee with some slices of meat...n who knows, it ended up like tiz..... O.o

n well~ I am not really fond of white chicken... er...don't really know how to eat chicken laaa... as I said, cheap...cause it's only RM3.80~ a bowl of mee+a plate of chickens!!!!
wasted.... I have a few bites of the chicky only.... >.~

oh ya oh ya~ wanna mention my attire~ borrowed my dear's jumper for a day...
wanna create a different style for myself.... so I guess I succeeded =)

ok~ back here~ to the journey.....
continued the way to Genting~dear's driving skill scared both Ling n Vicky~ keke.....

stopped at the cable car station and took the cable car to Genting~ met up with Joyce and her sweetheart... =) pity gurl~ some of our coursemates suppose to come with her....too bad huh...they ffk her....
here we go~ view from the cable car~

I am actually phobia of height... but then...cable car is still ok^^ this made me recalled that when I was small, always afraid that this little cable car will drop to the ground...=.= nah... always frightening myself.....

kinda like this picture...=) cause my dear was looking at me... haha~

80% of Vicky's face with me...

above the clouds at last ! headed to the outdoor theme park to check out the crowds.... not many ppl~ but then still consider as kinda crowded since need to queue up for every types of rides... I hate queue !!!!
took a picture with Ling before going for fun~

played Marry-Go-round.... a lame music playing when it spins...WHY??? I thought when I was young, this kind of ride got music?

dear being forced by us to take the ride~ wakaka..... a guy playing such a kiddo ride with us.....=p

then, went for the next ride~ which is like a swing..a long queue too.... enjoyed this ride as I love the air blowing towards my face but just for

I still have my stupid swollen eye~ tat's why have to wear specs.... n Ling was being very "man" that day with her "sexy" voice and sunnie=)

we went for the antique car ride and a lame spaceship ride.... used to think that Genting theme park is very fun...but then felt kinda bored this time...maybe we are grown up d... that's why felt that these kind of rides are for kidssss..... the conclusion--->I will never visit this theme park again....just like what Ling said, we are going to Casino next time!!! =p

saw some clowns there...they only give balloons to kids...WHY can't we get it too? young adults cannot get balloons o??? got such law??? unfair !!!! both Ling and I saw a very cute balloon~~~ in a lollipop shape--->

sorry for the ugly drawing la....I don't really know how to draw using mouse... but it's cute rite? just imagine it.... we found a clown that wanna give us balloons but then he doesn't know how to make lollipop, only know how to make a love shape balloon...we want LOLLIPOP.... why can't we have it..... sigh sigh ><

picture taken at the dino land by a couple~ used to think that there are lots of dino here.... realise that those are just to cheat kiddos... =.= a very lame boat ride too.... cause we lined up for about 10minutes+ just for a 5 minutes ride? talking about dino~with some fake dino moving..

some Xmas deco in 1st World Hotel~ no comments..just normal~ with lots of lights =)

went to a "garden" without flowers.... hanged out at tat weird place for a while~~~n here goes my solo picture^^

kinda difficult to get a picture of my dear smiling...this one is nice~ he is always acting cool(ooppsss...haha~ kidding....he just doesn't like to smile to the camera)

camwhore with Ling on the way to the cable car station~

overall, this one day trip is not bad~ just that theme park is not fun... hanging out with Ling, Vicky n dear is very fun =) lucky to have them around~

the craze of Lady Gaga~ watch the Bad Romance MV to understand what we were playing XD

bad traffic~ reached home at 9pm+ without having my dinner~hungry !!!! after a bath... head to OldTown for Elaine's birthday celebration~ haha.... I know I am being very naughty.... =p