Saturday, December 31, 2011

last day of 2011

2012 coming in 10 hours time~~~~~~~~
can't believe today is the last day of 2011
time really flies !!!
gonna have a little groceries shoppings with my friends later n a sushi making nite
just a little celebration for the new year in forest...

gd luck in my final examinations~~~~

Friday, December 30, 2011

my 25th

how I spent my Christmas day?
with Ivy sis at 1 U !
we walked for 6 hours and I did CNY shopping d^^
just a simple shopping as not much that caught my attention
those on sales are too normal...
those not on sales are kind of expensive n the designs are so so only
I got a top and a pair of shorts(jeans)
wanted a pair of high heels but NON THAT ME GUSTA !!!! =(

not many pictures^^
pictures are taken with my BB so they are not very clear~

our only pic taken tgt.... in the ladies...

lunch at Japanese Casual Restaurant...
the Ramen not bad^^
the Xmas hat is for the purpose of pic taking only... I didn't wear it throughout the day XD

Xmas exchange gift from her^^

1 U is damn crowded! I guess same goes to other shopping malls due to the public holiday!
all shops are full with people~~~
u got to line up to have a meal...zZZzzzzzz....

went to babe's house at nite...
Ivy dropped me there and she was too shy to join us (><)
his family had a small BBQ fish party
had fun!

the other 2 bros....

on 26th, went Sunway Pyramid with dear Ling2....
we ended up buying nothing after such a long walk!!!!!
n I forgot to bring my purse out !!! ridiculous rite? (><)
anyway, had a great time with her even though I bought nothing....=D

Christmas eve at 17

just a simple post~
only a few pictures for my christmas eve =(
most of the pics are with him n HE DON'T WANT TO SEND em TO ME......!!!!! =[
we spent the evening at 17 Saloon, a bistro... at Sunway Giza
it's my first time to Sunway Giza... it's a place full with restaurants and pubs....
quite a nice place to hang out but it is kind of far from my house since it is located somewhere in Damansara

their speciality...
the only place in town where u can get lychee beer~~~
sounded special rite? indeed it is special
it tasted n smelled like lychee... but then it is actually beer... thus a bit bitter!
since we were there before 7pm, buy one pint free one pint....
both of us can't even finish a pint of it ! (><)

the only pic of us taken by one of the waiter...
7pm was indeed too early for Christmas eve celebration...
so, the place is still not that happening yet^^

the rest of the nite, as I have mentioned before...
we had a walked at one u and ended up at cyber cafe for the nite till Christmas day =D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 new year resolution

here comes another year
gonna say bye to 2011 very soon!!!! 3 days left
gonna spend the last moment of 2011 in forest...kind of sad...(><)
this might be my last post too as exam starts on 5th...
xmas post ll b updated if I have time^^
wish myself loads of lucks!!!!

2011 is another great year =D
I became 21-officially an adult
I have a smart phone-BB at last from dad^^
Gt 1st class result for my 4th semester! it's really a surprise for myself too... I hope I can maintain this result!!!!
I went for a simple shooting ( haven't get the complete pics yet)
I got my 1st longchamp from babe
participated in a mini marathon
being part of the cheerleader group XD
on plane for the longest time of my life to Argentina!
practical at high court
saying bye to our seniors and felt the "loneliness" without them around XD
LDR with babe for a month

ups n downs in my relationship makes me appreciate what is love
more mature and love my family more!
learn to forgive and ignore...
know what is a true friendship^^
2011 resolution list -> checked !!!
except the driving part ! XD... again n again
but I did improve ^^ I can drive but not a pro driver yet =D

so, for the coming year....
it will be another new exciting year to go for^^

1 studies
as usual, I need to handle my studies well... I wish to make my parents proud of me

2 driving
hahaz...ya... I know...again.... it's not like I don't wanna learn... wish I have a car^^

3 slim
I know you will say I am not fat...but I just wish I can be slimmer....I need to be slimmer XD hope I can do it duh... I am a food lover...kind of hard to resist those temptations

4 keep my fringe long
aha... wonder if I can do it^^ I always cut it to bangs... XD

5 tattoo
must do it before my 22nd a present for my 21st^^
hope I can cope with the pain

6 bagpacking
hmm... perhaps during my semester break? got to plan for it!

7 cooking skill
I guess I need to learn how to cook well, or else least the food are edible =D

8 clumsiness + saving
I will try my best not to lost anything again!!!!!! n I need to learn to save $$$.... not a shopaholic anymore! one pair of highheels a year^^

9 improve my eng
I don't wanna be catogorised as a Manglish..... improve improve!!!!!!!
target-5 novels!

10 marathon
If there is any chance, I wanna go for a real one^^

11 wake before 10am
additional resolution^^ hehez....I don't wanna be a piggy that sleeps till noon anymore!!!!

I guess that's all^^
Hope that I can accomplish more than these=)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas @ KL

yeap~ I am back to KL for Christmas n to do some CNY shoppings^^
gonna stay here for about 4 days n I will be back to forest
have to force myself to study, lock myself in the room, date with those books n notes n damn lot of cases...#WTF
n the worst part is-> countdown in FOREST!
gonna say bye to 2011 and hi to 2012 while I am facing books...ZZzzZZzzzzz

anyway, babe came all the way from KL to Kedah to get me and we spent some precious time together^^
lots of pics to be updated soon regarding to the short trip~

Just went to Sunway Giza for our little Christmas celebration n a short walk at 1U and here I am, in a cybercafe, with him next to me, playing some "shooting, guns...whatever it is...all I know it is a game"with his bunch of bros~
I have been surfing net n reading blogs while he is playing^^

more pictures soon~=D

Merry Christmas everyone^^

p/s: my blog is snowing^^

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

buffet lunch

let those pictures do the talking^^
went for another lunch served by my uni hospitality students
this time, it is a buffet lunch that cost each of us RM15
had a great lunch with my gurls^^

Saturday, December 17, 2011

December babies^^

3 December babies in our gang^^
4 of us-PH, Bel, Hann n me headed to Alor Setar after company law class
spent some time in Star Parade to get Da n YN birthday gifts...
took us quite some time!

my first pic with a Xmas tree in year 2011!!!

then, we headed to Sayang Bakery House to get them birthday cakes
it's a surprise that Sayang's cake can be so nice!!!!
kind of unbelievable that there is such a nice bakery house that bakes nice cakes in Alor Setar XD
pretty rite? n they tasted very nice ! =D

BTW, something happened before the others arrived...
KH's car broke down n they were lucky to get a car from senior....
on the way to Alor Setar, YN's car nearly met an accident!
but then, everyone arrived safely at last!

while waiting for others at the spring's leaf cafe
this is a cafe where each of us have bought a RM8 coupon for a chicken chop set that comes with a drink n an ice-cream^^
super cheap n worth it!
the environment is quite nice and I guess it is newly opened^^
others arrived at last... at about 9pm
MJ + birthday cake + the ladies in the gang~

a pic of me n the birthday gurl~ it's her 21st birthday^^
ya...the pic focuses on the cake but not us.....(=.=)

Meg babe~

dining ~ yum yum~~~~~
n we were super duper NOISY!!!!! kept on talking n laughing!!!

group pic^^

after dessert, we gave YN n Da a surprise~
an early birthday celebration for both of them=D

Da n YN look like a couple in this pic...XD

a very filling nite!
we had dinner + 2 cakes !

headed to a nearby park for a short walk and some photo sessions after that

"I-City" in Kedah XD

a very Malaysia picture~ a very Malaysia night view

favourite picture of the night!
12 of us aka Duodecim Cor

it's our first and last outing in this semester~
kind of difficult to have 12 of us together^^
appreciate every one of them^^
heart you guys~

Friday, December 9, 2011

5th semester candid+formal shots

it's a tiring Sunday...
most of my coursemates either skipped classes or skipped this photo shooting at Dmas as we have Banking mid-sem test the next day !!!

those who went for it, we did have fun^^
did some super cute candid shootings as we are provided with some cute accessories such as hats or mask XD

code of attire, as usual, black and white

MJ "mummy"

imagine it.....
formal wear with some cute accessories on us... weird rite? XD
a notty monkey on my head (><)

my batch "ROXs!"

Sunday, December 4, 2011


it's my favourite month of the year
it's the month of Christmas and I am stucked in the forest T.T
I wish I can go back to KL for a few days before final exam~
I really hope the lec will not have any classes in the final week of Dec.....
I wanna do some simple CNY shopping...

Friday, December 2, 2011


happy faces

our latest group pic^^
it's kind of difficult to get the 12 of us together!
this is really a rare chance
we caught a lunch together at Varcity Mall after class on Wednesday
had some great chat =)

windy candid shot by Hann

attended a christian cell group gathering at Changloon Town on Thursday night
met up with a few new friends
but I have forgotten their name (><)
some random pictures^^

with senior, Raymond

we acted like a bitch XD

last but not least
kind of addicted to 9gags recently~~~~
n this is my version of "throll face"

btw... met up with my pair of rabbit^^
Swit Yee's iphone XD

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Peaceful Assembly Bill

Peaceful Assembly Bill
well... I guess this is the most interesting news of the day in Malaysia
especially towards those who are concern with the Malaysia Law
I don't really know the details of the bill
just read through the news online and some comments by senior who has participated in the march against assembly bill, which participate by members of Bar Council of Malaysia n some other supporters....
so far, I know that it has something to do with the restriction towards us-the citizen of Malaysia
a 30 prior notice need to be given if u wanna have a gathering
n it is sort of like u have not much freedom anymore

I wonder what has happened to the parliament...
are they too free ? why are u guys creating smthg to restrict ppl again...
so in future, means that those ppl who wanna voice up by gathering up=illegal ?????

Monday, November 28, 2011

facial wash @ Reeskin

a long weekend as Sunday is a holiday due to Awal Muharam
we decided to head to Alor Setar to use up our Every day facial coupon
facial wash for the first time in my life
at Reeskin by Mayfair...
now I understand why those rich ppl love to go for facial...
cause it's damn comfortable and I felt like I have a new skin after that XD
1 hour plus facial wash and some machine treatments~
I did that with Da while the rest went for window shopping at Star Parade

waiting at the consultant room...

went to Crystal Mountain to get 2 crystal bracelet for my grandma n wai po~
we used to visit this place every weekend during our 1st semester XD
what a memory =D

then, we headed to Tesco for a short walk and grabbed a cup of milktea~~~
Cured my addiction towards milktea =)
some random pictures taken by Allen

@ Popular Bookstore

we had dinner at a very famous chinese food court
the "O Jien" and "Lo Bak" there are superb nice !!!!!!
but then it's way TOO MANY PEOPLE!
we spent 2 hours for our dinner....ZZZzzzzZZzzzzzz
I will surely visit this place again but not during peak hours
Penny from Alor Setar met up with us for a dinner^^

on the way back, something terrible HAPPENED!!!!
OUR CAR STOPPED IN A SUDDEN due to out of petrol
in the middle of the highway...
it was 11pm and we are surrounded by dark
no street lights at all!!!
T.T four damsel in distress
Allen is the only guy and he is worried that some bad guys will attack us too
we watched too much of CRIMINAL MINDS...thus we are worried that someone will rob us or kill us or hurt us....(><)
but seriously, it was damn dangerous !!!!!

David n HS came to rescue us after 40 minutes....
awww.... I love our coursemates so much!!!!!
n we are accompanied by 2 PLUS staffs too... lucky us^^

what an ending of the night....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bel's 22nd

it was on a midnite of friday^^
we are being pranked by the birthday gurl-Bel
meg n I knocked her door for about 30 minutes...(><)
n we even called the gal who in charge of her block to break in her door by using some "magical cards"

*wanted to knock her head for wasting my energy knocking at her door=p

a great celebration... surprise cake from her mum all the way from Sabah=D
Strawberry marshmallow cheese cake by Secret Recipe
we bought it from the Jitra branch

my gang....lack of 4 ppl as it's a long weekend holiday
p/s: If I don't have koke, I would have got back to KL XD

tha gurls... including the 3rd semester juniors

we hanged out at the mall till 2am
happy birthday dear^^

Monday, November 21, 2011

chinese cuisine

lucky us to get a chance to have a chinese cuisine prepared by the hospitality students at their "restaurant"
thanks to Da's cousin who has booked the places for us^^

my hungry n looking forward look...XD

the table setting
it's a rare chance to get such high class services in the uni area^^
this is part of their practising classes and we are as their guest...

you can choose either pot sticker

or pie tee-my first time to try this=D

next, dumpling soup~

the main course is a plate of duck rice
erm... I am not really fond of duck so I don't really enjoy it...(><)
overall, the chinese cuisine food are not that nice
Da said that the previous Indian cuisine is much more better^^
anyway, it is a great experience for me^^

last but not least~ dessert time~
sesame balls~

the girls^^