Thursday, June 28, 2012

F21 in MV

grand opening of F21 in MV~ 
thanks to Ivy sis for inviting me there with her=)
got the chance to take a pic with Amber Chia right before she left as we were kind of late~ 
she is very pretty and friendly!!!!!! 
<3 her~
how can a she b so slim after giving birth to a baby~
jealous!!! XD 
standing next to her makes me look so plain~ kekez~~

anyway, super crowded with lots of pretty gals~
sis got a free watch from lucky draw while I got a 20% discount voucher~ ended up I got myself a very plain but nice and simple blue dress^^

Monday, June 18, 2012

Euro cup fever-Turkey

a fever that attacks the whole world no matter where u are...
yeah... of course it is very happening here too
right now right here in Turkey~ 
at a super lovely hotel in Kudasi or somewhere near to Izmi, Turkey... an outskirt resort town

this is a family trip to the hot summer Turkey~ n today is the 2nd day~~~~
love this country a lot!^^ a place full with lots of amazing history =DDD
will update about the trip again soon~~~~
2 pics here...
the 1st day... in Istanbul, the most crowded city of Turkey

2nd day
 ruins of the city of Troy~I bet everyone knows what is the Troy story about...^^
this is not the real wooden horse...just a replica for tourist...
the real one must have been destroyed during the Greek-Troy war~~~

till here...
 I apply sunblock all the time! try my best not to get suntan or bcoming darker....hope it works laaaaa..... or else, going b super sad....

Friday, June 15, 2012


the day I have been looking forward to since 2 weeks ago
back to home sweet home for a 2 months break^^

Ddeukbokki~ a korean dish~ it is made from rice cake, some cabbage, carrots, meat, then the sauce is made from smthg like chili sauce n kimchi sauce I guess? =)
saw it in Running man 
(it is a hilarious entertainment show! for those who have never watch it before! u should watch it!) 
n it looks so tempting to me~ especially when I was suffering in the forest due to the final exam n super boring n oily hostel food 
promised myself I ll get this once I am back to KL!=DDD

mission accomplished ! XD
too bad it is not really as nice as what I have expected... perhaps it is too spicy for me~ 
it ll b nice to have it in Korea since the weather is cooling...but here... in Msia.... it is kind of weird duh n I am not really fond of spicy food...=)

red lips after the super spicy ddeukbokki~~~

went for mango dessert too~ Shui Liu Shan as I have mentioned in my blog before^^ 
thanks for my babe for this lovely dessert XD

n I gt the chance to have a look at the MICKEY MOUSE expo~~~~=DDD
thought I ll miss it since this event is kind of happening 2 weeks ago...when I was busy preparing for my final exam... they moved the expo to the top floor...not so happening anymore but then these mouse are still cute n lovely!^^

p/s: leaving Msia later^^ looking forward to my family trip =) I promise I ll update my blog as often as I can in this semester break^^

Thursday, June 7, 2012

1 week to go

can't wait to be home again... 2 months semester break! =DDD.... 1 more week to go... 3 toughest papers to go! gambateh! n I shall be a hardworking blogger to update her blog again XD
lots of plannings for this holiday including participating in the LAWASIA... I guess this competition ll take up all my holiday LMAO... yet I still got time to enjoy at KL and my home sweet home... so no worries... still gt time to enjoy my holiday... (I know I ll b scolding this n that, F**, Stupid etc when I need to do research n readings for the competition by sacrificing part of my holiday... well, this is my only chance to learn as I am still a student... take up the CHALLENGE!)
n oh ya, can't wait for KK trip with my forest family! =)