Monday, June 18, 2012

Euro cup fever-Turkey

a fever that attacks the whole world no matter where u are...
yeah... of course it is very happening here too
right now right here in Turkey~ 
at a super lovely hotel in Kudasi or somewhere near to Izmi, Turkey... an outskirt resort town

this is a family trip to the hot summer Turkey~ n today is the 2nd day~~~~
love this country a lot!^^ a place full with lots of amazing history =DDD
will update about the trip again soon~~~~
2 pics here...
the 1st day... in Istanbul, the most crowded city of Turkey

2nd day
 ruins of the city of Troy~I bet everyone knows what is the Troy story about...^^
this is not the real wooden horse...just a replica for tourist...
the real one must have been destroyed during the Greek-Troy war~~~

till here...
 I apply sunblock all the time! try my best not to get suntan or bcoming darker....hope it works laaaaa..... or else, going b super sad....


Unknown said...

Sky so blueeee.....haha, and many people read your blog too laaa...just may be people don't know to comment what, always make people jealous nia...hahaha, all about nice foods, trips. I'm Uknown here maa...ssssshhhhh...XD

chocz-dreamland said...

XD can't tell me who u r?