Sunday, November 29, 2009

a small gathering

went to Mines on Thurs nite for a small f6 classmates gathering~
terrible jam due to the Chinese bookfair !
took me 1 hour for the journey~ crazee traffic~ =s
as usual~ had our dinner at Pizza Hut with em~
2 guys~

Fina, same uni with me n Ain~

Lina n me =)

hanged out for about an hour plus and some pictures taking~
just a simple dinner to let each other keep in touch~

camwhore with Lina~
she is studying in UPM.....

ok~ next~
manicure~^^ nice?

my 1st time to try sky blue on my nails~
went to buy a super tiny brush just to use it for decorating my nails~

camwhore again~ =p
well~ I think this colour isn't tat suitable for my fingers~
looks kinda weird duh......
just a try ! =)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


just a random post.....
as I have mentioned before~
in love with this show~
watch till the lastest episode at last^^

the main cast....

his eyes kill me~ XD ........awww~

she is not the main character~ but I think she is the prettiest =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

shopping at banGsar viLLage

yea~ Bangsar Village is indeed my favourite shopping spot....
love the boutiques there~
went there on Saturday with Ling n Vicky~

went there in the noon after Ling's piano class n we walked till almost nite^^
went in to almost every boutique.... EVEN a boutique selling saree... haha~
miss this place since I haven't been here for months d~
well~ managed to get myself a top, a dress and a skirt....
n oh ya, 2 pairs of earings^^
Vicky got herself a very nice black bag... lourve it ! =)

Ling said this dress looks like pyjamus...XD

had our lunch at Subway....
awww... miss everything in KL...keke~

played with the accessories in those boutiques...
1. nice caps...^^

2. high heels.... super comfortable n super high ! =)

camwhore when there's big mirror~ hehe

had our lunch at Serdang Perdana~
a new cafe~ name as Twins Sisters....
looking at the menu~~~~~~

our drinks and my dessert~ ^^

ling's cappucino tasted weird...
here comes our dinner~

just normal~
I think their drinks are more attractive~
so. this is a nice place for yam cha as there are lots of variety of drinks =)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1st tIme on iCe

this happened a week ago~
went to sunway piramid for ice skating~
my 1st experience~ XD
ling n vicky suppose to join us but they ffk us...=(

so, yea~ never ever thought of trying ice skating be4 this since I am scare of falling down...
always had a little wish in my mind...
gonna try that for the 1st time with my bf
n yea~ it comes true...keke =p (nt planned purposely)

took some pictures before we start^^

skate shoes....

don't really like it~ hurt my legs when skating....

thanks a lot to dear for being so patient towards me during the whole skating session...
i m a poor learner... >.<
oh ya, sorry for making you fall on the ice with me~ hahaz...
since I am famous for being clumsy, it's impossible I will not fall in something that need balancing... ><
anyway, it's a nice experience~
hope that I can be better next time =)

had some doughnuts at J.Co
my favourite^^
aren't both of em sweet?

went home after that...
we have a yamcha session with those gals at night^^
hate sunway's bad traffic !
as usual, disturb him driving

and camwhore....hehe

p/s: I am currently watching Gossip Girl from season 1 till season 3
dat's all~ ciao~ ZzZZzZZZzzzzz~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

zAck's 20th

1st birthday celebration tat I attended since I am home~
also the 1st outing with friends~
happy to see 'em again =)

it's Zack's 20th birthday

venue: the Garden's Zanmai Sushi^^
craving for sushi !!!

I didn't order much~ just a light dinner~
the top left is mine^^

n here you go~ the BIRTHDAY guy~ Zack~

he was wearing formal that night cause he just had a presentation in uni~
I guess birthday guy has to b different huh?^^
all of us are in casual~

enjoying their dinner~
I was busy taking pictures of 'em...
cause my little pinky camera seldom shows itself in Kedah

I wonder why Dan eat till sweating... haha

spotted a cute boy next to our table~
so so CUTE~

camwhore with Jenny~
she don't have any holiday till Xmas...
too bad duh~ thought of wanna drag her to do some shopping~ XD

this is the gang~ =)

*big hands* for Dan~ he paid the bill... ><

i love this picture...
cause Tick look so funny~ XD

guess wat... it took us more then 30minutes just to get a group picture...
we kept on fooling around with the camera....

at last~ a nice one^^

posing with a chair while waiting for the guys to plan where to hang out after dinner...
too bad the pic is kinda blur =(

we ended up in Pitstop~
the pink drink is mine~ keke

Ysan came along with her bf
CAng joined us too...
most of us were tired...
as u can see... Tick n Serene were sleeping >.<

they have class on the next day....
I guess I am the only one in holiday...
so, the celebration ended before 1am ^^

Happy Birthday Zack~

Monday, November 16, 2009

actIvaTing my BloG =)

ok~ well~ I know I didn't really updated my blog nicely since months ago~
hmmm~ the main problem is bcoz of the internet connection
really lazy to sit in the canteen just to update my blog~
do hope I can get broadband next semester...

it's my HOLIDAY ! yeah~ =)
2 weeks of final exam has finally ended~
it was damn suffering~
memorizing cases almost killed me...
really got to change my study style in next sem~
arh~ whatever, for Now,
at least I can say bye to this messy table for about a month !

I am going to eat, sleep, play, movies, shopping, online, blogging etc!!!!!
life in the jungle is really bored like hell... no entertainment at all~

hmmm~ gotta start with something...well... keke~
a happy thingy for myself^^
for those who are close with me, u guys surely know bout it~
decided to blog about it officially at last... (I did mentioned about it be4)
cause before that really lack of time...
yea~ I m in a relationship =)
for about 3 months+
I am attached~ ^^
my dear with me... pic taken during our 1st outing~
which is...erm... months ago lo~ lol
my hair was still super long...

after a haircut...
(which is actually the next day after our 1st outing)
this was an outing with the gals for dinner =)

n here comes the latest... which is today~
back home for holiday since 3 days ago~
n today is the 1st day we hang out together
went to Sunway Piramid...
I was disturbing dear when he was driving.. =p
trying to camwhore with him but failed =.=

camwhore...which is somehow something I m kinda addicted...>.<

had our lunch at PapaRich~
n I got my favourite J.Co donnuts=)

awww~ miss the food here....
food in the "jungle" uni is always the same...bored of 'em
till I got to eat bread almost every day.. ><

we watched Jennifer's body...
a movie which i think... not worth to watch.. lol...
cause nothing attractive except Megan Fox of course~
which is the reason why we watched it...

picture of the day =)

ok~ basically, this blog is just about my dear n me...^^
not easy to maintain this relationship duh~
cause we got to separate at the beginning of it...
well~ as u know... couples tat has just started will surely stick together all the time...
but then it's different for us...
since I m studying in Kedah, it also means we can't meet that often~
but at least we ll be meeting in holiday and sem break
so~sort of like LDR but still in Msia

ok, better stop here =p
hmmm... all I wanna say is....
You are a super great n sweet guy~

I love you ^^


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 more days

woa~ exam period is really suffering~
anyway, ad started packing ~ hahaz
going home right after my last paper~
damn lots of stuffs to clean up n I hope my luggage can fit my stuffs^^

life is going upside down~
messed up my sleeping time due to the exam~
once again I am active in the night, like a pig in the morning^^
2 more papers to go !!!!!!