Wednesday, November 18, 2009

zAck's 20th

1st birthday celebration tat I attended since I am home~
also the 1st outing with friends~
happy to see 'em again =)

it's Zack's 20th birthday

venue: the Garden's Zanmai Sushi^^
craving for sushi !!!

I didn't order much~ just a light dinner~
the top left is mine^^

n here you go~ the BIRTHDAY guy~ Zack~

he was wearing formal that night cause he just had a presentation in uni~
I guess birthday guy has to b different huh?^^
all of us are in casual~

enjoying their dinner~
I was busy taking pictures of 'em...
cause my little pinky camera seldom shows itself in Kedah

I wonder why Dan eat till sweating... haha

spotted a cute boy next to our table~
so so CUTE~

camwhore with Jenny~
she don't have any holiday till Xmas...
too bad duh~ thought of wanna drag her to do some shopping~ XD

this is the gang~ =)

*big hands* for Dan~ he paid the bill... ><

i love this picture...
cause Tick look so funny~ XD

guess wat... it took us more then 30minutes just to get a group picture...
we kept on fooling around with the camera....

at last~ a nice one^^

posing with a chair while waiting for the guys to plan where to hang out after dinner...
too bad the pic is kinda blur =(

we ended up in Pitstop~
the pink drink is mine~ keke

Ysan came along with her bf
CAng joined us too...
most of us were tired...
as u can see... Tick n Serene were sleeping >.<

they have class on the next day....
I guess I am the only one in holiday...
so, the celebration ended before 1am ^^

Happy Birthday Zack~

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