Monday, November 16, 2009

actIvaTing my BloG =)

ok~ well~ I know I didn't really updated my blog nicely since months ago~
hmmm~ the main problem is bcoz of the internet connection
really lazy to sit in the canteen just to update my blog~
do hope I can get broadband next semester...

it's my HOLIDAY ! yeah~ =)
2 weeks of final exam has finally ended~
it was damn suffering~
memorizing cases almost killed me...
really got to change my study style in next sem~
arh~ whatever, for Now,
at least I can say bye to this messy table for about a month !

I am going to eat, sleep, play, movies, shopping, online, blogging etc!!!!!
life in the jungle is really bored like hell... no entertainment at all~

hmmm~ gotta start with something...well... keke~
a happy thingy for myself^^
for those who are close with me, u guys surely know bout it~
decided to blog about it officially at last... (I did mentioned about it be4)
cause before that really lack of time...
yea~ I m in a relationship =)
for about 3 months+
I am attached~ ^^
my dear with me... pic taken during our 1st outing~
which is...erm... months ago lo~ lol
my hair was still super long...

after a haircut...
(which is actually the next day after our 1st outing)
this was an outing with the gals for dinner =)

n here comes the latest... which is today~
back home for holiday since 3 days ago~
n today is the 1st day we hang out together
went to Sunway Piramid...
I was disturbing dear when he was driving.. =p
trying to camwhore with him but failed =.=

camwhore...which is somehow something I m kinda addicted...>.<

had our lunch at PapaRich~
n I got my favourite J.Co donnuts=)

awww~ miss the food here....
food in the "jungle" uni is always the same...bored of 'em
till I got to eat bread almost every day.. ><

we watched Jennifer's body...
a movie which i think... not worth to watch.. lol...
cause nothing attractive except Megan Fox of course~
which is the reason why we watched it...

picture of the day =)

ok~ basically, this blog is just about my dear n me...^^
not easy to maintain this relationship duh~
cause we got to separate at the beginning of it...
well~ as u know... couples tat has just started will surely stick together all the time...
but then it's different for us...
since I m studying in Kedah, it also means we can't meet that often~
but at least we ll be meeting in holiday and sem break
so~sort of like LDR but still in Msia

ok, better stop here =p
hmmm... all I wanna say is....
You are a super great n sweet guy~

I love you ^^


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