Wednesday, November 25, 2009

shopping at banGsar viLLage

yea~ Bangsar Village is indeed my favourite shopping spot....
love the boutiques there~
went there on Saturday with Ling n Vicky~

went there in the noon after Ling's piano class n we walked till almost nite^^
went in to almost every boutique.... EVEN a boutique selling saree... haha~
miss this place since I haven't been here for months d~
well~ managed to get myself a top, a dress and a skirt....
n oh ya, 2 pairs of earings^^
Vicky got herself a very nice black bag... lourve it ! =)

Ling said this dress looks like pyjamus...XD

had our lunch at Subway....
awww... miss everything in KL...keke~

played with the accessories in those boutiques...
1. nice caps...^^

2. high heels.... super comfortable n super high ! =)

camwhore when there's big mirror~ hehe

had our lunch at Serdang Perdana~
a new cafe~ name as Twins Sisters....
looking at the menu~~~~~~

our drinks and my dessert~ ^^

ling's cappucino tasted weird...
here comes our dinner~

just normal~
I think their drinks are more attractive~
so. this is a nice place for yam cha as there are lots of variety of drinks =)

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