Sunday, April 25, 2010

end of torturing days

Happy =)
2 more papers left and after tmr, I am going to have a 9 days break till the last paper comes....
well, I can online in my room ! this is a good news since I am so addicted to internet =)
hope that by next semester, the wifi coverage will be more stable...
love my hostel so much in a sudden~ =p

so, well... for the exam...
nothing much to say... I did tried my best for it...
hope that my result can stay at the same CGPA like last semester... or maybe a bit of improvement...
god bless~
starting from next sem, I will be facing at least 6 law papers...really got to study hard !
must change my study attitude~

*recently, I am after Criminal Mind =) well, there's still a need for break...can't be studying for 24/7 right?
the hyperactive me is coming back very soon as it is HOLIDAY soon ! XD

Sunday, April 11, 2010


going back to forest again~
gonna be another 6 hours+ journey with KH...
he ll be tired today since I can't help him to drive~
thanks yea^^

about 2 weeks+ to go~~~~
N I believe time flies....
need to try my best~~~
this ll be the last update since exam is just about stress... =.=


Lunch @ Federal Hotel =)

it's Saturday~~~ ~ time really flies...
back to this H.S.H for almost a week d !
don't feel like going back to forest...BUT HAVE TO !
nvr mind..... 2 weeks only !!!! gambateh to myself~

a post without stress XD

Dad brought mum n me to Federal Hotel this afternoon~
for a buffet lunch^^
I guess it's an earlier celebration for mummy's birthday which falls on 12th of April !
slurrrrppp~~~ yummy yummy~~~~
dolled up abit n camwhore in car.....
well~ you know it...
KL's traffic...super bad !
this hotel is next to Low Yat Plaza....imagine the bad traffic n crowds !

there we go~
didn't really take pictures~~~
this is basically how it looks like...
it's simple and nice~
it is called as The Verandah~

busy enjoying the food~ hehe
my favorite ! sashimi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there are Japanese section, Chinese section Indian section n Italian section~
a variety of cakes~~~~~ fruits, desserts, etc~
they provide healthy herbal juice, eg. Lemon Limegrass... I tried the cucumber juice....
not bad ! =)
oh ya, their mutton are quite nice... I am not really fond of mutton but I think their's are nice~

woa ! super full !!!
gonna puke if I eat more... =p
a conclusion for it, worth to have ur lunch here =)
it's RM45+ per pax but the food are nice~
thanks a lot to dad~~ muacks! n also his colleague's recommendation~
bye bye~~~
wiii~ a happy day~~~
met up with my dear at nite~ had a light supper with him n his cute brothers... =p

I am going back to forest tmr !
have to DATE WITH MY BOOKS.....
wish me luck~

p/s: got to date with my notes after this.... ><


Thursday, April 8, 2010


somehow, there's no rainbow every day...
I wonder why....
in another way, rainy days do not occur every day...
I wonder again...
there are changes in every day's weather...
it could be serene for a moment, stormy the next second...

I found the word again-innocent
I am going to make it missing again
hope it is in a lost world...

where there are human beings, there are surely voices and sounds~
it's your decision to stop and listen
or you can just use your headphone
and continue your journey as there's nothing at all...

since the route has been chosen
be brave to continue
create the best memory to be cherished
life is decided by ourself~

sometimes, smiles on her face doesn't mean she is really happy
smiling is much more easier than crying
don't you think so ?
so, why not smile? your smile can bring happiness to people that love you^^

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

be4 final comes

back to home = best thing in life !

had meals with parents~~~ slurrrpppp~~~~~
get to chit chat n updates that I have missed...
sweet n comfortable room~

meet up with my dear~

had an excuse to go out, meet up with J n M since they need notes for the exam~
went to MV with Jocelyn n Megan to catch a movie-Lovely Bones while I handed them some exam notes(this is the main purpose we meet up)...
it's quite a nice movie~ special ending.... kinda artistic.... worth to watch !
touchy movie as Jocelyn n me cried a lot in cinema...XD
had a great time with 'em even though it is just for a while~
we should hang out and rock the malls in KL again after final ! =)

my camwhore for the day =p


home sweet home

yea~ decided to come back~
made up my mind^^

well~ realise lots of things have changed...
it's just about a month's time...
bro went to NS->botak guy^^... mum ->housewife....
big changes....
quite a suprise for the news regarding to mummy...
she is going to be bored at home since bro n me is not at home...
pity pity~~~
daddy is getting busier n older~
time really flies rite?

recently...lots of stuffs happening around me...
my friends, my cousins....
wish everyone can get back their smile ASAP ^^

.... got to appreciate every moment in life....

exam exam~~~~ stress stress~~~

Friday, April 2, 2010


everything is settled at LAST ~^^
assignments r done, presentations r done !
HAPPY~~~ weeee~wiiiiii~~~~~

now~ left 2 more weeks till the final exam...huhu....
planned to go home for a few days and back here before study week I guess^^
Meg and Joyce ad went home yesterday lorhz....
awww..... the suffering life is going to start again....