Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 days

gonna start my 10 days working life...
leisure mall-Cheong Hoong~
selling local specialties~
well~ it's my 1st time of selling food~
hahaz~ hope I am selling them but not eating them~ lol
I like the crackers only^^
well~ do come over to pay a visit ya^^
i ll let u try sum of the biscuits k k k ???? =)
*promise* ^^

I sounded like I am very excited..
actually, kinda tired~ spent 5 hours arranging stocks today~
I m happy bcoz smthg lovely happened today~


i hate ulcers n sore throat !!!!
it's really serious this time.....
i can barely speak... so, dun speak to me...
n don't make me laugh...
damn suffering....
must recover or else I can't work~ T.T

GJ's 21st bIrthday

simply white at Kuchai Lama as the venue of the birthday celebration~
1st time to visit tat shop~
it's abit like Full House..(Full House is much more nicer)
it's quiet there~
just a few customers...

food n beverage that ordered by sum of us~
nothing special about it~

10 of us for this birthday celebration~

forced him to make a sexy pose with the pinky bag... too bad he can't do it.. =(

GJ trying to act cute... XD

the guys....

trying to show the 21 sign~

birthday guy with me^^
-big bro-

gals~ most of us are quite tired as we spent half the day in Bangsar~

tiramisu cake~

right after the candle is being blown...
all the chocz piece beside n on top of the cake is gone.... XD
all of us are crazy for it~

he is very "kuat" !!!!
6 of us can't push his head towards the cake...
ended up... we have to use our hands to put some cream on his face...
pity pity ~

presenting the birthday present...
a super big paper bag...
actually, it's a shirt inside~ ^^

he loves it ! hahaz~
n the size is suitable~

celebration ended at 11pm~
need to go home be4 midnight~ for our safety
it's a great night...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

bAngsar villAge =)

yes !!!!
Bangsar Village~
PY drove, Kam showed us the route~
Jacq ffk =(

went out at 11.30am~

that place is very near to MV~
lots of boutiques~
love that place~
a good place to do shopping with some reasonable prices and nice clothings^^
gals ll love this place =)
the only thing that I don't really like is we have to walk under the hot sun~
so, have to use sunblock !

-most of the boutiques are in 2nd floor - got to climb stairs..
-most of the door are closed-u have to press the door bell..

those boutiques has really nice interior design~
everyone of them is unique, lovely, elegant n sweet^^

found a nice dress in this boutique~
but then~ didn't buy it since I can't get a reason of when will I need to wear it~

chocozen is back to msia~
Vicky n PY taking pic with it XD

a pic of the reflection of us from the mirror at Baci~
ohhh... i love this's very big~ hahaz~
kept on playing with hairbands in this boutique~
they r just too lovely~

had our lunch at a very famous mamak~
selling banana leave rice^^
Nirvana Maju~
u gotta visit it n try their rice !
this "piece" of rice + my glass of lemon tea cost me RM11.50~

it's nasi briyani~ love it^^
comes with 3 types of vege and a drumstick^^
the "red thingy" is actually fried bittergourd-the shop's speciality~
it ll surely fills up ur stomach~
unable to finish it alone~

the outing ended at 5pm to avoid bad traffic~
there're still a lot of shops that we haven't visit~
back here next time!^^

their paper bags are quite lovely rite?

Monday, April 27, 2009

upSide dOwn

life is turning dOwn down down~
lots of promises~
lots of things being planned ahead...
hope that I didn't left out any of it~
why do things popped up at the same time?
why can't things go on as the way I like?
why are u so stupid?
why can't u manage it well?
arhhhzz... whatever....
I ll sort out everything...

got my 1st ATM card today~ lol
ya~ I know it's nthg to be happy about...
who cares? as long as I feel excited^^
I don't look like a 18yrs old gal?
those bank staffs kept on asked about my age... =.=

suppose to go 4 haircut today~ too bad it is cancelled~
guess I ll not have time to change my hairstyle in this 2 weeks~

p/s: looking forward towards tmr^^
gonna spend half the day with the gals

Sunday, April 26, 2009


medium length?

short? bob hairstyle...

short hairstyles look so nice on these ppl...

ad had 7 years of long hairstyle...
actually, kinda bored of it^^
thinking of having a change~
shall I try? hmmmm.......
but.... wat if it doesn't suits me >.<"""

Saturday, April 25, 2009

kRazzzeeeee gUrrrllsssss.... XD

what do gals chat in MSN...
we don't only chat n gossip only...
we r doing something DIFFERENT this time ^^
it all started with Vicky who was hungry...
she kept on mentioned she was hungry while we r bc chatting~
PY started to draw some food for her...
n then...
the drawing creativity started...
lots of food...
a story of XL vs PV came out... >.<""
lots of drawings about it~
I m not going to upload it here.... too much~
u can check the story at my facebook~
thanks to Vicky who put a lot of effort in editing it^^
there are 3 parts !!!!
u can also check the story at Ling's n PY's blog^^
it's more simple.. ^^
n here...

5 drawings of us~

Alien sis aka PY
Org Asli sis aka Jacq...
yeah... dragged her in this story in a sudden =p

Pipe sis aka Ling

Witch sis aka Vicky

chocz sis aka me~ XD

all the drawings has to do with our special ability~
it's indeed a crazy night~
we can't stop laughing XD XD XD

must check the complete story at facebook !!!!

chit chatting

chit chatting session with the gals at 4pm...
early huh?! =)'s kinda dangerous for hanging out there at nite, especially after midnight
lots of news n unlucky cases....
mum ad nagged me...
thus... got to be Cinderella again^^
have to be kful !!!!

while waiting Ling to take her doc to photostat...

hot day~ have to tie up my hair ^^
new pair of earings...
n I long ll it stay with me... it ll surely lost very soon! XD

we hanged out for almost 3 hours...
eating + chit chatting + gossips~
I guess such chatting session is going to bcome lesser and lesser~
it's ad near to May now~
they are going to start their uni life very soon~
Vicky blog about it...
making me feeling abit emo XD

~ appreciate every moment we spent 2gether^^

gal's lover

went to MV with Ling early in the morning of Thurs^^
other gals are not free to join us~
wanna do some shopping..
saw lots of nice high heels~ seriously irresistible !
but ended up Ling is the one who bought the most...
cause she is going to start her uni life very soon~
I got myself some earings only... XD

had our lunch at Rak Thai ~

Ling highly recommend me their Pineapple fried rice^^
so, we decided to ordered 2 lunch set....
it comes with a drink...
the price is also quite reasonable~

lime lemon grass drink~
it tasted like ginger.. we don't really like it~

thai roll~
= vege roll....
inside it is made of vege...^^
it's kinda tasteless^^ but it's ok for me...
BUT there's one type of vege that I don't eat...
n it's inside... smelly vege.... XD
i picked it out be4 I eat the vege roll~ hahaz~

n here it comes
the nice n yummy rice... ^^
love it !!!
served in a pineapple... ^^

Ling n I enjoying our food...

finished eating a big "bowl" of rice.... very full^^

had a great time with Ling~
back to home sweet home at around 5pm~
a tired day~ we walked a lot =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

K - singing agAin

as usual~ class in the morning
Ling drove there this morning~
had a great time every wed^^
do hope that this can continue when I start my studies again...

outing again~ after a day of staying at home =p
the messy background... hahaz~ time to tidy up...

went 2 Green box with Jacq,Ling, Vicky,Keong~
meet up with KT n his sis there~
Lip n Kaki joined us later...
tried a new drink - yam shake...
well~ it's not that nice...a bit too sweet...
I ll never try something weird again next time XD
about the singing...
it's not that nice today... perhaps it's because we are bored of those songs...
singing K once a month is like a bit too much...
besides, Ling n Jacq lost their voices too~
the outing ended right after the singing is done~

took a pic of the cute hippo in Jacq's car ^^
...There’s only one thing
...To Do
...Three words
...For you
...I love you
1234 by PWT...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

eDited.... + Birthday

hmmm~ thanks a lot to dear Vicky~
she taught me how to edit photos^^
it's easy, simple and nice...
photoshop is surely nicer than this one but more complicated~

simply picked 2 pictures as experiment^^

very purple-licious~

like the effect..... =)

oh ya~ haven't post up Jenny's birthday celebration~ ^^
a simple post~
went to Look Out Point again
only 5 of us accompanying the birthday gurl~
spent our time at Gasonline
chit-chatting n taking pictures
n also enjoying the cool breeze n nite view
I was actually kinda tired since I joined them rite after Full House...

Jenny n I~ ^^

a glass of Hot Chocz + a plate of Coselow

pic taken by Jenny while I was eating...
I have no idea where was I looking at XD

6 of us~
too bad that YC n FY can't make it to join us~

night scene~
Ray taught me how to take a nice night scene picture^^
n the result ->

by Tick

home at 12am^^
managed to be Miss Cinderella...
such a tired day orhz...

*p/s: being a gd gurl today...^^