Tuesday, April 21, 2009

eDited.... + Birthday

hmmm~ thanks a lot to dear Vicky~
she taught me how to edit photos^^
it's easy, simple and nice...
photoshop is surely nicer than this one but more complicated~

simply picked 2 pictures as experiment^^

very purple-licious~

like the effect..... =)

oh ya~ haven't post up Jenny's birthday celebration~ ^^
a simple post~
went to Look Out Point again
only 5 of us accompanying the birthday gurl~
spent our time at Gasonline
chit-chatting n taking pictures
n also enjoying the cool breeze n nite view
I was actually kinda tired since I joined them rite after Full House...

Jenny n I~ ^^

a glass of Hot Chocz + a plate of Coselow

pic taken by Jenny while I was eating...
I have no idea where was I looking at XD

6 of us~
too bad that YC n FY can't make it to join us~

night scene~
Ray taught me how to take a nice night scene picture^^
n the result ->

by Tick

home at 12am^^
managed to be Miss Cinderella...
such a tired day orhz...

*p/s: being a gd gurl today...^^


tom-jerry said...

hahaha...i veli happy on my bday!coz hv 5 of u r celebrate wif me...n ray vil noe y i celebrate at dere!coz hv one day ray them are bring me 2 dere...n i heard the bday's song !!n i say i wanna celebrate at dere !my dream is come true...tey are reli bring me dere...luv all u guys n gal...thanx a lotz..

chocz-dreamland said...

=) tat's really sweet...
no wonder u wanna go there^^
lov ya a lot 2~