Wednesday, April 29, 2009

bAngsar villAge =)

yes !!!!
Bangsar Village~
PY drove, Kam showed us the route~
Jacq ffk =(

went out at 11.30am~

that place is very near to MV~
lots of boutiques~
love that place~
a good place to do shopping with some reasonable prices and nice clothings^^
gals ll love this place =)
the only thing that I don't really like is we have to walk under the hot sun~
so, have to use sunblock !

-most of the boutiques are in 2nd floor - got to climb stairs..
-most of the door are closed-u have to press the door bell..

those boutiques has really nice interior design~
everyone of them is unique, lovely, elegant n sweet^^

found a nice dress in this boutique~
but then~ didn't buy it since I can't get a reason of when will I need to wear it~

chocozen is back to msia~
Vicky n PY taking pic with it XD

a pic of the reflection of us from the mirror at Baci~
ohhh... i love this's very big~ hahaz~
kept on playing with hairbands in this boutique~
they r just too lovely~

had our lunch at a very famous mamak~
selling banana leave rice^^
Nirvana Maju~
u gotta visit it n try their rice !
this "piece" of rice + my glass of lemon tea cost me RM11.50~

it's nasi briyani~ love it^^
comes with 3 types of vege and a drumstick^^
the "red thingy" is actually fried bittergourd-the shop's speciality~
it ll surely fills up ur stomach~
unable to finish it alone~

the outing ended at 5pm to avoid bad traffic~
there're still a lot of shops that we haven't visit~
back here next time!^^

their paper bags are quite lovely rite?


woon said...

bangsa hv many shop and art gallery that i like...:)
it really a great place..
next time new year buy new clothes k go there

Mun Yee said...

wow..nice design of the shop..
love tat place..