Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Full House - NZX

visited Full House, NZX at last~
went there on Monday noon~

here we go~
the dreamy cafe =)
most of the decoration stuffs are in white^^
it has pretty n cute setting~
looks like a boutique more than a cafe^^
look at the inner design too^^
living room...

lots of this cute table...

dining table...

wanna take a bath?

or a nap on this lovely bed?

you ll see this once u get into the 2nd floor~

the others were busy chatting while I was busy taking pictures^^

gals ll like this...
or at least...I like this... =)

lots of accessories~

can't stop taking pictures... =p

dining table n bed as my background...
lovely place rite???

1st floor taken from the 2nd floor~
like the chandelier~^^

little bar~

the others were there an hour earlier than 2 of us~
look at the empty glasses~
they ad finished enjoying their food and drinks....

so, I ordered a drink only while Ling ordered food as she was starving...
the menu~
just like wat u can see through it's website~

Ling choosing...

Ling's Wok-Sear Chicken Chop

Vanilla+Strawberry Puree and Vanilla+Passion Fruit

a smile with my drink^^
didn't order any desserts...
cause Jacq n PY said the chocz brownies n Tiramisu is just OK OK ^^

Ling Ling^^

enjoying her food~
Vicky n PY trying to ruin her pic~ hahaz~

whose hand is that???

5 gals~ had a nice time there~

2 guys...just can't take a normal n nice pic....

overall~ this place is quite nice~
pretty, lovely, nice atmosphere...
but then... the food is just normal~
U ll listen to lots of Korean song while having meal in Full House...

after paying the bill... take a short walk around it~
lots of cute thingys there~

walking around NZX...
lots of weird n cute thingys...
especially cute keychains...

Jacq n her Goofy~

Mickey n Minnie on stage~

hmm... NZX is still a new place...
not much shops there...
not many people either...
perhaps it ll be fulled with crowds on weekends^^

should drop a visit if u nvr come 2 NZX before^^
visit Full House at the same time too ya~
it's located at Ara Damansara~

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yik xuan said...

thought tat it was a shopping mall..from outside the cafe,but look inside there seem such like a fantasy cafe which consist of many unique accessory to put as display around the cafe..beside having a meal,at the same time also can enjoying the design around there..it's a creative cafe..well next time,i must hv a visit there..thx 4 ur promotion