Wednesday, April 8, 2009

chocz cake

something to cheer up~
to colour up my life^^
went to Jacq's house after class~
watched a bit of unborn.... (forced by Jacq) ... anti-horror movie...
it's quite a boring movie... nt that scary, they said so... ^^
then, started to bake my chocz cake~
a simple recipe n guidance from 2 professional Sifu... Jacq n Step~
thanks a lot to both of them^^
the result~

Step, Ling n KT kept on playing with the extra chocz buttons...
making a few faces on the cake...




4.KNIVES around it

5.the last look^^
-looks more normal...

time to stop being playful
cut it... taste it...
n lets have a bite~

a closer look to it~
it's a mild sweet chocz cake~
a light chocz cake~
I prefer heavy chocz cake...
so, this cake can't really satisfy me~
1st time to bake it successfully^^
hope I can do it better next time lorhz....

pic of me n a piece of the cake
~ do I look tired?

stupid flu... I must recover soon....
smthg gd, it made my voice more sexy NOW...XD
-juz kidding...

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Lemon said...

normal oni.... veli veli normal oni.....