Sunday, April 19, 2009

family dayS... ^^

here comes another weekend~
spent the 2 days with family~

Saturday -> quite a long n hectic noon~
it's been a long time since the last time I have dinner with my family...
cause I seldom dine at home for the past few days...

BEST Bak Kut Teh in PJ Oldtown^^
Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh=)
it's indeed very famous~
-just have a look at the crowd.... there r customer coming non stop...
it is said to be listed in the top 20 best BKT in Msia~

well~ I m not really a meat lover~
n normally when I go for BKT...
I ll just drink the soup and never pick up the meat...
this is the only BKT where I ll eat the meat^^
n it's really different from others...
the meat is very soft n tender, best served when u eat it with the raw garlic+cili padi
n yea~
it is not served in claypot but a bowl
well, the pork stomach is also said to be very nice (I don't eat)
soft n chewy, no smelly odour at all
same to the intestines n liver... everything are nice...
-comments from mummy larhz XD

... my fav part of eating BKT is the soup~
n this one... not too salty nor sweet..
not to forget the yummy taufu pok also~ extra smooth n soft !!!
taste really good^^
Yow Char Kuey~ Fried Crullers(yea^^ I found out it's eng name at last)
best eaten by dipping into the soup~
another favourite of mine...
mum highly recommended it to me... n yea~ I LOVE it
the mushrooms are cooked till very soft...
once u bite it, the gravy ll fills in ur mouth...
lastly... a plate of vege to balance the meal~

those r wat we ordered~ ^^
c the orange bowl? that's the mushrooms...
it is indeed a nice n satisfying dinner~
the damage=RM44
the price is quite reasonable rite???
u gotta TRY this if u like BKT^^

in my room
with my messy hair...
preparing to go out~ ^^
went to MV on Sunday noon~
spent about 2 hours in MPH...
everytime I step into this bookstore.. I feel like I ll nvr want to go home again...
kinda krrraaa-zzeeeee for those books... XD
had an intention that I wanna bring all those books home...
ended up~ I got myself 3 books...
(after struggling... should I buy this or that? can I have 'em all?XD)

1st-breaking dawn... which I wanted years ago... got it at last
2nd-angels and demons...come along with a keychain~ wanted it since I read da vinci code...
3rd-the night watch...something new-trilogy, a total of 4 books.. I ad pre-ordered the 2nd book... gonna buy 3 of them when the 2nd book arrives^^
*dad paid for all of 'em~ hahaz~
he can nvr complains or say NO to me when I wanna buy books...
thanks a lot daddy !!!!!

KT told me the sky is purple on that evening~ pretty rite???

... yea~ I went out again...
Ling dared me to stay at home for a day...
lolz... my outgoing life is a bit too over till a conversation like this appeared... >.<

~p!k y33~ says:
*v set an outing agency *
- xLing - says:
*lol *president is who??
*jac press *
then pv vice
~p!k y33~ says:

I don't believe I can't stay at home for a day...
lets see ~ ^^
I have lots of books to accompany me nowXD

btw~ Happy Birthday Jenny~

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