Saturday, April 25, 2009

kRazzzeeeee gUrrrllsssss.... XD

what do gals chat in MSN...
we don't only chat n gossip only...
we r doing something DIFFERENT this time ^^
it all started with Vicky who was hungry...
she kept on mentioned she was hungry while we r bc chatting~
PY started to draw some food for her...
n then...
the drawing creativity started...
lots of food...
a story of XL vs PV came out... >.<""
lots of drawings about it~
I m not going to upload it here.... too much~
u can check the story at my facebook~
thanks to Vicky who put a lot of effort in editing it^^
there are 3 parts !!!!
u can also check the story at Ling's n PY's blog^^
it's more simple.. ^^
n here...

5 drawings of us~

Alien sis aka PY
Org Asli sis aka Jacq...
yeah... dragged her in this story in a sudden =p

Pipe sis aka Ling

Witch sis aka Vicky

chocz sis aka me~ XD

all the drawings has to do with our special ability~
it's indeed a crazy night~
we can't stop laughing XD XD XD

must check the complete story at facebook !!!!

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