Saturday, April 21, 2012

farewell seniors!

picture taken by Hann's new instax mini 25... ^^ love the effect of instax camera... I once hope n wish that I could have one coz it is so damn cool n nice! but then, whenever I thought of the expensive films... aikz... better to forget this camera... I would rather have a DSLR camera... XD
anyway, yesterday was our dear seniors farewell party, organised by our gang... the organisers are Ida n Bel cause we were kind of busy with moot thingy before this.. the farewell turned out to be more like our batch meet ups with juniors...(><) anyway, we had a great time! ll miss the seniors a lot after this! can't believe I am going to be the super duper senior after this semester.... time really flies!

p/s: we headed to House Bar after the farwell.. with our batchmates, juniors n Ray senior^^

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Henna Artwork

posing without being "paiseh" with the Henna artwork on my left hand
3rd time in my life of experiencing Henna^^
Henna is a type of artwork by Indians... seems like a temporarily tattoo... but then the drawings are more to flora^^ normally u will see Indians or Malays wearing it during their wedding =D
love this artwork a lot! it is very pretty and I admire the skill that gal has... she can draw it well even though the picture is kind of complicated! besides, this only cost me RM4 ! cheap rite? comparing the price from other places... I once did it in KL with my bestmate-Lina for RM10. 
hope the artwork ll stay for 2 weeks as the gal told us XD

p/s: this little booth is open in front of my uni library for a week due to the Indian Ponggal Festival^^

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

earcap 2

lost my previous earcap....hehe... the ice-cream cutie
now, a new lovely ribbon from babe^^
n I changed my BB cover too! the most satisfy cover that I have found so far-purple n formal style
got it at Malacca, Pahlawan Mall....

btw, I am back to uni d... busy life since I am back
spent one whole day in the library to settle my memorial for internal moot competition
from 10am-930pm
then, continue with the memorial at mall till 2+am then lastly, completed it in my room at 4am....
zZzzzzz..... well, it is done n handed up!
the moot ll b on next week! gayao!
lots of assigns waiting to be done too!
Imma gonna be a gd gal by staying in the library...XD

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dyed my hair

latest pic of my current hairstyle^^
Dyed it during my Sitiawan trip~
love the colour~ no more black roots!
having a week of my mid semester holiday and it is coming to an end soon
been busy with assigns n test before holiday and busy playing around during my holiday
neglected my blog =( will try to update it ASAP when I have the time! =)