Thursday, April 19, 2012

Henna Artwork

posing without being "paiseh" with the Henna artwork on my left hand
3rd time in my life of experiencing Henna^^
Henna is a type of artwork by Indians... seems like a temporarily tattoo... but then the drawings are more to flora^^ normally u will see Indians or Malays wearing it during their wedding =D
love this artwork a lot! it is very pretty and I admire the skill that gal has... she can draw it well even though the picture is kind of complicated! besides, this only cost me RM4 ! cheap rite? comparing the price from other places... I once did it in KL with my bestmate-Lina for RM10. 
hope the artwork ll stay for 2 weeks as the gal told us XD

p/s: this little booth is open in front of my uni library for a week due to the Indian Ponggal Festival^^

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