Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Peaceful Assembly Bill

Peaceful Assembly Bill
well... I guess this is the most interesting news of the day in Malaysia
especially towards those who are concern with the Malaysia Law
I don't really know the details of the bill
just read through the news online and some comments by senior who has participated in the march against assembly bill, which participate by members of Bar Council of Malaysia n some other supporters....
so far, I know that it has something to do with the restriction towards us-the citizen of Malaysia
a 30 prior notice need to be given if u wanna have a gathering
n it is sort of like u have not much freedom anymore

I wonder what has happened to the parliament...
are they too free ? why are u guys creating smthg to restrict ppl again...
so in future, means that those ppl who wanna voice up by gathering up=illegal ?????

Monday, November 28, 2011

facial wash @ Reeskin

a long weekend as Sunday is a holiday due to Awal Muharam
we decided to head to Alor Setar to use up our Every day facial coupon
facial wash for the first time in my life
at Reeskin by Mayfair...
now I understand why those rich ppl love to go for facial...
cause it's damn comfortable and I felt like I have a new skin after that XD
1 hour plus facial wash and some machine treatments~
I did that with Da while the rest went for window shopping at Star Parade

waiting at the consultant room...

went to Crystal Mountain to get 2 crystal bracelet for my grandma n wai po~
we used to visit this place every weekend during our 1st semester XD
what a memory =D

then, we headed to Tesco for a short walk and grabbed a cup of milktea~~~
Cured my addiction towards milktea =)
some random pictures taken by Allen

@ Popular Bookstore

we had dinner at a very famous chinese food court
the "O Jien" and "Lo Bak" there are superb nice !!!!!!
but then it's way TOO MANY PEOPLE!
we spent 2 hours for our dinner....ZZZzzzzZZzzzzzz
I will surely visit this place again but not during peak hours
Penny from Alor Setar met up with us for a dinner^^

on the way back, something terrible HAPPENED!!!!
OUR CAR STOPPED IN A SUDDEN due to out of petrol
in the middle of the highway...
it was 11pm and we are surrounded by dark
no street lights at all!!!
T.T four damsel in distress
Allen is the only guy and he is worried that some bad guys will attack us too
we watched too much of CRIMINAL MINDS...thus we are worried that someone will rob us or kill us or hurt us....(><)
but seriously, it was damn dangerous !!!!!

David n HS came to rescue us after 40 minutes....
awww.... I love our coursemates so much!!!!!
n we are accompanied by 2 PLUS staffs too... lucky us^^

what an ending of the night....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bel's 22nd

it was on a midnite of friday^^
we are being pranked by the birthday gurl-Bel
meg n I knocked her door for about 30 minutes...(><)
n we even called the gal who in charge of her block to break in her door by using some "magical cards"

*wanted to knock her head for wasting my energy knocking at her door=p

a great celebration... surprise cake from her mum all the way from Sabah=D
Strawberry marshmallow cheese cake by Secret Recipe
we bought it from the Jitra branch

my gang....lack of 4 ppl as it's a long weekend holiday
p/s: If I don't have koke, I would have got back to KL XD

tha gurls... including the 3rd semester juniors

we hanged out at the mall till 2am
happy birthday dear^^

Monday, November 21, 2011

chinese cuisine

lucky us to get a chance to have a chinese cuisine prepared by the hospitality students at their "restaurant"
thanks to Da's cousin who has booked the places for us^^

my hungry n looking forward look...XD

the table setting
it's a rare chance to get such high class services in the uni area^^
this is part of their practising classes and we are as their guest...

you can choose either pot sticker

or pie tee-my first time to try this=D

next, dumpling soup~

the main course is a plate of duck rice
erm... I am not really fond of duck so I don't really enjoy it...(><)
overall, the chinese cuisine food are not that nice
Da said that the previous Indian cuisine is much more better^^
anyway, it is a great experience for me^^

last but not least~ dessert time~
sesame balls~

the girls^^

yearning for it!

back to forest for a week makes me start missing some nice food in KL
I am yearning for this ice-cream....which can be found at Zanmai....

btw, mall is going to operate as usual starting from tomorrow onwards
Aww... my stomach don't have to suffer anymore=D

Saturday, November 19, 2011

penang food trip

a plan out of a sudden
5 of us decided to head to Penang on Saturday morning after church session

had a very nice fish meat noodles as our lunch~

following, not to forget desserts after meal^^
we went for the famous CENDOL~~~~

a pic with babes in the ancient design shop where we enjoyed our cendol

my happy face when there is food XD~

went to Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue for window shopping~
I manage to get myself a strawberry pudding au-liat drink at Chatime=D sweet sweet time whenever I drink Chatime=p

went for a buffet steamboat dinner
cost each of us RM21- quite reasonable rite????
u can eat all u can!!!

full till like I am pregnant d....(><)

we went for Seeking Justice-midnite show
crazee us huh???
reached hostel at 330am and I have to wake at 9am due to koke...=.=

Friday, November 18, 2011

out of stock!

decided to head to the border just for a dinner cause I AM SICK of the stupid cafe in my hostel...
I have been eating bread as my dinner ever since I am back to uni...

thanks to Vinnie who is willing to guide me throughout the whole driving journey from uni to border XD
I bet they had an unforgettable journey...kekez
my driving skill is not that bad kayyyyyy???!!!!!

decided to try out the newly opened McD outlet
ordered a burger set-P*** which u can't find it in Msia... (I think u understand wat I mean^^)

had a nice chat with Vinnie, Bel n QJ...
a date with 2 juniors^^

we headed to 7-11 to buy some snacks after that
I were desperate for Pocky...
I really love that a lot!
lots of snacks and food are out of snack due to the terrible flood in Bangkok...
feeling pity towards the citizen of Thailand...
hope this tragedy will end soon~~~~~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


gonna die of starvation...
stupid hostel... renovation of the mall-which has lots of food stalls at this time!!!!!!
yeah.. I m back to forest after 3 weeks of holiday
life sucks when there's no food~~~~~
the only available cafe has a poor system...
damn slow in their service
n u got to wait for 2 hours after ordering ur food!
ridiculous rite? sigh......

Thursday, November 10, 2011

homemade herbal jelly

made some herbal jelly...
one of my favourite making other than the soya pudding^^
this homemade herbal jelly is very easy to make n of course it tasted YUMMY!!!
I didn't put much sugar thus it is quite bitter... which is smthg my family prefer=D
recipe ??? just go and get the herbal jelly powder at Eu Yan Sang
instructions are printed on the package =)
as easy as a piece of cake

holiday ending soon~~~
felt so bad when I thought of going back to forest
this sounded like I am very childish....
cause I hate going back to study (><)
well, most of the reason is because the uni is situated in a forest-going back there=LIFELESS
n mid-sem testSsssss waiting for me~~~~~
the only thing that I miss is my dear unimates^^
okay... I shall stop mumbling such boring stuffs
back to food~
went paddy house with Ivy yesterday and tried their light choc cake~
kind of nice and their cakes are indeed tempting!!!
I ate this at 10pm-so FATTENING !!!
I don't have to pay for this piece of cake coz the waiter forgot bout it XD
or shall I say, he "spent" me...kekekekekezzzz

BTW, a pic that being commented on FB that we are "checkers"
u get the meaning????
why am I so dark while he is so fair....
it should be the opposite =(

p/s: I m damn sleepy NOW! stranded at OldTown 3rd mills square
slept for 3 hours only... will catch a lunch with Ivy and hang out at MV alone later...
how sad is this... being alone in mall again....zZZZzzzzzz....
cause I've gt a plan with her n babe at Jaya One tonite^^
warehouse sales !!!!! =D
skipped 2 days for not going to UM...(><)
yesterday -> no one can fetch me home then today -> LAZY....
ll spend my fri, sat n sun at UM...wuwuwuwu.....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

2O11 hallowEEn + some random happenings

1st blast @ KL~
a simple halloween party @ Library, MV
not that happening that nite as it is a Sunday
I guess most of the celebrations are on Saturday nite~
anyway, I had a nice time with em=D
few of them dressed up nicely and I regretted for nt dressing up in nice costume due to lack of time~~~
well.... waiting for NEXT year^^
If I am back to KL... I must do something unforgettable =D

pics with babe~

some random outings with my dear unimates~~~~
we had some great gurls time^^
Ivy chambe~

enjoying some sweet moments at Tutti Frutti~
Dada from Setiawan + Bel Bel from Sabah~

caught a lunch with Joyce at Zanmai, MV the next day

accompanied Bel Bel to do some shopping =D
n of course~~~
spent the nite @ Zouk~

Sunway Pyramid with Vinnie on friday noon-the gurl from Malacca
OMG... kind of exhausted d!!!
we met up with bro-HS too~
anyway, a pic of the gurls^^

Geographer @ IOI Boulevard at nite
damn crowded ! n I spotted a few hot guys XD

thanks Vinnie for the lift~ see ya soon in uni~

we headed to Murni @ SS2 after that with Ron senior...
n guess wat... I ate this huge plate of Mee Raja at 1 am...
full till I wanna puke !!!!
arghh...damn fattening
that's why I slept at 5am that day @.@

btw, had a simple birthday celebration with Dason
me= as the super duper "good" organiser XD
didn't really hang out till late as most of them need to work the next day~
guess I will only be meeting u guys next year~~~~

it's a tiring week~
that is why I ended up waking at 2pm today

Saturday, November 5, 2011

a nite @ ZOUK

ZOUK at last...
I am not underage anymore...

this is indeed the 1st time I had fun in club^^
the previous one,
I was drunk @.@ n I swear that I will not repeat that incident again^^

thanks to my babes from uni, Ivy senior, Bel Bel and Dada for the nite=D
we had fun on the dance floors
n yea... I understand at last why guys love clubbing.....
too many pretty, hawt n sexy gurls dancing in there~~~~
how bout hawt guys???
er... not many I guess...XD
btw, Babe n Gary were with us too~~~
babe as my HOT "bodyguard" =p
we are leaded by Bel's cute friend-Pearle, a sexy chick=D

*I guess I have to wait for another year to step in a club again (><)
life is going to be surrounded by forest and books very soon~~~~

attire of the nite

the gals stayed with me for 3 nites and I had 3 great but tiring days^^

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hatyai girls trip

late post as I have promised^^

Hatyai is indeed a shopping paradise for gurls^^
especially for us-the 5 shopaholics XD
we had a great 2D1N shopping trip

1 and a half hour of travelling time and we reached our destination
1st stop- Lee Garden Shopping Mall
almost broke at the 1st stop^^
bought some lotion at pharmacy~~~
their pharmacy are much more different from Msia's
u ll find lots of interesting stuffs^^

Gelato ice-cream - sweet sweet time^^

some sweet stuffs so we have the energy to shop like there's no tmr^^

a random cute shot of me XD

1st stop^^
I got the lovely hat because of my dear Joyce n Bel XD
they tempted me! =p

then, we headed to Greenway market in the evening
this is the place that made us gone CRAZEEE~~~~~

manicure~~~~ I chose a very cute design^^

RM7 ONLY....wth...are u serious??????

this market is definitely a MUST to visit...
lots of dress and accessories...
our day 1 result^^

day 2... before departing^^
with my sexy Dada

dim sum as our brunch^^

energetic^^ ready to shop!^^

another MUST to visit for shopaholics
this is the day market...
u can get all sorts of bags and shoes at this place^^
n this is our only group pics^^

we spent our money till almost nothing left (=.=)
dined with our gang at Dannok, Waterview Restaurant
met up with them at 7pm~
have to borrow money from them XD
had a great dinner with my lovely gang^^


love u guys!!!!!

I ll visit Hatyai with my "bit*hes" again~ =D
I ll end up penny-less everytime I visit Hatyai...wuwuwuwuwu........