Monday, December 31, 2012

The Penang Food n Art hunt

almost forgot to update bout my Penang trip^^
have to do this before it bcomes too late~haha~
starting from tmr, it is a brand new year d!
Happy New Year everyone!

anyway, back to Penang trip, 
this was after the mid-semester break
met up with KH, Allen, MJ n Lily at Penang airport
first time to land in the island airport~ the airport is kind of busy~kind of out of my expectation^^
first meal~late lunch!
the famous Indian Mee~slurrrp~

we headed to Kek Lok si after having the famous Asam Laksa since Allen never been there before~
tiring~~~whooosssshhhh~ all the way to the top!

my darlings of the trip^^

then we started with our Art hunt
this year, Penang is famous for it's mural drawings on the wall at a few old streets n I can't wait to have a look at them~! as u know~ I am quite artistic de~~~LMAO
the whole evening is about picture takings n I really love the concept of those drawings^^
some are not drawings but wire arts^^like this one~

 this is abit sensitive~haha

too mainstream isn't it? 
haha~ yea~ yet I still wanna take pictures with these drawingsssss~

nyonya handmade shoes! 
If I have the money I will surely support the boss~too bad I am still a poor student~

a tea break at Amelia cafe!
best spaghetti ever n best banana+passion fruit juice ever!
must try if u ever pay a visit to Penang^^
this little shop is owned by a cute young couple who love cooking~

banana + passion fruit to quench my thirst

this is how Amelia Cafe looks like^^ very bushy! haha

another wire art

street art again~ this is not so pretty~ XD colour faded~

kid on a bike!

at the Jetty! 

Tracy joined us! the gals^^

sun set at the Jetty^^

the next day, we continued with our art hunt plan^^
Kedai Kasut with daddy Ong

me again^^ my camera larhz~ surely all the pictures are about meXD

the gigantic little gal at the window!

love lane^^

another nice cafe at Love Lane~
vanilla banana pancake^^
we chatted with the lady boss!she is a very nice and friendly lady~
we chatted for about 30 minutes I guess^^

trihaw uncle! XD

n of course, I met up with Meggie that evening
with her sis and friends~
a nite with them n early in the morning
after a breakfast n energy bar!
there we go, Penang 10km Marathon!
this is sort of the main purpose for this Penang trip^^
n yeap!
I made it^^

my little biatch^^

her sisters and friends^^

a great trip at Penang^^
till here XOXO

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 new year resolutions

time flies isn't it?
another year is coming to an end~
the so called doomsday in 2012, apocalypse, Mayan people's calculation etc....
these have came to an end as it is proven that WE ARE STILL ALIVE today XD

anyway, yeap~ as what I am doing every year by the end of the year
I am going to have a new list of 2013 new year resolutions

the link for 2012 new year resolution is here
all checked except the tattoo part.... 
I wonder if I will be able to do it~ need a lot of guts~haha
n the driving part~ er~ I can drive d! LOL~ so far I drive my friends to church every friday~kekeke
though it only happened 3 times only~XD
n the bagpacking dream~ 
guess I will do it during my 2013 Cambodia trip in Jan^^
so it is sort of new year resolutions accomplished! haha

2012~hmmm~ gonna make a short conclusion of the year~
another challenging year!
made it to the 1st 10km marathon in my life-Penang Marathon
some challenges in my luv life~the sweetest n the worst~
got closer with my bunch of scout gang~luv them so much! appreciate our friendship... went hiking at Cameron with them, indoor paintball, wedding planning for Janice etc
went to Sabah to pay a visit to Bel Bel and also the first gang trip with my lovely coursemates
participated in lawasia national moot competition~learnt a lot even though I didn't win
had a challenging mid-semester holiday bcoz of this competition XD
worked for a korean wall sticker company during the semester break~where I met up with a nice Korean supervisor
got a secondhand DSLR^^thanks to my daddy
n went to Turkey with family~ first time to visit an Islamic country
into Running Man-n fall in luv with Korean food n the country~hahaha
becoming the oldest in uni~ as I am now the 7th semester senior~=.=
cut my LONG hair after so many years n dyed it BLUE~ LOL~this is so not me!
yea~ it is another great year full with lots of memories to be cherished^^

2013 new year resolution
1. studies-
yeah~ I am a final year student at last! facing my 7th semester final examination now... n next year, it will b my last semester! end of my unilife in forest very soon! must try my best n don't be too stress^^
try ur best and do not regret^^
2. driving skills-
ya~ I know~ again~ what to do?! isssh... but I guess finally, I need to master the driving skill as I will graduate soon... chambering life=I need to drive to work every day! o.o
this is a pending plan~ let's see how it goes XD
4. holidays/vacations
yeah~ lots of plans for 2013~ I hope all the plans for holidays or vacations will go on as what I have planned^^
5. cooking/baking-
wish I have the time to learn more about cooking/baking^^
6. exercises-
including jogging, swimming, squash.... must do it as often as I can~ participate marathon if I have the time and chance
n MuayThai if there is a chance~wanna know what is it about^^
oh ya, I secretly wish that I will be able to swim freestyle^^ anyone who can teach me? =(
7. mature, steady, calm, tough, open minded-
studies life gonna end... gonna face the working life~so, I must be tougher!
must not be too emotional =) gayao!
8. readings-
as usual, every year^^ this time, I don't wanna miss THE BIG BAD WOLF
gonna grab as much novels as I can and read as much as I can!
9. bangs-
time to have bangs again after I have made it not to cut my fringe n middle parting for almost a year^^
10. spend more time with families n friends-
especially family since I ll b back to KL when I have graduated^^
hope the friendship with DC can go on and also my bunch of hometown friends!

that's all for now! just a simple one!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
end of 2012 very soon!
another great year is coming to an end~
I learnt a lot, been through a lot, another year full of memories to be cherished!
end of Dec is always the month where we are busy with exams~~ZzZzzz
so, till here!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas celebration

a short post for the last Christmas celebration in uni with my dearies
can't believe that this will be the last time we are celebrating Christmas together!
anyway, we have decided to make it more special since this is the last time n also to celebrate MJ's 22nd birthday

venue: EDC Hotel, which is a hotel own by our university^^
first time to dine in this hotel after 3 years+ of studying in this uni~
the environment not bad
we decided to go for western cuisine

I ordered Fish and Chips set which consist of a glass of orange juice, fish n chips n ice-cream! it only costs RM15... very cheap rite? very big portion! n of course it tastes nice!
very affordable for students^^

the dessert~sundae vanilla ice-cream with a mini waffle^^

Christmas exchange gifts! each of us have to bring one along~ 12 pressies~~~

btw, a new rule for our dinner~no cellphones is allowed during dinner time... this is due to the reason of nowadays most of us and also most of the people are using smartphone, thus most of us will be busy online-ing, text-ing,watsapp-ing, fb-ing etc... n neglect the importance of chit-chatting with friends during dinner^^
love this rule! we manage to put 100 percent of concentration to enjoy our family dinner=D

me posing with the gift I have prepared~

after dinner and picture taking for a while, we celebrated MJ's birthday^^
chocolate indulgence all the way from Kuala Perlis

the happy birthday gurl! she is also the mummy in our gang~ always take care of us~

the gurls

a kiss kiss picture^^


basically, the nite is all about picture takings~ laughters~eating~chatting~enjoying our nite to the max!
my lovely gurls~

nt to forget, a group picture!
love u "mummy"! 

making a wish~ hope she will always be happy!=D 
she is a very nice gurl~

cake feeding~ cause we were too full! ngek ngek!

the restaurant closes at 1030pm so we had our exchange gifts done beside the little garden of the hotel
discussing n thinking how should the gifts be exchanged...
so at last, we have decided to play an easy game!

my Christmas gift!

this gift is by Joyce~
 my gift ended up to be taken by Ida^^

a great nite with my gang~
love u guys!
 a happy early Christmas celebration~^^

Saturday, December 15, 2012

mini outings

been super duper busy with assignments recently! 
can't imagine that my 7th semester the busiest!
we did more than 20 assignments in this semester~zzZZzzz~ yea~ imagine that XD
it is coming to an end very soon cause the final exam is 2 weeks away!

so, a little bit of update here~
some short hang out~
went to Jitra ~ gal's hang out n YN is the only guy with us-so pic taken by him^^
we had Domino n Secret Recipe~
just a simple hang out to grab some nice food
we headed back to hostel after those chit-chat n munching moments

found a nice "oily noodles" in Dannok
it is located somewhere opposite McD~
inside the nite market, one of the stall~
handmade noodles~yum yum~
tried it with Kevin, the gf, Hann n Vinnie
this is a must try in Dannok other than steamboat!

the happy faces cause all of us were starving~!

me n the couple~
"the old couple" cause they r in a r/s for many many YEARS d~
yet they r still very lovely n sweet~

the gf, Swityee~ she is super fair n very sweet~

a cute machine where u can buy toys, in TESCO
me n the pretty Hann

another pic^^
as usual, we ll head into the 7-11 every time we visit Dannok...
buy some milk and junk food or biscuits~^^
it was a happy nite but I suffer from DIARRHEA once I am back to hostel~ =(

till here~
I shall blog about my penang trip n marathon in the next post^^