Saturday, December 15, 2012

mini outings

been super duper busy with assignments recently! 
can't imagine that my 7th semester the busiest!
we did more than 20 assignments in this semester~zzZZzzz~ yea~ imagine that XD
it is coming to an end very soon cause the final exam is 2 weeks away!

so, a little bit of update here~
some short hang out~
went to Jitra ~ gal's hang out n YN is the only guy with us-so pic taken by him^^
we had Domino n Secret Recipe~
just a simple hang out to grab some nice food
we headed back to hostel after those chit-chat n munching moments

found a nice "oily noodles" in Dannok
it is located somewhere opposite McD~
inside the nite market, one of the stall~
handmade noodles~yum yum~
tried it with Kevin, the gf, Hann n Vinnie
this is a must try in Dannok other than steamboat!

the happy faces cause all of us were starving~!

me n the couple~
"the old couple" cause they r in a r/s for many many YEARS d~
yet they r still very lovely n sweet~

the gf, Swityee~ she is super fair n very sweet~

a cute machine where u can buy toys, in TESCO
me n the pretty Hann

another pic^^
as usual, we ll head into the 7-11 every time we visit Dannok...
buy some milk and junk food or biscuits~^^
it was a happy nite but I suffer from DIARRHEA once I am back to hostel~ =(

till here~
I shall blog about my penang trip n marathon in the next post^^

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