Monday, December 31, 2012

The Penang Food n Art hunt

almost forgot to update bout my Penang trip^^
have to do this before it bcomes too late~haha~
starting from tmr, it is a brand new year d!
Happy New Year everyone!

anyway, back to Penang trip, 
this was after the mid-semester break
met up with KH, Allen, MJ n Lily at Penang airport
first time to land in the island airport~ the airport is kind of busy~kind of out of my expectation^^
first meal~late lunch!
the famous Indian Mee~slurrrp~

we headed to Kek Lok si after having the famous Asam Laksa since Allen never been there before~
tiring~~~whooosssshhhh~ all the way to the top!

my darlings of the trip^^

then we started with our Art hunt
this year, Penang is famous for it's mural drawings on the wall at a few old streets n I can't wait to have a look at them~! as u know~ I am quite artistic de~~~LMAO
the whole evening is about picture takings n I really love the concept of those drawings^^
some are not drawings but wire arts^^like this one~

 this is abit sensitive~haha

too mainstream isn't it? 
haha~ yea~ yet I still wanna take pictures with these drawingsssss~

nyonya handmade shoes! 
If I have the money I will surely support the boss~too bad I am still a poor student~

a tea break at Amelia cafe!
best spaghetti ever n best banana+passion fruit juice ever!
must try if u ever pay a visit to Penang^^
this little shop is owned by a cute young couple who love cooking~

banana + passion fruit to quench my thirst

this is how Amelia Cafe looks like^^ very bushy! haha

another wire art

street art again~ this is not so pretty~ XD colour faded~

kid on a bike!

at the Jetty! 

Tracy joined us! the gals^^

sun set at the Jetty^^

the next day, we continued with our art hunt plan^^
Kedai Kasut with daddy Ong

me again^^ my camera larhz~ surely all the pictures are about meXD

the gigantic little gal at the window!

love lane^^

another nice cafe at Love Lane~
vanilla banana pancake^^
we chatted with the lady boss!she is a very nice and friendly lady~
we chatted for about 30 minutes I guess^^

trihaw uncle! XD

n of course, I met up with Meggie that evening
with her sis and friends~
a nite with them n early in the morning
after a breakfast n energy bar!
there we go, Penang 10km Marathon!
this is sort of the main purpose for this Penang trip^^
n yeap!
I made it^^

my little biatch^^

her sisters and friends^^

a great trip at Penang^^
till here XOXO

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