Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 new year resolutions

time flies isn't it?
another year is coming to an end~
the so called doomsday in 2012, apocalypse, Mayan people's calculation etc....
these have came to an end as it is proven that WE ARE STILL ALIVE today XD

anyway, yeap~ as what I am doing every year by the end of the year
I am going to have a new list of 2013 new year resolutions

the link for 2012 new year resolution is here
all checked except the tattoo part.... 
I wonder if I will be able to do it~ need a lot of guts~haha
n the driving part~ er~ I can drive d! LOL~ so far I drive my friends to church every friday~kekeke
though it only happened 3 times only~XD
n the bagpacking dream~ 
guess I will do it during my 2013 Cambodia trip in Jan^^
so it is sort of new year resolutions accomplished! haha

2012~hmmm~ gonna make a short conclusion of the year~
another challenging year!
made it to the 1st 10km marathon in my life-Penang Marathon
some challenges in my luv life~the sweetest n the worst~
got closer with my bunch of scout gang~luv them so much! appreciate our friendship... went hiking at Cameron with them, indoor paintball, wedding planning for Janice etc
went to Sabah to pay a visit to Bel Bel and also the first gang trip with my lovely coursemates
participated in lawasia national moot competition~learnt a lot even though I didn't win
had a challenging mid-semester holiday bcoz of this competition XD
worked for a korean wall sticker company during the semester break~where I met up with a nice Korean supervisor
got a secondhand DSLR^^thanks to my daddy
n went to Turkey with family~ first time to visit an Islamic country
into Running Man-n fall in luv with Korean food n the country~hahaha
becoming the oldest in uni~ as I am now the 7th semester senior~=.=
cut my LONG hair after so many years n dyed it BLUE~ LOL~this is so not me!
yea~ it is another great year full with lots of memories to be cherished^^

2013 new year resolution
1. studies-
yeah~ I am a final year student at last! facing my 7th semester final examination now... n next year, it will b my last semester! end of my unilife in forest very soon! must try my best n don't be too stress^^
try ur best and do not regret^^
2. driving skills-
ya~ I know~ again~ what to do?! isssh... but I guess finally, I need to master the driving skill as I will graduate soon... chambering life=I need to drive to work every day! o.o
this is a pending plan~ let's see how it goes XD
4. holidays/vacations
yeah~ lots of plans for 2013~ I hope all the plans for holidays or vacations will go on as what I have planned^^
5. cooking/baking-
wish I have the time to learn more about cooking/baking^^
6. exercises-
including jogging, swimming, squash.... must do it as often as I can~ participate marathon if I have the time and chance
n MuayThai if there is a chance~wanna know what is it about^^
oh ya, I secretly wish that I will be able to swim freestyle^^ anyone who can teach me? =(
7. mature, steady, calm, tough, open minded-
studies life gonna end... gonna face the working life~so, I must be tougher!
must not be too emotional =) gayao!
8. readings-
as usual, every year^^ this time, I don't wanna miss THE BIG BAD WOLF
gonna grab as much novels as I can and read as much as I can!
9. bangs-
time to have bangs again after I have made it not to cut my fringe n middle parting for almost a year^^
10. spend more time with families n friends-
especially family since I ll b back to KL when I have graduated^^
hope the friendship with DC can go on and also my bunch of hometown friends!

that's all for now! just a simple one!

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