Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 new year resolution

here comes another year
gonna say bye to 2011 very soon!!!! 3 days left
gonna spend the last moment of 2011 in forest...kind of sad...(><)
this might be my last post too as exam starts on 5th...
xmas post ll b updated if I have time^^
wish myself loads of lucks!!!!

2011 is another great year =D
I became 21-officially an adult
I have a smart phone-BB at last from dad^^
Gt 1st class result for my 4th semester! it's really a surprise for myself too... I hope I can maintain this result!!!!
I went for a simple shooting ( haven't get the complete pics yet)
I got my 1st longchamp from babe
participated in a mini marathon
being part of the cheerleader group XD
on plane for the longest time of my life to Argentina!
practical at high court
saying bye to our seniors and felt the "loneliness" without them around XD
LDR with babe for a month

ups n downs in my relationship makes me appreciate what is love
more mature and love my family more!
learn to forgive and ignore...
know what is a true friendship^^
2011 resolution list -> checked !!!
except the driving part ! XD... again n again
but I did improve ^^ I can drive but not a pro driver yet =D

so, for the coming year....
it will be another new exciting year to go for^^

1 studies
as usual, I need to handle my studies well... I wish to make my parents proud of me

2 driving
hahaz...ya... I know...again.... it's not like I don't wanna learn... wish I have a car^^

3 slim
I know you will say I am not fat...but I just wish I can be slimmer....I need to be slimmer XD hope I can do it duh... I am a food lover...kind of hard to resist those temptations

4 keep my fringe long
aha... wonder if I can do it^^ I always cut it to bangs... XD

5 tattoo
must do it before my 22nd a present for my 21st^^
hope I can cope with the pain

6 bagpacking
hmm... perhaps during my semester break? got to plan for it!

7 cooking skill
I guess I need to learn how to cook well, or else least the food are edible =D

8 clumsiness + saving
I will try my best not to lost anything again!!!!!! n I need to learn to save $$$.... not a shopaholic anymore! one pair of highheels a year^^

9 improve my eng
I don't wanna be catogorised as a Manglish..... improve improve!!!!!!!
target-5 novels!

10 marathon
If there is any chance, I wanna go for a real one^^

11 wake before 10am
additional resolution^^ hehez....I don't wanna be a piggy that sleeps till noon anymore!!!!

I guess that's all^^
Hope that I can accomplish more than these=)

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Wei Xiong said...

I wanna always practice to drive next year. All the best.