Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas eve at 17

just a simple post~
only a few pictures for my christmas eve =(
most of the pics are with him n HE DON'T WANT TO SEND em TO ME......!!!!! =[
we spent the evening at 17 Saloon, a bistro... at Sunway Giza
it's my first time to Sunway Giza... it's a place full with restaurants and pubs....
quite a nice place to hang out but it is kind of far from my house since it is located somewhere in Damansara

their speciality...
the only place in town where u can get lychee beer~~~
sounded special rite? indeed it is special
it tasted n smelled like lychee... but then it is actually beer... thus a bit bitter!
since we were there before 7pm, buy one pint free one pint....
both of us can't even finish a pint of it ! (><)

the only pic of us taken by one of the waiter...
7pm was indeed too early for Christmas eve celebration...
so, the place is still not that happening yet^^

the rest of the nite, as I have mentioned before...
we had a walked at one u and ended up at cyber cafe for the nite till Christmas day =D

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