Saturday, December 17, 2011

December babies^^

3 December babies in our gang^^
4 of us-PH, Bel, Hann n me headed to Alor Setar after company law class
spent some time in Star Parade to get Da n YN birthday gifts...
took us quite some time!

my first pic with a Xmas tree in year 2011!!!

then, we headed to Sayang Bakery House to get them birthday cakes
it's a surprise that Sayang's cake can be so nice!!!!
kind of unbelievable that there is such a nice bakery house that bakes nice cakes in Alor Setar XD
pretty rite? n they tasted very nice ! =D

BTW, something happened before the others arrived...
KH's car broke down n they were lucky to get a car from senior....
on the way to Alor Setar, YN's car nearly met an accident!
but then, everyone arrived safely at last!

while waiting for others at the spring's leaf cafe
this is a cafe where each of us have bought a RM8 coupon for a chicken chop set that comes with a drink n an ice-cream^^
super cheap n worth it!
the environment is quite nice and I guess it is newly opened^^
others arrived at last... at about 9pm
MJ + birthday cake + the ladies in the gang~

a pic of me n the birthday gurl~ it's her 21st birthday^^
ya...the pic focuses on the cake but not us.....(=.=)

Meg babe~

dining ~ yum yum~~~~~
n we were super duper NOISY!!!!! kept on talking n laughing!!!

group pic^^

after dessert, we gave YN n Da a surprise~
an early birthday celebration for both of them=D

Da n YN look like a couple in this pic...XD

a very filling nite!
we had dinner + 2 cakes !

headed to a nearby park for a short walk and some photo sessions after that

"I-City" in Kedah XD

a very Malaysia picture~ a very Malaysia night view

favourite picture of the night!
12 of us aka Duodecim Cor

it's our first and last outing in this semester~
kind of difficult to have 12 of us together^^
appreciate every one of them^^
heart you guys~

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