Friday, December 30, 2011

my 25th

how I spent my Christmas day?
with Ivy sis at 1 U !
we walked for 6 hours and I did CNY shopping d^^
just a simple shopping as not much that caught my attention
those on sales are too normal...
those not on sales are kind of expensive n the designs are so so only
I got a top and a pair of shorts(jeans)
wanted a pair of high heels but NON THAT ME GUSTA !!!! =(

not many pictures^^
pictures are taken with my BB so they are not very clear~

our only pic taken tgt.... in the ladies...

lunch at Japanese Casual Restaurant...
the Ramen not bad^^
the Xmas hat is for the purpose of pic taking only... I didn't wear it throughout the day XD

Xmas exchange gift from her^^

1 U is damn crowded! I guess same goes to other shopping malls due to the public holiday!
all shops are full with people~~~
u got to line up to have a meal...zZZzzzzzz....

went to babe's house at nite...
Ivy dropped me there and she was too shy to join us (><)
his family had a small BBQ fish party
had fun!

the other 2 bros....

on 26th, went Sunway Pyramid with dear Ling2....
we ended up buying nothing after such a long walk!!!!!
n I forgot to bring my purse out !!! ridiculous rite? (><)
anyway, had a great time with her even though I bought nothing....=D

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