Saturday, June 27, 2009

ready, get set, GO !

went to watch transformer again, for the 2nd time
had a birthday celebration with J n L
I am really exhausted right now...

yeah~ I am leaving here... in a few hours time...
not going to blog so often...
going to have a really busy orientation week
wish me luck~
I m nervous !!!

I miss you all~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a post ! =)

SERIOUSLY, I really can't find a time to update my blog...
been busy since the day I am back from Malacca~
had been doing shopping at this and that place...
walked for hours to get stuffs I want...
lack of time....
this routine kept on repeat....
go in to a shop, pick all the stuffs I like, changing room, buy or leave the place...

bought a lot, spent a lot, purse bleeding !!!!
n now...
I got almost everything tat I needed
headache.... how am I going to pack all my stuffs into my luggage???

I am mentally n physically tired...
cause lot of things running in my mind at every second....
rushing to an appointment after another appointment...
watched Transformer with the guys yesterday at TS =)
it's the best movie in this season~~~~
but then I didn't really pay attention to it, as I said... I was TIRED....

... I need 10 pairs of hand XD

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am home~
will try to update my blog ASAP
I am going away very soon........
got my uni reply on Saturday~
far away from my home...
I am kinda confuse of my feelings...
I know I should be happy for it~
but then, 1st time of leaving my home sweet home, leaving everything that has accompanied me for years....
well~ I hope you understand my feeling... ^^

the offer letter I got from net~
*gov website is sumtimes really sucks >.<

gotta go~

Thursday, June 18, 2009

it continues....

did ya realise tat there's no updates about my life for almost a week?
being emotional
good news-->
I am recovering !
well~ I will just simplify what I did for the pass few days
watched 4 movies in 2 days(Mon + Tues)
through my computer =)
Devil wears Prada
Sex and the City
Yes Man

27 Dresses

hoping that those movies will bring me laughters...
well, at least Yes Man managed to make me laughed^^

went out for a while on Tues night...
outing did make me feel better^^
went to Ikea on Wed with Ray, LoongK, Fai n Jenny...
Wed suppose to b movie day but I don't feel like going 4 it this week
hanged out at Ikea for an hour +
well, I walked with Jenny only... ^^
cause those guys were searching for furniture
2 aimless gal walking here n there...

went for badminton with the guys awhile at 3K today
I am the only gal since Jenny is not free
then, picked up LKY at KLIA n home~ suprise !
didn't meet him for 2 years...
(this part is unexpected... "thanks" to Mr.Ray XD)

going for a short vacation tmr~
rest my mind~ rest my soul~

30 HOUR Famine

here comes again, the 2009 30 hour famine camp~
ever wonder how many people in this earth is suffering from hunger ?
this event is to raise awareness and money in support of hunger relief around the globe

A 30 hour famine DIY camp will be held at SJK(C) Serdang Baru 1
22nd of August(Saturday) till 23rd of August(Sunday)

for those who are interested, you may contact through this email address

or contact them =)

n here's the link for the participation form

another great news~
Internationally acclaimed aboriginal Taiwanese artiste, A-Mei is appointed as this year's ambassador
this is cool~ isn't it?^^

come on~
there's no need to hesitate if you are free on that weekend~
just a 2D1N camp
it will be fun n memorable~
not eating for 30 hours and you can bring a big difference to the world without your realisation =)
hope to meet you there !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

don't feel like typing

I just don't feel like typing
but still I am here, in front of my comp~
looking at the blank white box, slowly been covered up by words
I will just simply type out whatever that is in my mind
I wonder... what has changed the world?
what is happening to it?
it's a sad thing knowing that everything is turning upside down
sometimes, really hope that I am always a little gal that is being protected
growing up did fear me
surrounded by lots of fakers
I am afraid that one day, I can no longer different ship between angels and demons
somehow, demons are better than angels
a demon shows the true face of itself
while angel is kinda tricky by hiding it's evil face behind a sweet and lovely looking...
being hurt by an angel is much more painful comparing to demon
so, now...
it's a fact that I am growing up and I can't control that
being 19 this year,
I realise that my life has been going too smooth... isn't it?
always being a happy go lucky gal
with a smile that is always on my face
it's like the whole world will protect you when u give 'em a smile
always sunny days, sometimes rainy days but never a stormy day...
it's wrong !
well... I was dreaming.... being naive...
feeling disappointed and tired
ended up, when someday I am hurt by a bow came from hell
I guess it hurts me a lot
not only because it tears part of my skin and created a scar in my heart
but it also left a note for me....
telling me to wake up !
wake up girl....
you gotta learn to protect yourself
not to become a cold hearted person
but in some situation, you really have to be cruel as no one can always stay by your side to help you in solving problems
it's just like, between the real angels and demons
what demons have done is surely being remembered
cause it hurt you, breaking your heart, left you bad memories
sometimes, 1 bad thing will take over hundreds of lovely memories
I have no idea what am I suppose to do now
being the smiley me ?
or the "smiley" me?

yeah.... I am crapping early in the morning...
can some1 plz cheer me up?
damn.... my brain is going to burst !

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

smiley =)

sometimes, a simple "hie" from you has coloured up my day ^^
you may know know how is his/her life
you may not know everything about him/her
you might be very busy
you might not know him/her well
try to send them a simple wish
you will not realise that you have actually brought happiness to them
the power of friendship =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

balik kaMpung-2nd stop~ muAr

a post that I suppose to post it up last week....
didn't on9 for a few days made it being postponed...

went to Muar on the noon of Sunday
it's about 30km away from my grandaparents house
the 1st bridge in Msia ^^

went for a walk in the mall...
er...well, kampung's mall is not nice to do shopping...
small n not much shops
but then, I found out the prices are somehow lower
the same type of high heels- RM49,90 in muar but RM59.90 in Times Square
had my 2nd ear pierce at there^^ did it at last~
ear piercing made me thought of my same age cousins
I have 2 same age cousins...
1 in KL n 1 in Johor
the KL one is obviously closer to me since we stay nearby
she is a pro in make up~ she is my make up teacher if i need any help^^
the Johor one is so cool....
I just found out she has a tongue pierce !!!!
can't believe she really did that....

back to my Muar post...
went to a place named as Tanjung Emas
monkeys everywhere~
the guys playing with them... >.<

tried to camwhore....
the sunny day made my eyes can barely open...

then, walked on the bridge....
I joined them for the walk too...
took a picture at the end of the bridge I mean lots of pictures.... I deleted the others....
this is the only one that I didn't delete~
reason ?
I did mention something errie happened right?
I was actually at the place where someone died in the morning....
n I accidentally stepped on the place where the corpse is being burned....
the leftover of the burned corpse.... the oily n blacky stuff....
(found this news the next morning from the newspaper....goosebumps)
n surely, I accidentally took some pictures of it...
that's why ad deleted it once I know about that news

skip that.... ^^
went to drench our thirst...
gotta try their ABC and rojak
they are very cheap !
1st time to have ABC with an ice-cream on it... looks so weird to me...XD

then, had a short walk at Tanjung Emas
kinda like the scenery there...
this scenery made me miss the sea a lot....

there's a park for kids to play...
surrounded by lots of greeneries...

those guys observing small little crabs...

at last, a picture of myself^^
there goes my cute little cousin....
very cute indeed... but kinda notty !
kids are like dat... >.<

lots of people playing kites at this area~

admire those kites that can fly till so high
I never fly a kite before ^^
there are kites that can fly happily....
there are also kites that got hung on the trees....
their life ended just in a few minutes....

cousins playing with bubbles....

this outing is indeed nice~
seldom have the opportunity to spend time with them
looking at the kids made me recall lots of my childhood memories
kids are really innocent and their life are so simple and happy...

I love this picture ~
been emo for a few days....
appreciate those who has supported me...
lending me a shoulder to lie on....
thanks for didn't ask me the reason...
all I can say is thanks and I am lucky to have you all by my side
I really dunno what will happen to myself without you guys
I promise myself not to cry anymore...
tears is no longer precious if this keeps continuing
I guess this time, it's the tear of being touched...
thank "you"....