Thursday, June 11, 2009

balik kaMpung-1st stop~ malacca

back to kampung on Saturday morning....
felt so sleepy n tired as I was being woke up by my dear mummy at 7 smthg... ><
imagine it... I slept for 4 hours only....
thought that I can sleep in the car on the journey to Johor
too bad I can't sleep...
took out my camera and started to camwhore since I was damn bored... XD
a few shots ~

then, I reached Malacca at about 11am~
the traffic is kinda bad... lots of car on the highway
guess it's because of the school holidays

we were lucky to get a nice place to park the car
then, walked to Jonker Street to have our brunch =)
my bro n dad behind... XD

this is the place where we had our brunch~
n yea~ it was drizzling at that time....
can't understand why there's always a long queue at there^^
during lunch time.... u will see the queue lining up till the bridge...

n here it goes....
my 1st time of trying the original Hainan Chicken rice....
I always go for other shops whenever I m in Malacca
not bad... quite nice^^
but then my parents prefer the one from other shops
cost: RM27

short walk at the Jonker Street
wet road.... still drizzling... n I don't have umbrella

my next stop~ =)
my favourite dessert in Malacca !

LOVE their Cendol and ABC.....
slurppp...... love the Gula Melaka...
but daddy said not nice... 2 sweet... =.="
I ate 2 bowls... XD

gotta try their nyonya style curry laksa too !^^

I was really full after that....
walked around for a while...
lots of these "cuties" selling around...

gula ketuk which cost RM3 per one~

the main motive of stopping at Malacca is just to EAT ^^
hanged out for 3 hours+ and continued our journey to grandparents house~

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