Thursday, June 18, 2009

it continues....

did ya realise tat there's no updates about my life for almost a week?
being emotional
good news-->
I am recovering !
well~ I will just simplify what I did for the pass few days
watched 4 movies in 2 days(Mon + Tues)
through my computer =)
Devil wears Prada
Sex and the City
Yes Man

27 Dresses

hoping that those movies will bring me laughters...
well, at least Yes Man managed to make me laughed^^

went out for a while on Tues night...
outing did make me feel better^^
went to Ikea on Wed with Ray, LoongK, Fai n Jenny...
Wed suppose to b movie day but I don't feel like going 4 it this week
hanged out at Ikea for an hour +
well, I walked with Jenny only... ^^
cause those guys were searching for furniture
2 aimless gal walking here n there...

went for badminton with the guys awhile at 3K today
I am the only gal since Jenny is not free
then, picked up LKY at KLIA n home~ suprise !
didn't meet him for 2 years...
(this part is unexpected... "thanks" to Mr.Ray XD)

going for a short vacation tmr~
rest my mind~ rest my soul~

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