Tuesday, June 2, 2009

above the cLouds

as usual, spending time with my family on suNday~
dressed up myself~
took a picture before stepping out of my room^^
hanged out at dad's office for a while as he has some URGENT works to be done at last minute
took this picture secretly....
I was too bored okay ?^^

then, continued the plan~
on the way there.... ^^
my shy brother... XD
*he has phobia towards my camera... hehe

hate the back seat belt.... =S

reached the destination at last....
spent half of the day at Genting Highlands
well, I didn't go into the outdoor theme park
no mood for it as it is school holiday + weekend = crowded
I hate to queue up XD

same goes to the indoor theme park~
not interested either^^

so, ended up my bro n I just hanged in the Vision City
~ the place where u can play those fortune wheel, throwing basketballs, racing etc.
I enjoyed the one with basketballs the most even though my skill sucks XD
that's the game where I need to cooperate with my dear bro^^

the return of spending money there....
toys.... haha~
well~ better than nothing lorhz... ^^

my dream car XD

actually, the purpose of visiting GH is to enjoy some cool air
too bad it was raining n ended up I walked for a while only =(

I wanna spend a day at the outdoor theme park....
I mean after the school holiday^^
anyone interested?
it's been years since the last time I visit there....

*terrible jam when we r on the way home....
arghh....hate it !

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