Monday, March 26, 2012

Sparkling like A star

2012 law dinner theme = Sparkling Like A Star
it was on the 16th of March at Alor Setar Starcity Hotel
a great night, an annual dinner where my gang will attend every year !=D
this is the night where we get to dress up, make up and look pretty+sexy+gorgeous !

a candid pic of me in the dinner~ covered up with a blazer belongs to one of the guys due to the super duper cold event hall~

we were at the hotel room since 2pm
some of them, especially those with short hair went to saloon to set their hair at 3pm
then, preparations starts at 5pm n our room were in a war after that XD
this year, I got to do make up myself n asked Des to help me put on fake eyelashes~~~=D
my theme of the night--- black from top to toe and a few accessories in gold
it is a toga dress I got from an online boutique by a blogger =) kind of happy that the quality turns out to be not bad n the dress suits me well~~~kekez
it is sort of a sexy look for this year comparing to the previous law dinners....

the full lengh shot~

food of the night! chinese cuisine =D
the best law dinner food I have ever ate XD
bravo to the organisers~

took lots of pictures.... but most of the pictures are with my friends or seniors camera.... thus, I can only get the pictures if they tag me on facebook~
a very HOT Malay coursemate-Mai

Vinnie- the Malacca girl!

me n sexy Meg's little buddy =)

with the semester 8 seniors... can't believe they are graduating soon!

Emilyn senior ~ indeed she is very pretty!

my gang of girls~ 8 of us~
a night where all of us dressed up like a princess !
Nafisa n Rima with us~

Best dress =) greek style~

Chai Lee senior~ someone said our style looks alike~ I think she looks much more prettier n sexier!

Raymond senior

a family picture of my gang =D
the one and only~

there are too many pictures being taken that night... most of the pictures are in my facebook =D kind of lazy to upload all of em here^^ the main pictures are ad posted in this blog post~~~~

went Rock Cafe after the dinner~
it is a pub where I celebrated my 21st birthday~
we have no idea it is no longer in business till we were there
the place is called as House Bar now... n it is actually the first club in Kedah XD
thus, the club is not so happening but then the most important is who u go with !
if it is with my gang, I am sure we ll have lots of fun=D
after some chit chatting, we went into the club n rock the night with seniors!
most of them are seniors, while for my gang, most of them are exhausted and decided to stay in hotel room

went mamak after that~
it was a long night for me as I was awake all night long with Kim Hong, Vinnie n Limin
we had the earliest breakfast of the semester at 6.30 am in the hotel restaurant~
after that, we doze off...zzzZZZzzzzz
woke at 11am... dressed up and off we go=====> Jitra Mall for a movie- John Carter!
nice movie but I was kind of tired, didn't really pay much attention XD
went Delima for a family dinner and our day has ended^^
law dinner=another outing of my gang~
love u guys so much! can't believe we are going to be final year students soon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


after 2 years plus in the forest uni,
as a 3rd year student, this is my first time to go for go-kart =D
n it is also the first experience in my life^^

headed to the go-kart circuit after Islamic Banking class that ended at 5pm
went there with Hann only since the others are not interested
indeed it was a sunny evening !
perfect weather for this outdoor game but bad for me since I will get sun tan........

this is how the place looks like~

my uni facilities are not bad rite?^^

4 laps for RM5 only! specially for UUM students... while for outsiders, it is RM30
Imma gonna go for it again next time!
got to use up all the uni facilities wisely before I graduate^^

helmet on! n here we go!
kind of exciting!
It will be much more nicer if there is a race among a gang of friends^^ will drag my buddies along next time XD

went to an Expo nearby to grab dinner after that~
what a wonderful evening^^

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gunung Jerai

Gunung Jerai-a landmark must visit place when u r at SP especially if u love nature^^
we went up by a van... if u are an adventurous person, u can choose to hike up there~
there are also campsites being prepared for those who wish to camp there
n of course, there is also a resort there with some really lovely chalets for those who wanna relax with the pretty scenery=D

whenever u r in Kedah, paddy fields is surrounding you
a view of paddy fields as the background of the picture =)

we stopped by at a rest stop for picture taking before heading to the top of the Mountain
the scenery is quite nice^^

after 10 minutes, we are at the top of Gunung Jerai~!
this is the resort I have mentioned earlier~ The Regency~

just to show how tall the mountain is^^

we starting to take lots of pictures after that =D

a group picture~ thanks David for being a nice host=)

a lesbian picture of me n Da XD

this is how the chalet looks like=) very Malay-ish

every corner is suitable for photo shooting XD we had a great time up there before the weather turned bad when it started drizzling~

had a chocolate ice-blended at The Regency's restaurant~
RM7.90 for a glass

random gals shot~

I will definitely come here again if there is any chance in future... especially if I get to camp here =D

while for the night, we watched the worst movie ever at Village mall~
PLS! DON'T EVER WASTE UR MONEY in this stupid movie!

hang out at Frutti Frutti for dessert before the midnight show starts=)

an ugly version of us... especially me (=.=)

end of SP 4 days 3 nites trip^^

Monday, March 5, 2012

SP Trip

this is a sudden plan that happened 2 weeks ago^^
classes on Sunday n Monday were cancelled and a few of us who r in uni decided to follow David home~ a 4 Days 3 nites home trip at Sg Petani, Kedah... somewhere near to Penang in case u have nvr heard of this place before=)

we had a great homestay as his parents were being very friendly towards us~
3 of us, gals- Ida, Hann and me!
the first dinner at SP~chinese hawker stall!!!!! woooo~~~~ happy..... I am kind of sick of the hostel Malay n Indian food... bored of it d~~~~~

Char Keow Teow~ which is known as Prawn Mee in KL^^

later on, we headed to Frutti Frutti for dessert... this is basically a yogurt ice-cream shop which has a similar concept with Tutti Frutti~ well, as long as it sells yogurt ice-cream, I am gonna love it even though it is FF n not TF XD

Da's DSLR...wish I can own one 1 day^^

satisfy n happy =D

the next day, went to AIMST university to pick up Hann who had an overnight stay at her friend's hostel~ this uni is located in a far far away place too... sort of like my uni~~~~but then it is much more smaller but prettier

it is known for science courses like Medic, Pharmacy, Dental, Nursing.... a uni set up by MIC

our just awake faces in the campus even though it is ad noon XD

random shoot when we went Popular to get Act Books that nite

a lovely dinner after that at an Indian Curry House owned by Chinese if I am not mistaken... it is located somewhere near Village Mall

n guess what we ate~~~~~
Banana Leaf Rice! one of my favourite =) as it is all about vege only!

yumyum---slurrrp slurrrp~~~~~
the price is cheaper compare to the Bangsar Banana Leaf rice, but then the Bangsar one is much more nicer^^

we headed for THIS MEANS WAR after dinner! a nice movie that you should not miss if you like comedy~

the next day, David's mum prepared steamboat lunch for us~~~~look at those fishballs, chickenballs etc.... the chicken soup for the steamboat is very nice! love his mum's cooking! she cooked for us every day!!!!awwww.......... she is so lovely rite?

sleepy face as I woke at lunch time~kekez

part 1 ended... ll continue with part 2 later on, which is about Gunung Jerai~
nice trip as we got the chance to get out from the forest for so many days(w/out being bored in the forest), home-cook food every day and explored SP =D thanks David n family!