Monday, March 26, 2012

Sparkling like A star

2012 law dinner theme = Sparkling Like A Star
it was on the 16th of March at Alor Setar Starcity Hotel
a great night, an annual dinner where my gang will attend every year !=D
this is the night where we get to dress up, make up and look pretty+sexy+gorgeous !

a candid pic of me in the dinner~ covered up with a blazer belongs to one of the guys due to the super duper cold event hall~

we were at the hotel room since 2pm
some of them, especially those with short hair went to saloon to set their hair at 3pm
then, preparations starts at 5pm n our room were in a war after that XD
this year, I got to do make up myself n asked Des to help me put on fake eyelashes~~~=D
my theme of the night--- black from top to toe and a few accessories in gold
it is a toga dress I got from an online boutique by a blogger =) kind of happy that the quality turns out to be not bad n the dress suits me well~~~kekez
it is sort of a sexy look for this year comparing to the previous law dinners....

the full lengh shot~

food of the night! chinese cuisine =D
the best law dinner food I have ever ate XD
bravo to the organisers~

took lots of pictures.... but most of the pictures are with my friends or seniors camera.... thus, I can only get the pictures if they tag me on facebook~
a very HOT Malay coursemate-Mai

Vinnie- the Malacca girl!

me n sexy Meg's little buddy =)

with the semester 8 seniors... can't believe they are graduating soon!

Emilyn senior ~ indeed she is very pretty!

my gang of girls~ 8 of us~
a night where all of us dressed up like a princess !
Nafisa n Rima with us~

Best dress =) greek style~

Chai Lee senior~ someone said our style looks alike~ I think she looks much more prettier n sexier!

Raymond senior

a family picture of my gang =D
the one and only~

there are too many pictures being taken that night... most of the pictures are in my facebook =D kind of lazy to upload all of em here^^ the main pictures are ad posted in this blog post~~~~

went Rock Cafe after the dinner~
it is a pub where I celebrated my 21st birthday~
we have no idea it is no longer in business till we were there
the place is called as House Bar now... n it is actually the first club in Kedah XD
thus, the club is not so happening but then the most important is who u go with !
if it is with my gang, I am sure we ll have lots of fun=D
after some chit chatting, we went into the club n rock the night with seniors!
most of them are seniors, while for my gang, most of them are exhausted and decided to stay in hotel room

went mamak after that~
it was a long night for me as I was awake all night long with Kim Hong, Vinnie n Limin
we had the earliest breakfast of the semester at 6.30 am in the hotel restaurant~
after that, we doze off...zzzZZZzzzzz
woke at 11am... dressed up and off we go=====> Jitra Mall for a movie- John Carter!
nice movie but I was kind of tired, didn't really pay much attention XD
went Delima for a family dinner and our day has ended^^
law dinner=another outing of my gang~
love u guys so much! can't believe we are going to be final year students soon!

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