Monday, March 5, 2012

SP Trip

this is a sudden plan that happened 2 weeks ago^^
classes on Sunday n Monday were cancelled and a few of us who r in uni decided to follow David home~ a 4 Days 3 nites home trip at Sg Petani, Kedah... somewhere near to Penang in case u have nvr heard of this place before=)

we had a great homestay as his parents were being very friendly towards us~
3 of us, gals- Ida, Hann and me!
the first dinner at SP~chinese hawker stall!!!!! woooo~~~~ happy..... I am kind of sick of the hostel Malay n Indian food... bored of it d~~~~~

Char Keow Teow~ which is known as Prawn Mee in KL^^

later on, we headed to Frutti Frutti for dessert... this is basically a yogurt ice-cream shop which has a similar concept with Tutti Frutti~ well, as long as it sells yogurt ice-cream, I am gonna love it even though it is FF n not TF XD

Da's DSLR...wish I can own one 1 day^^

satisfy n happy =D

the next day, went to AIMST university to pick up Hann who had an overnight stay at her friend's hostel~ this uni is located in a far far away place too... sort of like my uni~~~~but then it is much more smaller but prettier

it is known for science courses like Medic, Pharmacy, Dental, Nursing.... a uni set up by MIC

our just awake faces in the campus even though it is ad noon XD

random shoot when we went Popular to get Act Books that nite

a lovely dinner after that at an Indian Curry House owned by Chinese if I am not mistaken... it is located somewhere near Village Mall

n guess what we ate~~~~~
Banana Leaf Rice! one of my favourite =) as it is all about vege only!

yumyum---slurrrp slurrrp~~~~~
the price is cheaper compare to the Bangsar Banana Leaf rice, but then the Bangsar one is much more nicer^^

we headed for THIS MEANS WAR after dinner! a nice movie that you should not miss if you like comedy~

the next day, David's mum prepared steamboat lunch for us~~~~look at those fishballs, chickenballs etc.... the chicken soup for the steamboat is very nice! love his mum's cooking! she cooked for us every day!!!!awwww.......... she is so lovely rite?

sleepy face as I woke at lunch time~kekez

part 1 ended... ll continue with part 2 later on, which is about Gunung Jerai~
nice trip as we got the chance to get out from the forest for so many days(w/out being bored in the forest), home-cook food every day and explored SP =D thanks David n family!

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