Wednesday, August 31, 2011

city hunter

back to my love- Lee Min Ho again since Boys over Flowers
watched him in his drama- City Hunter....
awwww.... damn handsome =D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

perfect livin-eubiq

been working for 4 days at PWTC for the perfect living event
Eubiq was the product I have been selling
heard of this product for the first time ehz....
have no idea what it is before this....
but now, I am sort of a pro d~~~~ XD
it is actually a socket system from a Singapore company^^
legs almost broken in these 4 days of working...damn tiring!!!!!
but I did had a great time with this bunch of new friends^^
11 partimers~
another memorable job in my holiday
this is my last job in this holiday !
gonna enjoy my holiday to the max before going back to forest =D
pic taken on the 1st day when we were not so close yet
pic taken on the last day after we have spent 4 days together!!!
looks much more cheerful rite?^^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the Geographer

b4 that, tutti frutti craze...
as I have said before....I love it!!!!
my number one yogurt ice-cream=)
ever since I went for the 1st time with babe, I can't help but to have a bite on it whenever I saw it~~~
so, I introduced this dessert to Ivy~~~ and I made her love it !XD
pic taken while we were at the Tutti Frutti branch @ IOI Boulevard

went to The Geographer after that
for some drinking session~~~ had fun with them =)
I am not an alcoholic lover yea... just hanging out with friends to have some fun
Ivy staying at my house for a nite.... mum cooked us a nice dinner and we have decided to spent some time with her at a pub nearby my house... that's why we have chosen the geographer ! it's very packed and crowded.... nice place to hang out n it is newly opened !
however, we don't really like the live band (>.<)

a pic with him smiling happily^^

last but not least.... we have a funny memory to be cherished for that night.. regarding to Gary...XD

Thursday, August 11, 2011


theme of the night : Bollywood look =D
gt a full set for this Bollywood look^^
some simple make ups
a green Punjabi suit, a pair of indian earings, a pottu, some green+gold bangles=DONE !

gonna attend my best Form6 friend's 21st birthday party =)
even though I am a bit bored there since most of the ppl attended are her relatives... I did have a great time with her~
she is very pinky n very pretty that night~

met up with babe after that~
to his cousin bro's 21st birthday party
well~ I am the most outstanding in the party since I am dressing in a Bollywood style (><)
OMG... so many ppl there.....I ll nvr do something so weird or embarrassing again~
anyway, had some nice time with his friends
a pic with Gary=D


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

midnight talk

just after a chat on phone.... thinking at this time is indeed making myself emotional... it's my semester break, which I should enjoy to the maximum.. life in university will be hectic and stressful... yet, on this night, I can't help but to recall lots of memories, people around me and how I have spent my holiday... I miss I still the happy go lucky gurl? yeah...indeed I am.. I am still spending most of the time smiling at everyone... like that there isn't a single wrongful thing in my life...everything is perfect...I can't speak out my worries or even break down to tears to anyone other than myself.. I sounded pathetic....everyone has different problems... no matter it is minor or major, there are always different ways of solving them.. I have chosen one and I need to walk through it...

yeah, it's just a random post.. I just needed to type it out to clear out my mind =)

Monday, August 8, 2011

24: Social @ KL + Tutti Frutti

2 years, 24 months, 730 days
it's our anniversary^^
this is an outdated post =p
a simple yet nice celebration
I made him a handmade calendar =D
so he can never ever forgets the important dates in our r/ship =p

dressed up for the night
simple make ups and a few vain camwhore pictures

decided to have our dinner at G Tower, Social @ KL
hmmm.. the story of how I found out this lovely place....
well... I found it during my practical at KL Court^^
decided to give it a visit ever since I have known about its existence
it's a fine restaurant with 2 levels
the top floor is wine dinning while the lower floor has a pub^^
we visited it on Thursday and it's very happening...
full with people =D

since we didn't make reservations.. which is a bad idea!
we ended up at a dark corner where pics can't be taken nicely =(
blurrrrryyyyy pics... sobs....

drinks we ordered^^
mine- Strawberry Sunshine...refreshing^^love it ! RM11.90
his-signature cocktail of social, Apple Mojito... RM 24.90

main course^^
mine- spaghetti with beef bolognaise RM24.90
love it~ I think it tasted even better than my favourite spaghetti at Itallianese =D
his-Steak.. erm.. I dont really like it and I have no idea what type of steak he ordered.. sorry.. I am not interested in beef (><) anyway, he said it is nice^^

this is certainly a nice place to hang out^^
if I still have some extra $$, I ll surely visit it again^^
it ll be fun to hang out with friends
n oh ya, there're macaroons selling in one of the shops of G Tower which closes at 6pm... =(
I must try the cute macaroons one day!

my attire for the nite^^
he hates the huge ribbons on my hair T.T

we headed to IOI Boulevard after dining
sweet tooth like us can nvr miss something as nice as Tutti Frutti
highly recommended by my coursemate, Erah =D
self service yogurt ice-cream
u can choose how much of ice-cream u want
what topping u want^^
n the price is based on the weight, ours costs about RM 15
so, don't take so much as it's expensive but I LOVE IT a lot=)
hmmm.....having it once in a while is ok rite???? =D

the waiter at this Tutti Frutti puchong branch is very nice^^
he offered to take a pic for us^^ weee~

great nite with ya babe~
btw, he surprise me that morning with a lovely gift^^
touched !!!!!!! =)

Friday, August 5, 2011

pics @ KL court

as I have promised since a month ago (>.<)
I have selected the nicest pic that I would like to share^^
check the others from my fb account if u r interested^^
pic taken with Joyce's DSLR....
different quality rite? =D

wish I could own a DSLR....kekez
it was a nice practical~
another nice memory in my life has been created

lunch at Pavillion Manhattan Fish Market
+ the gals did some shoppings~ teehee......

sushi moments at MV + movie-Monte Carlo...
such a girley movie^^
girly outing after work^^

miss my unimates d^^

Thursday, August 4, 2011

pieces from krabi

this post is supposed to be updated 2 weeks ago ><
just a simple n brief post cause I can't retrieve most of the pictures =(
gt to take it from my friend again when uni reopen^^

krabi~ such a nice n relaxing place !
I would love to visit it again ^^
crystal clear sea~
picture taken during the islands hopping

snorkeling alone~~~
cause the guys dun feel like doing it n Joyce was feeling unwell
anyway, had fun with the cute fishes... kekez

I did force her snorkeling with me for a while...=p

nice scenery behind me~

the famous Maya Beach~
a very pretty beach!

with the dizzy Joyce~
she suffered a lot as she kept on vomit...aikz...pity babe~

Bamboo Beach~

with the guys^^

an hour stop at Phi Phi Don
had lunch and a 15 minutes walking^^

did some shopping^^ for souvenirs~~~ kekez
krabi beach... which is not pretty compare to scenery during the islands hopping^^

I love Beach !!!
had a great time with 3 of em^^
a place for couples n mostly are caucasions
lovely-doovey couples every where~~~~
seems like we are the only friends on the island...n we kept on being misunderstand by ppl as couples...hahaz
lovely time with u guys^^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 days with Celcom @ KLCC,PIKOM

had a great 3 days with Celcom
29-31st of July, Digital Lifestyle Expo by PIKOM
worked as a promoter for Celcom, selling broadband
what a great experience !!!!
n met up with some really nice friends^^
legs damn tired as I have to stand almost 8 hours in a day (>,<)

during the fair, we r surrounded by all the communication services companies
Maxis, U-Mobile, TM, P1.... our shirts are in different colours, green, orange, white, purple n of course Celcom-blue!
thus, it seems to be a war of colours !

Vnes from Taylor

a pic with our boss^^
he is the nicest boss I have ever met !!! =)
he spent us Starbucks Coffee...weee~~~~

our team^^
there are 5 teams of Celcom promoters^^

Cecilia, also from Taylor

the gals in our team^^ the gal on left is from my uni!!! Angela ^^

what an amazing experience^^

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LDR for a month

a long distance n simple birthday celebration for my love one^^
he went to Germany for a month
we had a LDR again....
this time, I experienced the real meaning of LDR...
I have my practical during that month too
firstly, we can't talk on phone since it ll be very expensive...
same goes to SMS..
2ndly, due to the time difference, we can't really meet up on net for skype and msn
anyway, 1 month has passed n he is back to Msia =D
he gt me lots of goodies^^
currently, he is still busy with his practical so basically not much time for dating either
my real holiday has started^^
practical ended, report passed up...
1 month left for my holiday
must enjoy it to the MAX !!!!!