Thursday, August 11, 2011


theme of the night : Bollywood look =D
gt a full set for this Bollywood look^^
some simple make ups
a green Punjabi suit, a pair of indian earings, a pottu, some green+gold bangles=DONE !

gonna attend my best Form6 friend's 21st birthday party =)
even though I am a bit bored there since most of the ppl attended are her relatives... I did have a great time with her~
she is very pinky n very pretty that night~

met up with babe after that~
to his cousin bro's 21st birthday party
well~ I am the most outstanding in the party since I am dressing in a Bollywood style (><)
OMG... so many ppl there.....I ll nvr do something so weird or embarrassing again~
anyway, had some nice time with his friends
a pic with Gary=D


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