Monday, August 8, 2011

24: Social @ KL + Tutti Frutti

2 years, 24 months, 730 days
it's our anniversary^^
this is an outdated post =p
a simple yet nice celebration
I made him a handmade calendar =D
so he can never ever forgets the important dates in our r/ship =p

dressed up for the night
simple make ups and a few vain camwhore pictures

decided to have our dinner at G Tower, Social @ KL
hmmm.. the story of how I found out this lovely place....
well... I found it during my practical at KL Court^^
decided to give it a visit ever since I have known about its existence
it's a fine restaurant with 2 levels
the top floor is wine dinning while the lower floor has a pub^^
we visited it on Thursday and it's very happening...
full with people =D

since we didn't make reservations.. which is a bad idea!
we ended up at a dark corner where pics can't be taken nicely =(
blurrrrryyyyy pics... sobs....

drinks we ordered^^
mine- Strawberry Sunshine...refreshing^^love it ! RM11.90
his-signature cocktail of social, Apple Mojito... RM 24.90

main course^^
mine- spaghetti with beef bolognaise RM24.90
love it~ I think it tasted even better than my favourite spaghetti at Itallianese =D
his-Steak.. erm.. I dont really like it and I have no idea what type of steak he ordered.. sorry.. I am not interested in beef (><) anyway, he said it is nice^^

this is certainly a nice place to hang out^^
if I still have some extra $$, I ll surely visit it again^^
it ll be fun to hang out with friends
n oh ya, there're macaroons selling in one of the shops of G Tower which closes at 6pm... =(
I must try the cute macaroons one day!

my attire for the nite^^
he hates the huge ribbons on my hair T.T

we headed to IOI Boulevard after dining
sweet tooth like us can nvr miss something as nice as Tutti Frutti
highly recommended by my coursemate, Erah =D
self service yogurt ice-cream
u can choose how much of ice-cream u want
what topping u want^^
n the price is based on the weight, ours costs about RM 15
so, don't take so much as it's expensive but I LOVE IT a lot=)
hmmm.....having it once in a while is ok rite???? =D

the waiter at this Tutti Frutti puchong branch is very nice^^
he offered to take a pic for us^^ weee~

great nite with ya babe~
btw, he surprise me that morning with a lovely gift^^
touched !!!!!!! =)


daphne said...

1stly, something wrong with his hair?? O.O 2ndly.. he is too fair la. or your too dark. 3rd note.. Aw! too many sweetness in your life! i can't stand looking at you! :P

chocz-dreamland said...

haha~ very weird rite? XD indeed he is fair laaaa.... n I know.. I am dark =(..... LOL... muackssss!!!!!