Tuesday, August 23, 2011

perfect livin-eubiq

been working for 4 days at PWTC for the perfect living event
Eubiq was the product I have been selling
heard of this product for the first time ehz....
have no idea what it is before this....
but now, I am sort of a pro d~~~~ XD
it is actually a socket system from a Singapore company^^
legs almost broken in these 4 days of working...damn tiring!!!!!
but I did had a great time with this bunch of new friends^^
11 partimers~
another memorable job in my holiday
this is my last job in this holiday !
gonna enjoy my holiday to the max before going back to forest =D
pic taken on the 1st day when we were not so close yet
pic taken on the last day after we have spent 4 days together!!!
looks much more cheerful rite?^^

1 comment:

Goh said...

i think the first picture like that is because we know we're going to have 4 hell days... and
the last picture is cheerful is because we know we gonna back home and have a long rest....
hehe ^^