Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LDR for a month

a long distance n simple birthday celebration for my love one^^
he went to Germany for a month
we had a LDR again....
this time, I experienced the real meaning of LDR...
I have my practical during that month too
firstly, we can't talk on phone since it ll be very expensive...
same goes to SMS..
2ndly, due to the time difference, we can't really meet up on net for skype and msn
anyway, 1 month has passed n he is back to Msia =D
he gt me lots of goodies^^
currently, he is still busy with his practical so basically not much time for dating either
my real holiday has started^^
practical ended, report passed up...
1 month left for my holiday
must enjoy it to the MAX !!!!!


Cliff CLF said...

one month saja..... still OK la~
see Zen can maintain so good for quite some time already. :P

chocz-dreamland said...

hahaz... yeah^^ how's life anyway?