Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 days with Celcom @ KLCC,PIKOM

had a great 3 days with Celcom
29-31st of July, Digital Lifestyle Expo by PIKOM
worked as a promoter for Celcom, selling broadband
what a great experience !!!!
n met up with some really nice friends^^
legs damn tired as I have to stand almost 8 hours in a day (>,<)

during the fair, we r surrounded by all the communication services companies
Maxis, U-Mobile, TM, P1.... our shirts are in different colours, green, orange, white, purple n of course Celcom-blue!
thus, it seems to be a war of colours !

Vnes from Taylor

a pic with our boss^^
he is the nicest boss I have ever met !!! =)
he spent us Starbucks Coffee...weee~~~~

our team^^
there are 5 teams of Celcom promoters^^

Cecilia, also from Taylor

the gals in our team^^ the gal on left is from my uni!!! Angela ^^

what an amazing experience^^

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