Thursday, August 4, 2011

pieces from krabi

this post is supposed to be updated 2 weeks ago ><
just a simple n brief post cause I can't retrieve most of the pictures =(
gt to take it from my friend again when uni reopen^^

krabi~ such a nice n relaxing place !
I would love to visit it again ^^
crystal clear sea~
picture taken during the islands hopping

snorkeling alone~~~
cause the guys dun feel like doing it n Joyce was feeling unwell
anyway, had fun with the cute fishes... kekez

I did force her snorkeling with me for a while...=p

nice scenery behind me~

the famous Maya Beach~
a very pretty beach!

with the dizzy Joyce~
she suffered a lot as she kept on vomit...aikz...pity babe~

Bamboo Beach~

with the guys^^

an hour stop at Phi Phi Don
had lunch and a 15 minutes walking^^

did some shopping^^ for souvenirs~~~ kekez
krabi beach... which is not pretty compare to scenery during the islands hopping^^

I love Beach !!!
had a great time with 3 of em^^
a place for couples n mostly are caucasions
lovely-doovey couples every where~~~~
seems like we are the only friends on the island...n we kept on being misunderstand by ppl as couples...hahaz
lovely time with u guys^^

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