Saturday, March 26, 2011

yukata dream

it happened in a sudden
Ivy, my sweet senior invited me to join her for the yukata picture taking
she has once wore on a real yukata before
but then, she lost the pic... pity her
and that's why she decided to go for this pic taking session

dressing up~ thanks to these gals for helping~

it's act an activity organised by my uni japanese cultural club
a yukata competition
I don't expect to win in this competition duh~
so many leng lui and sweet gals

it's my very first time to be in a yukata and I were very excited^^
well~ abit nervous when the photographer took my pic
ended up, my smile looks weird !!!!!!

anyway, these are the pictures taken by Ivy^^
a pic with my crocs...hahaz

head shot =)

from the front

from the side
I love this pinkish yukata
do hope I have the chance to wear it again -)

reddish Ivy looks like a doll!

stay tuned......

me in a pink kimono~~~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 kacHi fEst

another activity organised by a bunch of volunteered chinese
to gather up the chinese in the hostel area
spent some time together and get to know some new friends~
supposely to be a chinese new year event but the stupid uni system doesn't want to approve the proposal....

anyway, we have decided to continue with the plan with a few modification
kachi is our hostel area name
n the event's name changed from springy fest to kachi fest
n the programme is added on with a malay dance
hope that the vvip n vip will not comment much... aikz....

anyway, it's a damn great night!
my 3rd time to participate in such event since I started my uni life =)
1st time in sponsorship bureau
2nd time as the assistant leader in decoration bureau
n now, the 3rd and last time in protocol bureau
not going to participate in such even anymore~
studies is becoming tougher and I guess I can no longer handle my time well

make up did by a bunch of lovely batch mates I knew during orientation week~
thanks a lot^^

most pic are taken by friends
gotta wait them upload in my fb!^^
love this^^

first time to wear a 3-4inch high heels, walking around and standing, did not sit at all for more than 5 hours !
n indeed it was killing my legs n feet.....

protocol bureau 2011 Kachi Fest =)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


damn lots of assignments and presentations
then the LPQB-Law Professional Qualification Board is coming to check us on the coming Sunday n Monday
n I am being so LUCKY to be chosen in the Tort Law tutorial class
-> means I have to study and attend the class
well, the nite before this tutorial class, I am busy at Kachi Festival 2011
being as one of the committee member in Protocol Bureau.....
gonna be a zombie very soon
mid sem coming up !!!!!!
god, plz help me....T.T

Monday, March 14, 2011


what a rough night~~~~
I manage to cool down
forget bout it and swear that this will nvr ever happen again
once is enough

well, gd morning !!!!
starting the new day with a smile =)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


we love Julie's Love Letters


God Bless those who r in Japan......terrible Tzunami in Japan
Get to know about the news this noon through facebook
disaster everywhere in this world~
Live to the max every day !
appreciate everyone u love!!!

thanks a lot to the new streamyz wifi in the hostel area
I have very gd internet connection now

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

forest familee

someone in our gang is turning into 22 today
our "brother" in the family^^
he is our "brother" as he is the one who lead us into this gang during the orientation week of 1st semester =)
our friendship is strong n tight because of him^^

a hilarious card made by Allen
n the birthday cake card made by me...
c'mmon~~~ don't tell me it looks like pizza k??????
it's a cake !!!! =p

had a great 1 hour 30 min with 'em
laughed till tears almost coming out
we are indeed the noisiest when we gather together
heart u guys~

family photo
cheers to our friendship n happy 22nd birthday bro~~~~

Saturday, March 5, 2011


my bf is at mist club now
I miss KL~

Jay Chou concert is going on now
yest n tonite
I miss KL~

tmr is the opening of lawsoc kiosk
PY n me are in charge of it
pic ll be updated soon^^
gd luck to both of us~
little business women =p

Thursday, March 3, 2011


today's facebook is full with posts that are scolding about my uni~
stupid system
stupid rules

Safety Units are having spotcheck on students these few days

dye hair =RM20 THIS IS THE most RIDICULOUS ONE....!!!!!
not wearing lanyard with matric card = RM20
proper formal(means must not be body hugging, skirt over knee lenght etc) or else, pay
footwear must be covering toe or else, pay
(not all high heels ll cover up our toes de mar.....isssshhhh....)

hostel :
photocopied books = pay
hair dryer= pay

forbidden to dye hair is the most ridiculous rule ~~~
we r university students...not little kids....
dyeing hair is not smthg illegal
it's something to make us looks nicer, presentable
so, what's wrong with it?
how can u impose such stupid rule....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


one of my contact lens dropped off at the library today
dizzy head, blurry eyes.. headed to the damn crowded bus stop---> back to hostel
I hate the day!

*thanks to "bro" that giving me a hand while crossing road since I am half blinded....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

can I rest?

assignments....... presentations...... tutorial classes homeworks...... mid semester exams..... event coming up...... law society stuffs......squash league-maybe?

the assignments r really killing me~
seems like I can nvr settle them... one coming after another...
I wanna go home.....